Raising Remi

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❝ 𝐖𝐄'𝐑𝐄 π˜πŽπ”π‘ ππ‘πŽπ“π‡π„π‘π’, πˆπ“'𝐒 πŽπ”π‘ π‰πŽπ π“πŽ ππ‘πŽπ“π„π‚π“ π˜πŽπ” ❞ - In which the broken Princess finds her Knights.

Drama / Adventure
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Chapter one

The heavy rain fell from the sky onto the widows of the car. Clare with all her strength she had maintained control of the wheel. The roads were slippery from the rain and she'd jump every time thunder rumbled from the sky.

She was scared. Scared of getting caught. Scared of losing control of the car and crashing. Scared that the sleeping pill she put in her husband's drink wore off and he realized she and her daughter were gone.

Remi, her five-year-old daughter stared out the window, watching the raindrops race down the window, they seemed to be endless. She had no idea what was going on but she knew one thing, she would never have to see Aaron again. She was thankful, she'd never liked him and she learned to become scared of him when he and her mom got married and he became more controlling. It only got worse, whenever she did something he didn't like he'd hit her. Her mother wasn't always there to save her.

They soon came to a gate but it was only open halfway. Clare thanked god for being on her side today and drove onto the estate.

With the driving and the rain, Remi had gotten tired, the fact that it was past her bedtime didn't help. But her mom told her not to close her eyes yet.

The car slowed down as they neared the house. Calling it a house was an understatement, the mason was huge, the three-story house stretched far and wide.

Clare quickly grabbed her daughter's backpack and ran to the other side to get her.

Remi has curious as to why they were at this big house. The mansion seemed so much bigger to her because she was so small even for her age.

Her mother led her to the front door. When they were in front of the she bent down to her height.

"Baby...you know how Aaron isn't very nice" Remi nodded. "Well, it's not very fun to live with him so...your going to live with some other people. Ok?"

Some would think it was wrong for a mother to abandon their child but she knew it was for the better. It was only a matter of time before Aaron gave away her daughter to fund his alcohol addiction.

Clare knew that when he found out Remi was gone he could kill her and she was okay with that as long as her daughter was away from him and with someone safe. She'd be safe here.

"We're not gonna see him anymore?" Remi smiled.

"Yes, but I won't be able to live with you, I'll have to stay with Aaron"

"B-but..." Remi felt tears weld up in her eyes. She'd never really been away from her mother. she barely even made it a week at preschool until her mother decides to home school her.

"I know baby. But Aaron will get lonely, do you want him to be lonely" Remi understood. She didn't like being lonely either, it made her sad and she didn't want Aaron to be sad.

"O-ok" she looked her mother in the face with tears running down her face as she bit her lip. The image broke Clare, she hugged her daughter as she cried silently so she wouldn't notice. After a couple of minutes, they pulled apart and Clare wiped her tears.

"Here" she handed Remi an orange envelope, the kind you put important documents in. "Give this to Vincent, only Vincent" she put it in her semi-wet backpack

Clare took a deep breath as she realized it was time to go. "I love you so much Remington, always remember that I love you so much"

"I love you too mommy, to the moon and back an farth-er than that" Clare kissed all over her daughter's face as she slowly stood up.

Clare quickly rang the doorbell and ran to her car yelling to she loved Remi. She drove away faster than she came leaving Remi in the night, wet and cold.

Remi continued to cry as her mother disappeared.

The door open and Remi looked up to see the same bright blue eyes as her.


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