The Pendleton Diversion

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The following is a satire, or is it? A National Security Emergency is in progress on the beaches of Camp Pendleton in Southern California and you are faced with choosing between five completely different media versions of the events. Which do you choose? Do you select the one that fits your own personal political media viewpoint and stay with that single source of information throughout the emergency or do you surf the cable channels and airwaves so you are a fully informed consumer of the modern mainstream media? Which of these choices is worse? Now, imagine that you are traveling through flyover country and faced with choosing which version of facts to base life-impacting decisions on. Small details in the bias narratives and spin among the media factions are one thing, but how would you react to completely different versions? We are talking about differences that run the expanse between a traffic accident caused by a rogue fog bank to an invasion by an unknown hostile armed force on the front doorstep of the United States Marines at Camp Pendleton. Quite the difference, isn't it? How do you as a consumer react to hearing such differences in reporting? What emotional rollercoaster would you be on if you were surfing the airwaves between public radio, network news, and maybe an FM station out of Cheyenne where the weekend DJ is reading off live reports from his cousin who is o

Drama / Thriller
Mark Hebert
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Chapter 1

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