Trust in Love?

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This floor was a luxury. Everything was black. The floor had shinning black marble tiles. On the right side was a huge window showing an eyecatching view of the Han River. Everything on this floor was either steel or black. Walking towards the left side of this graceful floor.

There was a huge frame of the same man’s portrait in this gigantic hall. This hall had a large window covered up by shadow colored linen curtains that blocked the sunlight. This Hall only had this portrait, that I saw on the previous floor and some pillars on which many other paintings were hunged.

I scratched the back of my head. Trying to think about why does it feel so familiar “This pict….”

“Excuse me.”

This ever-so-slightly supercilious voice interrupted my thoughts, and as I turned around, my eyes saw this sharp-featured figure standing right in front of me.

I stepped back a bit to examine the full figure.

I regain my memory, he is the same person I met on the elevator, the one who was dressed all formal. And so is he now. This time his brunette colored hair was side-parted, and he was wearing a black dress shirt with long slim overcoat denim colored jacket and denim dress pants. Adding to it he was wearing black monk straps.

“Yes?” Well, that was odd of me to say, but I couldn’t think of anything else at that moment.

“Miss Go Aera?”

“Yes, that’s me?”

“Great, follow me.”

Following him, I lost the track of where we were going the only thing I remember was entering the black wooden door which was on the left corner of the hall.

“Where are we going?”


“Somewhere, where?”


“ Since I have come here there hasn’t been a single thing I understood.”

“What did you not understand?”


“Everything, What?”

“Where are we going?”


“Somewhere, WHERE!?”

Okay now that was my limit, I had enough of the surprises coming to me since the morning.

“Training hall..”

“And why am I being led to a training hall?”

“To be trained”

“Trained? For what?”

“You’ll see….”

It is hard to start a conversation with him, UGHH!!

My life is already worst and now this.

We entered a kitchen and damn was it huge. It was steel, black and silver french style kitchen. It had everything, and by everything, I do mean everything.

Ovens like; convection ovens, combination ovens, pizza ovens, conveyor ovens. Ranges and ventilation. Food processors; Batch bowl processors, Continuous feed food processors, Buffalo choppers etc. Tons of mixers; hand mixers, countertop mixers, floor mixers. Slicers, food prep counters and cutting boards, freezers and some other kitchen thingy equipment’s which I have no idea of.

A man in his late 30’s entered the kitchen, he was wearing a whole chef costume, following him were 3 to 4 of his subordinates wearing the same outfit.

“They’ll test your cooking skills, so the first question; do you know how to cook?”

“What type of cooking are you referring to?”


“I can cook traditional dishes..”

“Great, so which one are you going to make?”


“Can you?” This heavy and harsh voice came from that chef.

“Can, YOU?”

“Of course that’s why I am going to test it.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

I went towards the fridge to get some kimchi. Damn!!! There is no kimchi here.

“And where would I get the kimchi?”

“Go and buy it, Miss”


“A Chef should know from where to get his ingredients.”

“I applied for a normal job not to be a chef.” I sighed. “So does this Chef need to bring every ingredient for this dish?”

“Right, I thought you knew?”

UGHH!!! I want to punch him in the face. I took my charcoal baguette bag and asked for the exit.

“You need to come as quick as you can I can’t waste my whole day for you rookie.”

I wanted to say something back, but I controlled myself, I don’t want any worse things to happen on this day.

“You can take the back exit of this building, Yu-Jin show her the way.” That formal guy pointed a girl in between those chefs.

A girl in her early 20’s came forward. Her golden pigtails were looking quite cute on her.

“You can follow me..”

Even her voice was sweet.

I do not remember the way from which I came but I can tell this is surely not it. We were using a different path. It hardly took us 7 minutes to reach the exit and when I exited this wasn’t the building I entered. It was a different one.

“This is not the building I entered from, right?”

“No, you came from the company, not many people are allowed here so it might seem a bit empty, but anyways you can go through that door and when you’ll come back you can use the same door. You do remember the way I led you, right?”

“Yeah, it was easy. Thanks.”

I bowed to her and marched towards the door. I know exactly where I can get the kimchi from.

“The first part of the training has started.”


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