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Uhm hi if your from wattpad heyyy loves if your not hello! This will pro have my old chapters PLUS smut so yea πŸ˜€ I might just make wattpad my safe place and Inkitt my smut place idk yet

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

Making bank πŸ’΅ 🏦


(Y'all around 22-28)

No ones pov:
Y/n was a stripper did she give a fuck? No she would say it out loud if she had to one thing she was never afraid of was her job she loved it besides the men especially since she had a husband on her own but other than that she was ok with it but the one thing her boyfriend hated about her job is that he had to watch her do this yup he was the bartender no one rlly knew except her bestie Mina and momo (yes those fine ass queens in here two)

Y/n pov:
I was getting ready for work when my husband of three 5 years katsuki bakugo walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist " hey katsu" "hey princess" ( I'm sorry to hurt ya feelings if u don't like me using princess leave tf πŸ˜‡anyways) "what do u need katsuki" then he picks me up walks to the couch lay me down and cuddle me "I don't want u to go to work.." "aww is the boom boom boy jealous?" "WHAT-" "calm your voice sir u are beside my fucking ear" "no I'm not jealous I just don't like them around u" "bitch that's jealously anyways I have to go plus u work there if u feel like there looking to much come up and kiss me they are already scared of u" I looked at him and kissed his nose "plus ion think I'm leaving anytime soon for anyone else
And if I could wear my weeding ring I would but I'd probably lose it " I get up and walk to my bag "now if I where u I would get ready too u do work There u too" "fine.."
~Timee skipppp~
No ones POV:
Once and Katsuki got there u had your goodbye kiss and went your separate ways u going to the back room and him going to the bar u went into the back room where u met up with Mina and Momo y'all talked for a while then more girls came in and u three girls went quite u Mina and Momo where the dream team y'all got payed more people loved u more u mina and Momo stripper name all went together and who hated that the most? Just guess

Yea the broke bitch he oop I mean she hated your guts one by u where dating Bakugo and two all the men who came loved u. You Mina and Momo got payed around 30k -40k every month bc of that while the other girls got around 5k-10k every month anyways that's not important the thing was she liked bakugo and when she didn't have a customer she would try to talk to him u see that didn't bother u why U may ask
? Bitch he lives under your roof and is by u at night that’s why🀚🏾

Y/n's POV:they walked in me Momo and Mina looked at each other and walked to the changing room and we started laughing and back

Time skip ⏭

Y/no's POV: we walked out we seen every one else gone so we just wait until our names where called

~10 mins later~ me and Momo where already out when minas named was called and that was my cue to go by the bar and have some drinks
No ones POV:
U walked over to the bar sitting down having Katsuki having the back be miss can't afford McDonald's by she wanted to live in a expensive house and her rent is how much she gets was talking to him so u did what any bad bitch would u went around the table that's when Bakuso looked at u he walked forward to him and kissed him obviously he kissed back putting arms around your waist once u parted u looked over to see Uraraka looking at u she was about to explode u seen Momo and Mina walking over to y'all so she stopped turned around and left u looked back and Baku go kisses his forehead and your name was called again so u said "welp that's my cue looks like I gotta go see u at home ok?" He hugged u tight put his head in your shoulders and said "don't go princess please" he said whining "I wish I could baby but I gotta go" he groaned and let u go with turned around and left

THIS TOOK ME TWO HOURS BC I COULD NOT FIND SOME CUTE OUTFITS LIKE I WAS STRESSED THAT I M QUIT FOR A HOT SECOND (anyways hope u enjoyed it sorry if it's not good enough it's hard writing a plot off the top of my head πŸ˜­πŸ˜ƒ)

Yes this is a copy of my old chapter and can I just say these words tiny asfπŸ˜€πŸ˜­
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