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Desire Book 1 TRIGGER WARNING This book contains explicit sexual scenes between men, strong language, dubious permission, scenes of violence, and is intended for adult readers only. This book touches on the hard topic of Stockholm syndrome with all the pain and cruelty that comes along. This book isn't meant for people with weak hearts or people who get easily offended or shocked. Don't say I didn't warn you ⚠️

Drama / Thriller
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I HAVE BEEN WATCHING YOU for a long time," Aaron stirred as he sat on the edge of the hardwood table. Traverse the other, he took a covetous draw on a cigarette. His expansive chest rose, stressing the catches of his dark shirt, and fell in a smoky breathe out. A clashing blend of tobacco and rose spread through the room.

He grinned, investigating the man bowing before him.

"Such an imp and still figured out how to ruin my business... " he stated, watching the strained line of the detainee's shoulders snap toward the sound of his voice. "Chelsea, reveal his eyes."

One of the five present in the room—a cumbersome woman in a dark loose suit— viewed the scene as it disentangled with ongoing peacefulness, as though this was a completely ordinary, regular collaboration. She ventured forward, her hand traveled to the rear of the detainee's head, delivering the bunch.

The dark blindfold slid down, however, the hostage didn't raise his eyes. His jaw gripped swelling with strain. Twiddling the cigarette between his center and pointers, Aaron grinned as he marginally shook his foot noticeable all around. Not extending the interruption any more, he requested, "Take a gander at me when I'm conversing with you."

Remaining behind the detainee, with his hands in his pockets, Chelsea moved to consolidate her military boots with the sharp, long dark shadow cast by Aaron. Grasping the hair of the stooping man, whose hands were bound behind his back, he yanked his head up, uncovering his wounded face canvassed in dried blood. A monstrous injury at the edge of the hostage's mouth shined with overflowing blood in the early evening sun.

"Screw you!" the detainee yapped. Aaron laughed when Chelsea pulled the hostage's hair, constraining him to curve his back, and punched him in the face. His head snapped left as he hung forward and spat a coagulation of blood on the floor.

"How impolite. I was amiable enough, even welcomed you to my home." Aaron murmured and squashed the cigarette in the ashtray. He hopped off the table and drew nearer to his prey.

Slouching his shoulders, the detainee watched the floor, his knuckles faded white. The vein in his neck pulsating. Aaron grunted and, following the lead of his subordinate, snatched the man by the hair and yanked his head toward him.

"Ash Mikaelson—an investigator who accomplished his position at quite a youthful age." Aaron's lips lifted at the edge in a scathing grin. "Really awful he won't be alive to turn 25."

Ash leveled his criminal with a scornful gaze and spat in his face. Aaron jumped, his lips trembled and extended in a disproportionate scowl. He needed to call his entire being, not to squash Ash's head against the floor. Clearing the grisly spit off his face with the rear of his hand, he requested in a creepy voice, "Get out!"

The room purged in no time, giving up just Aaron and the beaten police analyst.

"Presumptuous, aren't we?" He crouched, gnawing the side of his correct thumb; his eyes looking through Ash's face.

Indeed, even with all the cuts and wounds, Aaron could perceive how attractive the youngster was. His short chestnut hair, standing out every which way, looked delicate. His temple was high and sweeping; his profound earthy colored eyes heartfelt and outlined by somewhat curved foreheads. His difficult look connected with Aaron. A straight nose, obstinate jaw, and clean-cut "cheekbones finished the picture.

Aaron's canine tooth sank further into his thumb as he viewed the more youthful man-crush his teeth. The edge of his tortured mouth looked puffy, agonizing.

"Gee... " Licking his thumb, Aaron connected with clear got blood dry Ash swollen lips, utilizing moderate roundabout movements.

Aaron snapped his head back, gnawing his lips shut trying to maintain a strategic distance from the criminal's wet finger. His eyes limited, hauling his eyebrows near one another. The injury at the side of his mouth broke, expanding the bloodstream.

Detecting the disturbance coming from his detainee, Aaron grinned and inclined toward the criminologist, driving him to turn upward. His tongue flicked over Ash's lips, licking off the stream of new blood.

Appall wound Ash's mouth as he attempted to dismiss his face, shivers wracking his body." We are going to have quite a decent time," guaranteed Aaron, licking the metallic taste off his lips. Expectation jerked in his chest, arousing interest. Dismissing, he called, "Chelsea!"

The entryway squeaked open, and the cumbersome man went into the room.

"Try not to smack him in the face any longer. I need to see it completely recuperated. Bring him down to the cellar."

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