The Bobby DeBarge Story

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This is a story about a man who never gotten the recognition that he deserves.

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Introduction/Meeting the Man

Question #1 What if Bobby DeBarge was alive?

Answer Bobby would been doing shows like RuPaul Drag Race, Bobby would been doing world tours, etc.

Question #2 What if Bobby DeBarge wasn’t doing drugs or having sex unprotected with other men and women?

Answer Bobby would still be alive right now. Bobby would be married to a man who loves him for him. Bobby would been a father/grandfather and a drag mother with 80 plus drag children and celebrity drag children.

Question #3 What Happened if Bobby DeBarge ran away from his family?

Answer Bobby would have a better chance living a different life. Bobby would been on top of the world with over 200 million records sold and 300 million albums worldwide.

Question #4 What if Bobby DeBarge met his true love?

Answer Bobby would have been so happy right now with his life and more.

Last Question What if Bobby DeBarge met Berry Gordy at the age of 15 years old?

Answer Bobby would have been the biggest selling male artist of all time. Bobby would been where Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna now. But, MJ and Prince are resting now.

But, that would happen if Bobby was still alive and not did any drugs, etc.

Bobby DeBarge is an interesting person to do a story on. The tvone biopic was a bunch of bull crap and I am here to give you a proper story about the falsetto singer. Who could had star power and the right people behind him.

Bobby DeBarge is one of those people that didn’t get the recognition because of a history of drugs and madness. But what if Bobby DeBarge lived longer than 39 years of age? What if Bobby DeBarge had the parents that treated him with the respect that he wanted and the love that he wanted from his father(Robert DeBarge Sr.)

Bobby DeBarge is so interesting to me because he had a talent that people wish that they had. People like Chris Brown, Tank, Ginuwine, Tyrese, etc. I say those guys because they all can sing and write. But, no of them can’t compose, actually be in the studio perfecting their craft for the next generation of artists.

Bobby DeBarge is one those legends that never gotten talked about at award shows or interviews(except the one that his family and friends did on unsung). Bobby DeBarge was a person who had a nasty past with sexual abuse from his father and a drug habit that cost him his life at the very end.

Bobby DeBarge was very shy around people with a sweetness to him. What if Bobby didn’t do drugs or had been abused by his father and abandoned by his mother.

We will dive deep into Bobby life. And his life as an Gay Man. What was his relationship like with his younger siblings since he was the oldest boy. What if Bobby didn’t die in 1995... what if there was a plot twist in his story??

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