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A beautiful woman literally falls at David's feet while walking to get a coffee. Something about this woman has him enthralled. He has a need to protect her. What is this feeling? Anastasia is a book nerd who would rather be at home with her book boyfriends then out finding a real one, but then she falls for a man... literally. With hurdles in their relationship from the start will they be able to make it work or will it be too much work?

Drama / Erotica
TL Wren
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Coffee Dates And Truths


Ana’s POV

Running to my apartment so I can get there before the postman, I tripped. Closing my eyes I braced for impact with the concrete footpath below me, except I never reach the ground. After a few seconds, I open my eyes and see the big arms holding me up around my waist.

“Are you ok, miss?” The man asked.

Standing up with his help I turn around to thank him to see the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen standing in front of me, wearing ripped black jeans and a tight white V neck tee showing off his muscular chest, abs and arms that are still holding onto my waist.

I’m staring... Oh shit I’m staring... Why can’t I look away? Just move your eyes in literally any other direction, Ana... come on, you can do it! Nope, it seems I can’t do it...

Someone clears their throat. “Are you ok, do you need a doctor?”

Shaking my head, I look around to see we’ve drawn quite the crowd. Finally, finding my voice, I manage to speak out.

“No, no, I’m fine. Thank you so much for catching me.” Pushing my hand towards him to introduce myself. ” I’m Anastasia, but everyone calls me Ana.”

Taking my hand he shakes it.

“Pleased to meet you, Ana. I’m David, and it’s my pleasure. It’s not every day a beautiful woman falls at your feet.” He winks and grins at me.

That smile is making me feel things, oh god, I can’t let this guy just walk away!

“Um, would you like to have coffee with me? I mean if you have time? Like, as a thank you,” I say, looking up into his eyes.

Those eyes... Green, like the cleanest ocean water and standing out even more due to his brown hair. Lifting his eyebrow at me and grinning, he looks at his watch and nods.

“Yeah, I have time before my next meeting for a quick one” he says, putting his big palm on my lower back, like he is guiding me which way to go.

Walking along, he hasn’t moved his hand from my back. It feels nice, It feels natural, like it belongs there. I go to talk at the same time he does. We both laugh. Glancing at him, I notice he’s looking at me.

“I’m sorry Ana, I’m actually nervous. I know this isn’t a date, but shit! You are so beautiful, It’s intimidating.” I’m gobsmacked. I’ve never considered myself beautiful by any means. I’m the definition of a ‘plain jane’ Paleish skin, brown long hair, hazel eyes, a little chunky. Not fat but thick thighs and bum, small waist and big boobs. Exactly what you would think of when you imagine a Plain Jane.

“I think you must be looking at someone else, David. I’m not beautiful” I reply to him, shaking my head at him. 12 months ago I came out of a 5 year long abusive relationship, Mentally abusive as well as physically, and 1 thing he always told me was how ugly I was. That no one will ever want me. David pulls me from my thoughts

“Ana? Why are you crying?” I’m crying? Shit!!

“I’m sorry, I was thinking about my.....” he looks me dead in the eyes “My ex...” I sigh, defeated already. May as well tell him straight up, then I wont get hurt when he finds out later and leaves when he finds out how damaged I am.

“You don’t have to tell me Ana, I mean we just met.” I stop mid stride and look around me, not able to make any eye contact with him.

“I want to, but not here. When we sit” His gaze softens as he takes my hand and leads me towards the café.

Standing at the counter ordering our coffee’s, I go to hand my money over to the person at the cash register.

“No, Ana. I’m a gentleman. A gentleman never lets the lady pay.” he chuckles at her. Sitting at a table, I proceed to tell him about my abusive ex. The trauma I’ve been through, the hospital visits, the psychologists visits, all of it. He sits and listens, not once interrupting. He grabs my hand a couple of times when I struggle to tell him hard bits, but never talking. Once I finished telling him everything he sat there quietly, obviously processing everything I’ve told him. We sit there in the quiet for 5 minutes before he says something.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you Ana. I may have met you today, But i have this weird urge to protect you. Hearing what you went through makes me want to hunt down your ex and hurt him.” He takes one of my hands in his, and brings it up to his lips, gently kissing my knuckles. Blushing as I watch this handsome strong man be sweet and gentle with me before i start the conversation back up

“So tell me David, What do you do for work?” He visibly flinches at my question.

“Well... I’m a soldier... Special Ops. Can’t tell you anymore than that unfortunately.” He looks at his watch and jumps up “SHIT!! I have to go, so sorry, here’s my phone, can you put your number in there please? I’d like to take you out on an actual date... you know... if you’re interested?” Taking his phone I put my number in, then prank called myself, looking under hooded eyes, raising 1 eyebrow and smirking at me.

“What? Now I have your number too... you might be a gentleman, but I may get bored and need to harass someone. If you’re lucky, it may just be you” I say winking at him and walking towards the door. He catches up with me, opening the door for me to go through, all the while grinning. Something about this guy makes me feel like home...

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