Raising Remi

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9 | its okay

Chapter nine.

TW: mentions of abuse.

Vincent stood by the door as he and his little sister stared at each other.

Remi wasn't actually looking at him, she was twisting her fingers anxiously.

She brought her knees up to her chest and put her chin between them.

"Ms. Johnson told me you guys had an interesting conversation" he went and sat down on the chair near her desk.

"W-whats a converstation?"

"Conversation" he corrected. "it's when two or more people are talking about something. Like right now we're having a conversation"


"Can you tell me about your mom?" Vincent tried to keep his face friendly for his sister and it was hard because he always looked like was mad when it was just his face.

At a young age, he was taught to control his emotions and facial expressions so he just stuck to one, the look his father always gave him.

"She's nice and smells good. And gives warms hugs. When can I see her again?... I miss her" she whispered the last part.

"You can see her whenever she comes back"


Vincent cut her off, "tell me about your stepfather, Aaron?" He looked closely at her face to see how she would react to his name.

The fear in her eyes was on full display anyone could see it.

"I-I don't like him"

He leaned forward in the chair and put his elbows on his knees."Why not?" he softened his voice a bit

"He's m-mean and scary"

"What makes him mean and scary?"

"H-he's mean t-to me"

"How?" vincents voice got quieter.

"He does mean things t-to me" Remi whispered.

"Like what?" he stared into her eyes.

"I-i can't..." Remi put her head between her knees as tears rolled down her soft cheeks.

"Can't what?" he got up and went to the end of her bed and squatted down.

"I can't tell you" she hiccuped.

"Why not?" although her crying was making him uncomfortable he fought through it.

"He said I couldn't" she brought her head up as the tears subsidized.

"Aaron did? Why?"

"Yeah, h-he said it would make mommy sad-d"

"If you tell me, I can make sure your mom stays happy and Aaron won't be mean to you again"

"Really?" Remi said hopefully.

Vincent nodded.

"Pinky promise"

"I'll try my best"

Remi stuck out her arm and held her pinky up and used her thumb to hold the rest down.

Vincent did the same and bumped his pinky with hers.

"No, y-you have to c-cross them" their pinkies connected and twisted together.

"Now kiss your second finger" she leaned in and kissed her finger softly.

He let out a sigh of annoyance and kissed his finger.

"Now tell me what Aaron did?"


Vincent closed the door behind him.

The anger that he was filled with was nothing he'd never experienced.

The things she told him.

"How'd it go?" Luca asked from the other side of the hall. His usual soft smile was gone and a look of business was in his eyes.

Vincent looked at him, then began walking to his office.

He left the office door for Luca and walked over to his polished brown drawer.

He pulled out a cigar and went to sit on his chair.

Luca sat in one of the chairs in front of him awaiting what he had to say.

After lighting the cigar and taking a few drags he finally spoke.

"He's been abusing her"

The words felt sick coming out of his mouth.

"Since Claire married him"

"He's a grown man hitting a child"

Vincent was disgusted. Why would someone even do that? He thought.

He's harmed plenty of men who hit children but the fact that his baby sister was abused made him infuriated.

Vincent took his phone out of his pocket and texted his brother Ethan.

"Go help Ethan," he said as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Are you going to kill him when we find him" Luca already knew that they would find him?

"No, im going to torture him for two and a half years. Then maybe let him die."

Luca nodded his head and left the office.

"Do you know what's going on?" Ethan asked. He was in front of the remis door with some medical supplies.

"It was the stepfather," Luca said and opened. He brought back his friendly smile and eyes.

Remi looked up from the puzzle she was trying to solve.

"What are doing?" Luca asked as he sat next to her on the carpeted floor.

"a puzzle, but it's hard"

"Can I help?" Remi nodded at him.

After helping her with some of the puzzle, Luca mentioned who was watching the interaction.

"Ethan is going to come over and make you feel better"

"O-ok" she whispered.

Ethan came and sat on the other side of Remi.

He checked her heartbeat, eyes, ears, and mouth.

"Does your head hurt at all Remi?" Ethan asked.

Remi shook her head and continued playing with the puzzle.

"Does it hurt anywhere on your body?"

Reluctantly Remi nodded.

Before Vincent left her room earlier they made a promise that she would always tell the truth no matter how bad it was.

"I need you to point to where it hurts"

She pointed to her stomach, wrist, ankles, and back.

Both brothers tensed up.

"Can I see your wrist?"

Remi looked up at Luca. He nodded at her and gave her a reassuring smile.

Slowly Remi held her arms out to her brother.

"Im going to pull the sleeves up ok?" when she didn't say anything back Ethan repeated, "ok?"


Slowly Ethan pulled up the sleeve of her shirt to her elbow.

Ethan exhaled deeply as he looked at the healing cuts of her wrists. There was still a bit of red at each line.

Luca's jaw locked and his mind flashed with ways to harm Aaron.

After composing himself Ethan pulled up the other sleeve to see green yellowish bruises and fewer cuts.

The room was silent.

Remi looked between the two men and at their angry faces.

Fear started to build up in her and she started to get up.

"I'm sorry" Remi cried.

The brothers were brought out of their thoughts at the sound of their baby sister crying.

"I-I'm sorry"

"What's wrong?" Luca asked softly, concern in his eyes.

"P-please don't h-hurt me"

It's like someone stomped on their hearts.

Ethan grabbed her hands and looked at her tear-filled eyes, "Bambina we will never hurt you"

Remi nodded as her lower lip wobbled.

"Now wipe those tears so I can clean you up" he chucked which got him a small smile.

"And if any of us do you can punch xander" Luca smiled at her and she giggled.

"Who can punch Xander"

Ethan ignored him and began tending to Remi's cuts.

"If she ever does you'll deserve it"

Xander scoffed and strolled into the room. He plopped down on the chair at her desk, it squeaked under his weight.

"chi Γ¨ lo and behold stronzo che le ha fatto questo alle braccia?" xander said looking up from his phone.

Translation: who's the asshole that did that to her arms?

"il suo patrigno" Luca answered.

Translation: her stepfather.

"perchΓ© non Γ¨ morto?"

Translation: why is he not dead?

"perchΓ© non l'ho ancora trovato"

Translation: because we haven't found him yet.

Xander glared at cuts as the disappeared under the white bandage wrap.

Remi watched Ethan silently as he cleaned her ankles and wrapped them up as well.

"What else hurts?"

Remi put her hand on top of her shoulder and a part of her back.

He checked where she had a fresh purple and black bruises. His hand twitched to hit something or someone.

He applied a cream to help relieve the pain and make the healing so faster then moved on to the bruise of her stomach.

Eventually, xander got up and left. He couldn't stand the pain in Remi's eyes.

"Does your stomach hurt?" Ethan asked Remi softly.


"Ok, if it does tell me"


"We should change the bandages every other day or they won't heal properly" Luca nodded at him.

Ethan put his stuff away and left her room.

"Im hungry" Remi said softly to Luca. She crawled over to him and sat on his lap.

"I know little one but can you wait a little longer until dinner"

She hummed in reply and leaned against him.

"Remi...did your mom know what Aaron was doing?" he didn't want to the answer, afraid that it would make him hate the women that brought her into this world.

"I-i think so, he was only mean when mommy wasn't home or when she asleep"

He nodded his head even though she couldn't see it.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, thinking about everything that happened today.

Remi turned on her side and began to fall asleep as the thought of seeing her mother soon came into her mind.


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