Leave A Light On.

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WARNING THIS STORY IS MATURE AND IS FOR ANYONE 18+ THERE IS MATURE LANGUAGE, SEXUAL CONTENT ALONG WITH ABUSE, VIOLENCE. Leave A Light On is under the copyright right act of 2020. Aiden Mathis is one of New York City's top CEO's but hold's a dark secret. By day he is just another CEO. By night he is The Sniper one the world's most wanted and feared Mafia's Leaders what happens when he meets a girl that seems way too innocent for his world but also holds a dark secret that she is just like him but worst. Hailey Miller is former Australian Heiress she is on the run from a crazy ex-boyfriend who is hell-bent on marrying her. She seeks help from someone that Mafia world fear's The Huntress help's Hailey run away from her home. She now is moving around across America as Hazel Hunter and crosses path's with two Mafia leader rivals and end are being Aiden's hold as he tries to figure who is a young woman is. When Hailey & Aiden cross paths will cause plenty of headaches for Aiden as he does his best to protect Hailey. Will Hailey stay on the run with the fight of her life is all she has ever known. Or will her deep dark secret's destroy her chance at happiness? Will Aiden be able to protect Hailey from her ex-boyfriend and help save her life and be with her family again. What will happen between Hailey & Aiden in their time together? Will love blossom between two very broken souls

Drama / Romance
Jess Wickham
Age Rating:

Author's Note.

Hi, guys, quick authors note.

So I am going to posting my books from Wattpad on here as there has been much talk of authors having their books removed so all my books are coming onto Inkitt official.

Leave A Light On is a mature book series as there will be mature themes etc. LALO is under the copyright act of 2020/2021 as I started this book in late 2020.

So my book series goes in this order.

Leave A Light On Series: Copyright Act 2020/2021

1) Leave A Light On

2) Let The Light In

3) Take Me Home

4) Come Home To Us

5) Let Me Love You

6) Come Back To Me

7) Never Let Me Go

The Alpha Series: Copyright Act of 2020/2021

1) The Alpha King's Queen

2) Red Lost In The Woods

3) The Alpha's Queen

The His Series: Copyright Act of 2021

1) His Surfer Girl Next Door

2) Her Outback Cowboy

3) Like A Rodeo

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