The Woman Named Violet

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She forgot to love herself.

Drama / Poetry
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Chapter 1

The Woman Named Violet
Written by Vic

Chapter 1: The Crime Scene.

Two envious women spot a beautiful woman about to enter an apartment. The woman is wearing a red dress with what appeared to be a bible on her left hand. The woman see’s the two women staring and waves at them with a warm smile. She goes inside.

Woman 1:
“Oh my, did you see her? She was gorgeous.. Reminds me of my beautiful daughter.”

Woman 2:
“A woman like that has the whole world at her demand.”

But really, she only had one demand. To meet happiness. See, at first glance you’d think she had it made for herself. Young, beautiful and always smiling. But this was not the case. You could argue and say that her terrible environment is what caused her demise. Or her unfortunate luck with meeting men so abusive and toxic it became her only definition of love. It could’ve been her damning destiny already laid out for her. She was given a dark life because she had light. Whoever met her saw that light. She gave light to so many it ran out. The darkness had consumed her. This is a story about a beautiful woman who never met beauty.

Inside an apartment room, a crime scene. The scene was so horrid, it took detectives who have been on duty for over 13 years a while to get started. It wasn’t the blood or the teeth scattered on the crime scene floor that bothered the detectives so much. They had their fair share of horrific images throughout their career. No, this one was different to them. Every hardcore case they’ve dealt with throughout their careers always seemed to make sense. One person was angry at the other person. One person was mentally sick, the other person a poor victim. But this case haunted them. See, the man who killed this woman left a loaded gun with the safety off next to her body. Instead, the killer used his bare hands. The heinous act was so personal. The police knew who did it. That wasn’t the problem. They had the killer, they just wanted to know one thing. Why? So young. So good to the world. So beautiful.

On the crime scene, detectives look for clues and examine the room. Walking around carefully. Disgust sits heavy on their facial expressions.

Detective 1:
“Jesus Christ…. Just a child. Look. She was holding on to the bible for dear life.”

The second detective finds a picture of the victim when looking around the room. Picks it up. Looks at it.

Detective 2:
“So sad. So beautiful. So young.”

Chapter 2: Who Was She?

Her name was Violet. Her mother was unfit to take care of her and was taken away at age 2. The police found Violet holding her mother’s heroine syringe in her small two year old hand. Her mom was passed out on the living room floor. A man passed out on the living room couch. Violet, crying on the filthy living room floor. Holding that syringe. A delivery man had called the police because on his arrival the front door was wide open. The scene was too much for his humanity to ignore. Stuck in foster care for a very short period of time. Violet was a kind child. Always smiling. Her energy spewed harmony. She was adopted by a very kind single woman. This woman took very good care of Violet. Religious woman. For some reason she never wanted to experience men. She did want a child though. Violet was very special to her. A gift from God. And that she was. They lived in a run down area of their city. Outside it was a bit troubling. But inside their home was this beautiful, peaceful sanctuary. The woman introduced many wonderful things to her that eventually helped shape Violet's character. Her adopted mother spoke to her about God and taught her to love humanity. And that’s what Violet did. She trusted God and she fell in love with humanity. What an unexpected mistake. Violet knew how to play the violin and had good grades at school. Made many friends and all the teachers loved her attraction for education. Violet was happy. Everything was perfect. The universe was finally being fair with this innocent child.

At least for a while. Just enough for her to know what being loved meant. What happiness felt like. A taste. That quickly turned bitter. At age 13, her adopted mother was sadly diagnosed with stage four cancer. The stage where all hope flies out the window. When Violet's mother passed away, she went back to a foster home. Violet was loved by the rest of the kids because she acted as a big sister to the youngest and a little sister to the oldest. She was keeping company to one of the kids one night. The child was crying to Violet telling her how she wants to see her real mom. This affected Violet. She began to think about her real mom and where she could be. What happened to her real mom? Her adopted mother told her some things, but not enough to paint a good picture of her. Violet couldn’t stop thinking about her real mom. Some rebellion grew inside of her. She began to feel trapped in her foster home. She felt like the adults were hiding something from her. Violet plotted an escape. She managed to run away from the foster home. Scared, she bolted to the first person she could think of. To her best friend's place from her old neighborhood, Rachel. Arriving at Rachel's late at night, Violet only had one black garbage bag with all her belongings inside. Not much. Her 13 years fit all in that black bag. With room to spare. She approaches Rachel’s door. Knocks on the door.

Chapter 3: Reunion

“Who the fuck is knocking on my door this late?! Are you serious?!”

Woman answers. The woman was wearing a long white shirt, too big for her size. Her hair was tangled in knots. Barefoot with black leggings covered in loose animal hair and too small for her size. Her nails were painted in different colors. Some large nails, some broken nails. She had a lighter in one hand and a pack of Cigarettes in the other. The house inside let out a stench of dirty diapers and rotten food. The house was a mess. Her facial expression when she opened the door is one that people make when they’ve been disgusted by something. So bitter.

“Baby girl! What the hell?! Where are you coming from sweety?”

She recognizes Violet right away and gives her a hug. Bitter woman, but Violet’s presence always warmed her up. Violet would come over a lot throughout her childhood. The woman knew her well. Though she wasn’t very fond of Violet's religious adopted mother. Violet's adopted mother would always be hesitant to allow Violet to go see Rachel. With good reason. Rachel’s house wasn’t a safe setting for children. Rachel’s mother had her own demons and always brought strange men to the house that shouldn’t be let around children. Creepy in nature.

“Aunty Barbara I’m so sorry I just don’t know what to do. I don't want to be in the foster place anymore. Is Rachel here? Can I stay here? I’m really scared aunty.”

Violet cries.

“What?! Are you crazy? What did you do?”

“I ran away from the home. I just don’t want to be there. Can I stay with you tonight?”

“Sweety, you’re fucking nuts. You’re going to get me in some deep shit! Did you tell anyone you were coming here?”

“No, I swear.”

“Fuck. This is too much to handle, come inside. Rachel is in her room. Go talk to her while I smoke this.”

Violet rushes inside. Meets with her friend Rachel. They talk. Catch up. Violet explains her situation. Rachel’s mother walks in the room.
“Alright listen up.”

A dog in the living room interrupts her with his vexing barks.

“Tony will you shut that fucking dog up? I swear Tony ill kick you and that fucking dog out on the street if you don’t take care of him.”

Tony was one of her many children. See this woman didn’t work. She found a way to cheat the system using her kids. As if every kid she had became a paycheck to her. Illiterate, but when it came to government funding applications she was a scholar.

“So I definitely cannot have you staying here baby, I’m sorry. Too much heat for me right now. My mans just got out of jail and I don't want cops all up in here snooping around my shit looking for you.”

“Aunty please no, I swear i won’t tell anyone i’m here and i’ll clean.”

“Baby, cops are probably looking for you right now. Why didn’t you go to your mom’s house? I’m sure they’ll let her take care of you now. You’re older and she’s got a job.”

“My mom? What? Wait, you know where my mom is?!”

“Those fuckers at the home didn’t tell you? She’s been clean, even gots her driver license and shit. She’s still in the same house. Shit i’ll call that bitch right now and tell her everything. Sure she’ll find a way to get you back. She got your brother Ricky back too. You probably don’t remember him, you were a baby.”

Violet was so thrilled to hear those words. Finally she was going to meet her real mother. And a new found brother? She felt that God had granted her wish. Just like her adopted mother told her. “Pray my baby, and God will give you the world.” She believed in God so much because she believed in her adopted mother. And she never lied to Violet. When Violet heard her real mom was okay and just a phone call away, her faith grew stronger. So happy, she never bothered to ask herself, “why hasn’t she been looking for me?’’

Chapter 4: The Real Mom

Violet’s birth mother was informed. She managed to get Violet back in her custody after some time. But it wasn’t what you think. When she met her real mom, Violet ran up to her and hugged her tight. Violet's mother had no emotion. She almost didn’t care to see her child. See Violet’s real mother was clean from drugs, but now was a functioning bitter drunk. Similar to Rachel’s mother. Looking at their kids as government paychecks. That’s the real reason why Violet’s real mother took her back. She didn’t care about Violet. She didn’t care about Ricky. She cared about the food stamps and monthly paychecks. She knew how to hide her demons well from the public and social workers. Violet was happy, period. She was with her real mom. She had a brother she didn’t know about. It was a fresh start. She was so happy. So happy Violet was blind to her surroundings. To her reality. This was the beginning of Violet’s end. Violet tried to connect with her mother, but couldn’t do it. Her mother was always drinking. Always yelling. Always cursing at the air. How she hid this from social workers was a talent. A sinister one. She made Violet clean the house and basically care for everything else. Cooking, cleaning and making sure any half empty Vodka bottles laying around went in the freezer. Violet did all these things with pleasure. This was her flaw. Love. Loving people no matter what. There was no plot in her love. It was simply her nature. She was made from the fabric of love.

I wish that Violet would have gone to a better home. With better people. But the universe takes a gamble with parents. Being with her real mom exposed Violet to a life she was very uncomfortable with at first. Which would later fade into the background and become her norm. Those four years before she turned 18 really tested Violet’s humanity. Which she never failed to keep. Violet wanted to achieve many things, but school for her was impossible. With a mother who didn’t help Violet with her expenses or bothered to cook for her children. Violet had to raise herself and Ricky. Ricky wouldn’t be a problem to her for long since he was arrested at 15 for robbing an elder which Ricky shot as the elder fought back. Just a big teenage murder mess. On top of that her best friend Rachel was in a mental clinic. Rachel went out one night with some older guys and invited Violet to come with, but luckily Violet was dealing with her drunk mom that night. These guys Rachel went with, drugged her so much she was never able to recover well. They took advantage of Rachel. Police were lucky to even find her alive. Violet was having serious problems at home and with her personal life. She felt as if she was taking care of her mom not the other way around. Violet was getting older. She was now 16. So close to being a woman. Violet always hid in her room whenever her mom brought men over. Violet knew these guys would get drunk and start flirting with her. Which would happen frequently. It wasn’t her fault she was so beautiful.

Violet was hiding in her room one night from her mother and new drinking buddy. Violet's mother passed out on the floor blocking the entrance to the bathroom. Violet was hearing everything from inside her room. Walls so thin they could’ve been curtains. Violet hears her mom fall. Violet steps outside to help because she's worried. Her mother has fallen before and has had major head injuries because of it.

Violet unlocks her room. Steps out, carefully. She doesn’t know the man her mom brought home that night. She doesn’t see him around when she steps out. She sees her mom on the floor. Heads over.

“Mom! Get up! God… Are you okay? Did you hit your head?”

Her mother on the floor with vomit on the corner of her mouth. Mumbling some words. Bottle still glued to her hand. Pushing Violet away.

Violet’s Mother:
“Get the fucking….don’t touch meh bitch..”

“Mom, get up! You're on the floor! Please! Let’s go to your room.”

Man 1:
“Ahh leave her there baby and come make me something to eat. Mmmm on second thought you looking like a snack right now come here.”

Violet is trying to help her mom up from the floor. Distracted she doesn’t notice the man approaching her from the back. He puts a hand on Violet's shoulder.

Man 1:
“Look, she's asleep. Lets go lay down, she don’t need to know nothing.”

“Sir, please don’t touch me. Can you help me please!? Look at her!”

Man grabs Violet from her hair and pulls hard.

Man 1:
“Listen here you little bitch i touch what i want.”

One hand on Violet's hair the other on his small whiskey bottle.

Violet manages to break free. She storms to her room out of fear. She gets in and locks the door. The man outside pounding on her door. Violet searched for her bible and began to pray. This always calmed her down. This always worked. Every time she was in trouble she would hold that bible and pray. Things would be better and they would be. She's holding her bible, crying. On the corner of her room. Hearing the drunk man pounding on the door. Yelling at Violet.

Man 1:
“Get the fuck out now! I want to smell your hair again baby come on.”

For 17 long horrific minutes he pounded on the door. Eventually passing out right outside her room. Violet couldn’t sleep the whole night. She stayed up. Waiting to hear her mom wake up.

Chapter 5: Cursed With Love

This was the setting for Violet's teenage years. Now, that one night sounded horrible. But it wasn’t the worst. There were many nights like that after. Some were close calls for Violet. Oh if it wasn't for the locks in her door. Still, Violet never blamed her mother. She thought her mother was sick. The alcohol was hiding her real mother. Violet being hopeful, she prayed one day that her mother would be strong enough to break the habit. She prayed those strange men wouldn’t come over anymore. Always harassing Violet because of her beauty. Don’t know if it was the example her mother was setting or if Violet felt the need to find guys so damaged she thought she could fix them, but her relations were no different than her mothers. Violet was beautiful. Attracted the macho type. Violet leaned more towards tatted guys with sketchy backgrounds because she could relate to them. Being Violet she didn't blame her boyfriend’s for hitting her or cheating on her constantly. She believed they were products of their own environment. She believed the reason why they cheated was because no one ever taught them about loyalty. She believed they hit her because no one ever taught them how to control that anger. She never saw fathers around. When they humiliated her and insulted her publicly, she believed she deserved it. Maybe she did something wrong to deserve it. But she was their hero. She loved to give. To be there for everyone. Some Call this love. Others call it stupidity. Love can be stupid though right? Makes us do stupid moronic things.

Just to give you an inside look. Violet was laying down with her current boyfriend one night at his house. She was supposed to be spending the night. He was aware of that. After having sex, they lay together on his bed.

“I love you baby that was amazing.”

“I fucked you good huh.”

“Yes.. Always. I love you.”

Boyfriend is silent. Looking through his phone.

“What time you leaving. My boy wants to go to this kick back.”

“What? You said I can spend the night. Baby, I can't go home right now, I don't have a ride and it’s too late to walk.”

“I never said that what the fuck. You trippin. Ima go chill with my boys.”

“Baby.. Okay, I'm sorry I should've been more clear.”

Violet had to walk for almost 4 hours that night back to her place. In the cold February night. Violet could’ve been stronger. She could’ve put her foot down. But that flaw of hers. Love. Her sickness to care for others and love. No. Matter. What. The type to starve herself to feed starving animals. One night when Violet was almost 18. Violet's mother was replaying the same night over again. Drunk, about to pass out and a strange man in the house.

Chapter 6: The Final Straw

Violet is in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Outside, the noises of drunk people mumbling words to one another. Breaking things as they stumble into them. Violet, thinking to herself. “Soon, it'll be morning.” Violet heard her mother and drunk friend go inside their room. Violet went inside hers. As she was about to lock the door she received a text from this new guy she was talking to. Violet, distracted by the text, forgets to lock her room. She gets into bed and falls asleep. It’s the middle of the night. Violet wakes up to see a shadow of a man standing by her door. Looming over her as death himself. In the darkness of the night. Before Violet could react, the man jumped on top of her. Hit her and had his way with her. Violet was hit so bad she passed out on the 2nd punch he gave her.

The next morning she woke on the floor. Her pajamas ripped apart. Her face was so sore. Her body was sore. She looked at her hand and it was covered in dried up blood. Violet begins to panic and remembers what she can. With a pounding headache she tried to stand up. Cautious, not knowing if the man was still around. She goes outside, looks around. The mysterious man was already gone. Rushes to her moms room.

“Mom! Help me! He hurt me!”

Violet’s mother was woken by Violet’s screams.

Violet’s Mom:
“What? Shut the fuck up! Get out of my room!”

“Mom! Help me! I'm bleeding! Look what he did!”

Violet’s Mom:
“What the fuck happened to you idiot?!”

“The guy you brought last night came into my room and started hitting me and he was on top of me trying to kiss me! And then i don’t remember!” She explains drastically.

Violet’s mother started processing everything. She knew the man she brought home last night is capable of doing this. She knows the kind of men she brings home. She knows the danger they carry. Violet’s mother’s humanity almost had a sign of life. Almost.

Violet’s Mother:
“Listen you little whore. I know your little boyfriends like to beat your ass. You probably got all fucked up last night and said something stupid to them and you got that on your face. Don’t try to blame this on my man just cause you don’t like the guys I bring over. You’re fucking crazy. Now get the fuck out of my room and stop being such a slut!”

Violet crying and begging.

“Mom please! Believe me! Don’t do this!”

Violet’s mom drags her out of her room and leaves her outside to weep. Then Violet’s mom went to her part time job as if nothing had happened to her daughter. Her own flesh and blood. Violet cried all day. Took a long shower. So long her fingers were wrinkled. She stayed locked in her room all day. Holding her bible and praying. Trying to make sense of it all. She was so afraid to spend another night in her mom’s house. She knew her mother would bring another man and Violet would be left to fend for herself. She couldn’t leave her mother behind though. After all that has happened. To Violet her mother was a victim of alcohol. She saw a victim in her mother. But she knew she had to leave. She said to herself, “I can stay with my friend Lily for a while, wait till i turn 18 and get a place on my own. Then i’ll be able to get my mom some real help.” She packed what she could in a black garbage bag. She paused. Oh how life comes back to its root beginnings. That black garbage bag looked like the black garbage bag she put her stuff in the night she ran away from foster care to go search for her real mom. Now here she was years later running away from her mom with her black garbage bag.

Chapter 7: Lily

Lily was 25 with her own apartment. She met Violet at a restaurant where Violet and she worked part time. Violet knew a lot of older people because her maturity attracted their attention. Violet was tall and looked like a grown mature woman at 17. Violet and Lily connected over cigarettes and beer after their shift at the restaurant most nights. They bonded and shared many similarities with their tragic pass. Violet looked up to Lily. How she had her own place, and no one told her what to do. So independent. Such a woman. In the back of the restaurant one night smoking, drinking. They have a conversation.

“You look so beautiful baby doll. I wish I had your hair. It’s so long! I love it.”

“Thank you, you’re too kind. And I wish I had your life! I want my own place and to drive a car. I’m saving up for a car right now. Soon. You just make me want to be a woman already.”

“That’s not all it takes to be a woman. Sure having your own place and being independent is nice, but i still want to be loved. You don’t want to lose yourself being so independent you end up alone. That a girl's biggest fear. Anyones really.”

“Teach me how to be a woman. I never got a chance to learn from anyone really. Just my adopted mother a bit. I wish i could remember more vividly the things she used to say about being a woman. I do remember she always said to love yourself first. But i found that to be kinda selfish.”

“You should’ve listened. Oh darling, you’re a woman already and don’t even know it. You are strong. You continue to fight and move forward and you bathed us with your love. But sure. A woman dreams. A woman can be nurture, but can also rip your heart out. They do say we are smarter than men.”

“Oh yea, sure.” Violet says sarcastically.

“See baby I don't get you. How can someone that loves people so much can’t find the time to love herself?”

“It’s not that I don't love myself, I just feel like my energy should be spent on loving the people around me. I don’t need love. I want to give. I want to love.”

“Baby that’s the first rule about being a woman. Love yourself first.”

After the incident at her mom's place, Violet managed to stay with her friend Lily. Lily welcomed her with open arms. Violet was just 2 weeks away from turning 18. Expecting to get a call from her mother, she never did. As if she never existed. Violet was hurt, but saw a new beginning.

Chapter 8: A Child Born Out Of..

A week after she moved in, Lily threw Violet a small kickback at the apartment. About four friends came over. One of them was a 26 year old somewhat timid guy named Roy Lily invited specifically for Violet. She thought they’d be a good match. What Lily didn’t know was that she just sold Violet to the reaper himself. Violet and Roy connected that night over drinks and cigarettes. After that night they continue to talk and three days later they begin a relationship. Everything was going smooth. In the third week at Lily’s apartment, Violet began to get sick. She felt nauseous, vomited a lot. It happened so constantly Lily became worried and took her to the hospital for a check up.

“Well, we got the blood results back. Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

“What? What are you talking about I haven’t been sexual with….”

She paused mid sentence. Violet wasn’t lying. She hasn’t been intimate with anyone for a while. She hasn’t done anything with Roy neither. With horror she remembered that man in her bedroom. “Could he have..? Oh God…. No.. He did. He must have.”

“Is everything okay?”

“I’m sorry i have to go.”

In a panic she ran out of the hospital. Meeting with Lily and telling her everything. Lily was shocked. A child born out of rape. They drove home and Violet locked herself in the bathroom.

“God, why.. How could you do this to me…”

Crying on the bathroom floor. Completely broken. Her faith, dwindling. But she held on strong. She managed to pull herself together. She began to think of her future.

“I can’t get rid of this baby, I know God will frown upon me. It’s not this baby’s fault. God gave me this for a reason.”

Oh Violet. Victim of love.

Chapter 9: Roy

She decided she was going to keep the baby. She didn’t know how to tell Roy. She was scared to tell him the truth. She prayed about it. She knew she couldn’t hide this secret forever. But she hid it as long as she could.

A week after she was hanging out with Roy walking through downtown. She started to like Roy a lot and they started to get closer. All so fast. They spoke non stop. You can say Roy became obsessed with her. And that he did. Walking through downtown, Roy and Violet pass by a man who called out to Violet. The man was by himself.

“Baby you need to leave that man and come with me!” He shouted at Violet.

Roy in a flash charged at the man and punched him to the ground. The man fell back hard and Roy got on top of him. Punching him more and more until the man pleaded with him to stop. Violet watching in terror. Parallized. Roy couldn’t stop hitting the man. Until Violet stopped him.

“Roy you’re going to kill him! Get off!”

Roy stopped. Looked down at the bloody man’s face. Yelled.


Roy got up, looked around and grabbed Violet by the arm.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Roy dragged Violet to his car and they drove back to his place. Violet terrified. She couldn’t believe Roy was capable of such anger. She was scared of him now. While driving to Roy’s house in the car Roy talks to her.

“You’re my girl now. No one can touch you. No one can see you. No one can be around you. You can’t look at anyone without my permission. You fucking got that? You’re fucking mine.”

He grabs Violet’s chin in an aggressive manner and faces her towards him. Blood still on his fingertips. Smeared on her chin as he grabbed her.

“Hey. You listening? You’re mine now.”

Violet, tears in her eyes. Terrified.

Roy became obsessed with Violet. She was beautiful and he knew the world was aware of that. That night when they arrived at Roy’s house he asked Violet to get all her stuff out of Lily’s and go live with him. It’s not like she had a choice. It was more of a demand than a question. Violet did just that. Lily was worried for Violet and didn’t like how things were playing out. Violet didn’t tell Lily anything and acted as if everything was normal, but Lily could sense something was off. Not much Lily could do now.

Chapter 10: A Good Day.

At Roy’s, Violet felt like a trapped animal. Roy didn’t let her go out or have any of her friends come over. She could only have her phone with her when he was around. Roy would take it to work with him everyday. Sick with obsession. He would have relations with her, but was always protected. Something about having kids around didn’t sit well with him. The irony. Violet, barely 18. Roy 26. A month after she got the notice of her pregnancy, Violet began to plot ways of explaining to Roy her situation. She thought if Roy heard that she was taken advantage of, he would have some sort of sympathy for her. Right, the same guy that randomly liked to choke her up against the wall and put a gun on her head and force her to tell him she loved him. Sick was his obsession. Evil was his nature. Poor Violet. She began to feel like a good life was impossible. Then she remembered the words of God, “Long suffering.” Oh Violet. Victim of love. She knew her belly would start showing soon. She didn’t know what to do. One tuesday morning, Violet managed to leave Roy’s apartment without him noticing. She planned the day so well. She woke up like this was her last day on earth. So happy because she was going to go outside. First to go see her friend Lily, then she was going to read her Bible at a park nearby and finally she was going to tell Roy about her situation. She felt so confident that day. She felt that God was on her side no matter what. She picked out a beautiful red dress and took her bible with her. The one her adopted mother gave to her when she was seven. Her adopted mother was confident Violet could understand some things at that age, being how intelligent she was. She stepped out of the apartment. Turned around, took a deep breath and took in the sunlight. What a beautiful day. She met with Lily at a local Coffee shop.

“Hi baby girl! How’s everything? Tell me.”

“You know, i feel like things are starting to get better now.”

“You always say that, then bullshit slaps you across the face.”

“Hey, we all gotta suffer sometimes.”

“Some times, not all the time love.”

“I’m going to tell him today.”

“Oh God..God help you baby. You make me worry so much. I feel like he keeps you trapped there against your will. You can tell me you know. Hey, I’m serious.”

“What are you talking about crazy, everything is perfect. He loves me. I love him, he's so good to me.”

Violet's mouth got this bitter taste from such heavy lies.

“Mmm. Okay, if you say so. I know you wouldn’t hide anything from me.”

They continue to talk and catch up. Violet ends the conversation soon. She wished she could stay there all day and talk to her, but she was on the clock. Violet wanted to have enough time to go to the park. She really wanted to spend time with God.

“Hey. Don’t forget. You are so beautiful. So young. You can do anything baby girl. I love you.”

They hug and part ways.

Violet makes it to the park. She sits on a bench placed in the center of the park. It’s quiet; the noise of kids playing in the background. Birds living out their duties on the trees. Singing. The sun felt so warm on her skin. She closed her eyes and inhaled. She was peaceful. Violet read her bible and prayed about many things.

“Thank you for this air. Thank you for this sun. Thank you for this peace. Thank you for this new life you have growing inside me.”

No matter what was happening with Violet she was always thankful. She knew everything had a reason. A good reason she hoped.

“God, please give me the strength to tell Roy about this baby. How it wasn’t my fault, but i don’t blame this child. Who knows, maybe he’ll be thrilled. Maybe I'm overthinking things.”

Violet checks the time and sees that it’s getting late. She makes her way back to Roy’s apartment before he gets home. Opening her door, she spots two older women from the distance looking at her. She smiles and waves. They wave back.

Chapter 11: The Woman Named Violet

Violet enters the apartment. Roy, waiting for her inside.

“Ba.. Baby.. Wha.. What are you doing here. You’re home early.”

Roy stands there without an expression on his face then charges at Violet. He grabs her by her hair. Drags her into their room. Where her yelling will be less heard. He shoves her inside and shuts the room door behind him. Violet gripping her bible. Never letting go of it. Laying on the floor. Terrified.

“Where. The fuck. Did you go. Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m sorry I just missed my friend so much I..I had coffee with her. I swear you can call her and she’ll tell you. And.. and I have some news. Some good news.”

“What the fuck are you talking about. What news?”

“Just hear me out okay.”

As Violet explains her situation, Roy is slowly drifting away into madness. Anger occupied every cell of his body. Roy heard those words “I'm pregnant.” And blacked out.

Roy mounts on top of her and begins to hit her. Violet felt this time he was going to kill her. Vision getting blurry she looks around trying to grab anything to hit him. She sees under the bed is the box where Roy keeps his gun. She reaches for it with all her strength using her right hand. Left hand still gripping that bible. Successful, she grabs it and points it towards him. Violet is no stranger to guns. Her past ex’s taught her how to handle one. Roy knew this. Roy moved out of her way. Scared. Violet get’s up. Loaded gun she takes the safety off.

“Woah easy Violet, You need to chill..”

Violet pointed that gun to Roy with passion. But couldn’t bring herself to do it. Violet’s heart would never be capable of such a thing. Getting weak from sympathy. Distracted, he pushes the gun away. Violet loses grip of the gun, but not of the bible. It lands on the floor. Roy chokes her to the floor. He stands on top of her, taking her last breath away. Violet’s vision begins to grow blurry. She saw Roy on top of her as a black shadow pounding at her. He looked just like death. And that he was. She fades off starting at the ceiling light. She imagined it as God calling to her. That grip on her bible, finally loosens.


Oh Violet. Who failed her? The people around her? God? Or herself. Violet just wanted to be happy. I wonder if she questioned God as she was fading away. Or did she thank him? Such a heavy thank you. Why did the Universe go out of it’s way to torment such a beautiful child spewing nothing but love? Why couldn’t she have a great life if she was a great person? Why didn’t God give her a way out? Maybe he did. Maybe if Violet loved herself first instead of loving others then she would have had everything she was always wishing for. Maybe, just maybe.

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