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By Kay_Sithole All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Drama

Authors Note

This book is based on a true story on the accounts of my best friend. It does not include the exact events of her life but the storyline is closely linked to what she had experienced in her life. With her permission, I have written down her life to share with those who find any interest in this book.

People tend to say that life is what you make it and that if you do not live it up like it’s your last days, you have not lived life at all. Do we have that much control over our lives that we can determine the direction it takes? Are we oblivious to the fact that life is not in our hands and that we can experience what we do not expect in order to mould us into better, or even worse people than we have been?

Being young has its perks and it all depends on how we deal with them that we build our characters. We can face the greatest of challenges that we find too difficult to overcome but, with a little self-confidence and endurance, we can overcome anything. By saying life is what you make it to be, that basically means life becomes what it is based on how we approach the choices we have to make all the way.

So whether you believe in fate or Gods will, life is not always in your hands. Judy, through all the joy and pain that she faced, she still pushed on and overcame all that was thrown her way. So while you read this, bear in mind that in every dark cloud, there is always a silver lining. Who knows, while you read this, you may be looking into your own Reflection.

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