The Love Behind A Mafia Boss

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We are all raised believing that Love is a four-letter word that should never be said unless it is to your family. But what happens when the only person you have to rely on in your world is your best friends? And What happens when your best friend's older brother falls for you? You grew up knowing about how protective he always was and you took it for granted. Not thinking he had fallen for you at first sight. What began as teasing here and there on his behalf which only he was allowed to do. But heaven forbid any other male teased or flirted with you. That's what happened to me my best friend is Vincent who is 18 and he has an older brother Named Angel who is 23 years old.. This is our story of love, murder and mystery.

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We’re all taught to believe love is a four-letter word that can’t be told to anybody; Unless it’s to our family. But what happens when the only people you can rely on in the world are your best friends? What happens when your best friend’s older brother falls in love with you?

You’ve grown up seeing how protective he is, and you took it for granted. Never thinking he would’ve fallen in love with you. It started with some teasing here and there by him.

That’s what happened to me. My best friend is Vincent, he’s 18, with an older brother named Angel. He’s 23 years old. A 6-year age difference isn’t bad when you think about it. My name is Bianca. I’m an 18-years-old in her 1st year of college and the Star Runner of our Track team.

I have an older brother named Victor I see little of, Even though he lives with me. He typically off doing his own thing when he isn’t off training at the base. He’s in the Navy, having gotten recruited right out of high school seems to be the Norm anymore. Our parents always treated him as though he was better than me. I am more like an afterthought, a mistake if you will.

Thanks to Angel, who made me take up boxing and training, helping with my stamina and strength. I’m a pretty fast runner and don’t take crap from anybody. My brother never liked the fact I was always so close to the boys. Every word out of his mouth was something foul towards them. But like most siblings, Everything he said went in one ear and out the other.

All those times I watched Angel in school, it never ceased to amaze me how he does these terrible things and still comes out looking like gold. And not once get kicked out of school with the number of Pranks he pulled during school. Who would ever imagine my best friend’s brother would ever love me? Or I would grow to care for him either?

Well, this is the story and my life with the Rodriquez brothers. I Never dreamed they would be such a big part of my life growing up. The guys mean more to me than anything In my life ever could. More surprises, twists, and turns take place in my life thanks to a certain heartthrob who won’t let me go. Not going to lie and say I didn’t love the attention. But Boy, can you calm down those Hormones for a bit? We have an entire lifetime together.

My name is Angel Rodriguez. After the death of my parents, I became the sole caregiver for my younger brother Vince. Not wanting to watch him stay with another family member or end up in the system made me change how I saw life and did things. I had to grow up quickly. And I became the hardened Mafia Leader around. I’m the youngest leader in the known world. Over time, I gained the respect and loyalty of all other Leaders. We live in the shadows of society. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t in the middle of dealing with the government.

Along with watching my brother Vince grow up to be the man he is today. I’ve had the pleasure of watching his best friend grow into the amazing woman she has become. When we all were in school together, I made sure no one messed with her. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t flirt with her. She is my ride-or-die chick, my love, my life. And the girl I want to strangle at the same time. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

This story is the beginning of our tale. The start of the family I always dreamed of having. Join us in our journey of happiness, betrayal, and love at first sight.

P.S: There is a secret about Bianca’s past only I know. Soon this secret will need to come out. I hope Bianca can handle the news about her mother’s murder.

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