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This story takes place exactly where you think. The crème de la crème of adolescents. The Big Six were known by everyone, but even they had their deep, dark secrets that they would do anything to keep from breaching the surface. It would ruin them.  Ruin. Those secrets can't fall into the wrong hands, especially if those hands belong to Courtney Jackson. A sly and conniving bitch.

Drama / Erotica
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The thirty-four year old man was buried deep inside of her whilst she clawed at his toned back. His thumb rubbed her clit, eliciting a loud series of moans from the young teen.

“Fuck, faster, please,” she begged into his neck. Her clothes had been discarded as soon as they had stepped foot through the door and now they were tangled in each other’s limbs.

“You’re so fucking tight baby,” he grunted and found the soft spot on her neck where he placed open mouthed kisses. The sensation that she felt down in her core radiated all over her body in waves when she came undone around him.

He pulled out of her and disposed of the condom while she gathered her garments.

“Leaving so soon,” Courtney heard the rough voice from the bed. His groin area was now covered with the bedsheets, leaving his abdominal free to the eye.

Putting on her undergarments, she responded, “It’s a school night. Plus, I’ve got a big couple of weeks ahead of me.”

The morning is when it would all begin to unravel. The morning is when the fun would start.

“Top draw.”

Courtney bent down to reach the draw of the nightstand and retrieved the twenty thousand pound bundle that had been waiting for her. She bid the man goodnight and entered onto the streets.

Prostitute, sex worker, whatever you want to call her, Courtney Jackson gets paid the big bucks and manages to conceal her somewhat basic home life. She was the CEO of fake it ’til you make it.

She was put up for adoption the moment her parents found out the foetus was a girl. She’d been living the life of normalcy in the lowest parts of town yet her clothes were all branded and she attended the most prestigious school: Belgravia Preparatory.

In this world, money is everything... but it can’t save you all of the time.

Courtney was seated at her desk within the confines of her own room. In front of her lay the profiles of The Big Six which you will all become familiar with later.

She had been planning this all her life. Courtney Jackson was actually the daughter of Mr and Mrs Phoenix, the billionaire business moguls. Whilst they lived the life of luxury, Courtney struggled in the dumps.

The Big Six had all committed crimes against her. Whether it was directed at her or towards someone else, Courtney had had enough of them thinking they could get away with everything. If she had the Phoenix name, they’d all be bowing down to her. They’d be looking up to her. She would be the ruler and they would all be her peasants.

But Courtney’s endgame had nothing to do with gaining power. She would enjoy the control in watching them fall one by one but ultimately, she’d disappear off the face of the earth.

Years of research had gone into this project and now she just had to pull it all off without getting caught.

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