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Sweethearts From Hell

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ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS (BXB) Kyler and Ryan. Ryan and Kyler. No reason for them to be enemies, not much was different about either. Both were male, hot, and had short hair. They also had the same amount of hatred for eachother, pulling pranks in school to embarrassing their social life. One line they never crossed was laying a hand on the other, it was to harsh, to out of character for either. So when one prank was just enough to strike anger within the other, the consequences were interesting to see. All it takes is a punch and a kiss

Drama / Erotica
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C H A P T E R | O N E

"Kyler" Mellani snapped her fingers infront of his face. Her hair swished around her face, it turning red at the lack of attention on his part.

They were at his locker, her hand resting lonely against a nearby door. She stood expectantly, waiting for Kyler to get what he needed so they could rush to class before the teacher called attendance.

The bell had already rang while he was standing idly looking into the black locker with only one shelf, holding every book and material Kyler needed for class, the book he needed for his next class was missing or hidden within the vast expanse of his locker. And by missing in his locker, it means that Ryan had figured out his combination and stole out his workbook so he'd get in trouble by Mr.Valerias.

"He stole it" Kyler scrunched his nose in anger, looking more like a hurt puppy then a dangerous male on the hunt to get his belongings back "don't" Mellani shouted but it was useless once either boy was on the road for revenge it was like stopping a guy from flirting with strippers. He could feel her gaze of anger on his back, she was probably pacing back and forth debating if she should've follow and make sure that Kyler didn't get in any trouble or to just cut her losses and run to class.

He stormed down the hallway at a very fast pace, his sneakers banging loudly on the mismatched tile, each locker blurring in his fast marching, trying to stop Ryan before he made it into class and was safe from the cruel hands of Kyler. The bell might have rang, but hopefully Ryan and his friends had chose to go to class late then usual. Hopefully he could catch all of them and get back the unscathed part of his book and get to class with an excuse or a note.

To Kylers luck, Ryan was leaning against a locker wearing a black shirt and holding Kylers math book. Anger bloomed in his eyes as he watched the large hand grab on of the pages and rip it out, letting it land in the pile already appearing on the ground "why you" Kyler whispered under his breath curling up his finger until they reached a fist.

His blushed cheeks turned even darker and he stood there, praying that Ryan could feel the sharp daggers on his face. He didn't because he leaned his head against the lockers, grabbing one last page and tearing it into smaller pieces. A bigger mess for the janitor to clean up.

Kyler saw red, scared that he would react out of spite and do something both boys would regret because there was only one undecided rule between the two of them, never to hit the other. This time Kyler was seriously debating about breaking it, twitching violently every time he heard the sound of the paper page being ripped out and into pieces. His short nails only pressed into his palms slightly, not enough to do any real damage but he secretly wished he had long nails so he could rake them down Ryan's devilish face. Leaving a sharp mark, blood dripping down his face in angry lines leaving the mark of the devils trident.

The devilish face that was currently laughing with his group of friends, letting them take turns ripping each page out of the book. Yipping excitedly when each paper landed on the ground, all of them looking like a pack of wild animals that could control themselves.

Hollering as they read out which page it was and what notes Kyler had written down for the upcoming tests and the former tests that had taken place "it's not worth it" he had to remind himself constantly as he stayed with his head peaked around the corner, red flushed cheeks growing hot. Those notes though, were worth it, Kyler was going to use them to study for the exam. It had all the information he needed, and it was all being ripped into tiny shred and splattered all over the floor.

"Imagine his face" Hilton shouted, her tittering laugh made Kyler want to rip out his hair as easily as they ripped out each paper "oh dear Ryan please pass me back my book" she pressed her lips into a line and stuck them out with mocking him, he plump lips making kissing noises towards Ryan as she joked around, most of the group joined in laughing saying their own hurtful sentences "he's so tiny he probably could even reach high enough to take back his book" or "why does he even bother coming to school, what-he only had like one friend. What's his, oh wait it's a girl, what's her name?" while Ryan held a smirk.

His back tensed and froze each time he heard Hilton's laughing, maybe his way of saying it was as annoying as Kyler initially said "hey I'm Hilton and my voice is as annoying as how dumb I act" Kyler burst out of anger, he meant to keep quiet but he spat it. A few drops escaped his lips and landed on the ground, his teeth clashing together and grounding them until he could have sworn they had no detailing on the top of them.

The chatter died down when he said that and everyone turned to look at the boy, he stood there his arms crossed and his eyes burning a hole into the ground while tears burned behind his eyes. Hilton's face was pure anger as she started to storm towards him grabbing his math book out of an amused Ryan's hand "how dare you" she shrieked and held the last remaining pages of his book, and brought it down on her knee so the hardcover snapped in two.

Visibly flinching he almost threw up, but he held it back and forced himself to to recoil. If he entered his class without that book he would be in trouble for disobedience, and to order a new one it costed money, and would take a while to get.

"And here I was thinking your laugh was annoying" Kyler shot back, hitting her sore spot as she recoiled in shame holding her finger directly in his face "you will not get away with this" she made it sound as a threat taking a step into his personal space. He looked up uninterested and for dramatic effect yawned, running a hand through his brown locks. Curls moved around his finger and coiled together again, bouncing slightly as his sharp gaze went back to her face.

Hilton's eyes widened in anger as she raised her hand, ready to smack it across his face. Kyler wasn't the only one to realize as her group of friends faces dropped in shock, only Ryan smart enough to shoot across the small distance and grab her tiny frame turning her around in time for only Hilton's hand to collide with air. Her breathing was harsh as she struggled around in Ryan's arms trying to find a way to get back to Kyler and deliver the smack "look, Hilton you can't hit him" he said harshly and forced her back towards their friends who grabbed her arms to hold her.

Silence filled the distance, Kylers mind spinning and he took half a step back out of Ryan's friends vision and tried to focus on the ground. He'd been threatened to be hit but he'd never actually had a girl in-front of him with her hand up, Kyler knew that if she hit him he couldn't, nor would hit her. It didn't take away from the anger starting to show itself on his pale face, his eyes slowly in focusing and looking slowly at everyone in the hall who looked unsteady.

Everyone took a gulp as they looked back at Kyler, Ryan turning around slowly to look at his face. It was flushed red and he was panting heavily, his fist were clenched by his sides his jaw copying and locking. His grey eyes turned a shade of black as they stared unmoving at Hilton who seemed to pale in realization of what she was about to do "K-Kyler" she stuttered and stumbled over her own words.

Nobody spoke.

Hilton slowly pushed away from her friends, finally able to stand on her own and began to let her eyes shakily look around his face for any change. None was detected other then his fingers clenched in his fist twitching every so often "Kyler" Mellani shouted as she walked into the hallway were both groups of people stood breathing slowly.

"What's with the tension" Ryan and his posey watched as Mellani's hand raised and rested her Kylers shoulder, him tensing under the pressure and took a sharp breath his eyes finally darting to look at her face. Her nailed hand left a gentle calming feel where ever she touched and it calmed him down enough to open his mouth and attempt to speak rationally.

"I dare you to do that again" his dark voice said as he grabbed Mellani's hand trying to find a grasp back in reality "I fūcking dare you" he repeated looking directly at Hilton who took a few steps away, her confidence from earlier long gone.

Without another though, Kyler allowed Mellani to take the hand he was holding and drag him away, opposite from were Hilton was. None of them ignored the hideous glare that Kyler gave her before he turned around snd looked straight ahead.

Everyone's heads were spinning as they remembered Hilton's hand resting in the air, her face full of remorse as she leaned into Ryan's side "it'll be okay" Ryan promised letting his arm wrap around her shoulders and give it a squeeze, watching as the group of two turned a corner.

It wasn't long after they were out of sight that Hilton started crying and fell against Ryan's chest "oh god" she sniffed and rubbed the bottom of her nose.

She raised the hand that was going to smack Kyler anymore and just glared at it in fear "what was I going to do" the tears fell in buckets as she clutched Ryan's black shirt trying to figure out what had just happened "it was an accident" Veronica said quietly, her hand coming up and rubbing her friends back comfortingly.
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