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Preliminary introduction to a personal, narrative of fiction describing the aftermath travels of a US Marine Gabriel as he makes his way across Europe post-wartime injuries to see old friends and (hopefully) find some peace in his PTSD.

Drama / Adventure
Daniel Rice
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Chapter 1

My jam is a marvelously mashed up mixture of brambleberries sitting atop a puffy clouds of double Devonshire cream that almost appears to elevate the dish off the plate while maintaining that perfect balance of flaky, crispy crust yet preserving the delicate, inner warmth that sparks fond memories of all of my visits to Patesserie Chantilly in downtown Bruges, Belgium, my favorite bistro in the entire world second only to my beloved 3 Broadway Bistro overlooking the Hudson River stateside US, back in a place I once called home.

The Goat Cheese and Spinach Ravioli there is a much sought after succulent supper made from delightfully delicate pasta pillows enveloped in a butter sage sauce that warms the even the most weary travelers on the coldest snow drafted evenings.

Ask for my confident and extremely gifted Chef St. Georges Pierre to add a side of fresh purple sage grown in his personal garden sautéed in ghee to blow the top off this already impeccable dish.
I could eat every day if not for the possible gout developing in that blasted left foot of mine which has always has been such a bother since the war.

That IED almost took my entire leg, but between the handful of my breakfast of pain pills and vodka, along with a bucket load of nerve damage that ravages, round after round, the pangs and pain that resulted from following the orders great leaders generously bestowed upon me. For now my unhealthy regiment sustains my spirit and my strength while my cries to the VA for help continually fall on purposefully deaf ears.

Time and time again. They do not care one iota about us, our sacrifice, our pain, and not a grunt like a man like me, Gabriel Sebchezck, whom I can only assume bigotry and be consumed once more by increasing bitterness.

Their selfishness serves only to belittle my existence, beget my daily bad attitude, and brew a growing hatred stemming from the lies my country sold me in the recruitment process.

Nevertheless on to my next stop as I cruise with the brisk springtime breeze in my face pouring in the sides of my Ford GPW 1/4 Ton 4x4 Jeep which was once on display at the Military Museum located at Canadian Forces Base Borden in Simcoe County Ontario Canada until I bought it for a fair price at an auction while they downsized their inventory due to financial difficulties.

Their loss, my gain!

Finally a win for good old boy Gabe!

I am beckoned by the pining of Paella prepared in the Spanish countryside of Caraces, but first I must start with the best tapas westward of Madrid from the bistro to rule all bistros.

After a short pass through Salamanca to see my old friend Samuel, who was less fortunate than I as he lost both legs in the same explosion that nearly took mine.

Completely changing our lives indefinitely, irreparably, forever.

I constantly ask myself why me!?

Why this!?!

Where the hell am I supposed to go from here?
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