Raising Remi

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2 | blue eyes

Chapter two

The staring contest continued as Remi looked into the identical blue eyes. Her mother didn't have blue eyes and she'd never met her father so she guessed she got them from him.

The tall man's eyes weren't like her's. She had an innocence that drove people in. He had a dark look and if you looked close enough you could see the murder in them.

As Remi shivered from the cold she looked down at the hands that were also shaking. Her mother always made her warm.

"Dude shut the door it's cold outside" the voice sounded deep and weirdly friendly. "Did you not hear me, shut the fucking do-" he stopped and looked at what his older brother was looking at.

She's so tiny. Milo thought. She has to be at least four.

The man that opened the door, Levi walked away, but milo stayed. He bent down to her level and reached for her hand. Out of instinct, she flinched away.

Milo slowly moved his hands away from her. "I'm not going to hurt you" he reassured. He could see that she was cold and shivering, and didn't want her to get sick. "Are you cold?"

Remi nodded.

She slowly looked up to him and looked at his eyes but only for a second. "Why don't you come inside so you don't get sick"

Remi barely nodded her head but she placed her small cold hand into his big warm one as he led her inside.

He walked her to the living room and sat her on the couch. Milo wasn't the best with kind of stuff so he wrapped her in a blanket then went to find his older brother.

"Eth, there's this girl that was outside in the rain she's in the living room," milo told his brother then walked to his room when he saw him getting up.

Ethan was a doctor for their family business. Over the years he spent all year round in medical school then his internship until he started working at their private hospital.

When he walked into the living room it was empty. It's was another one of milo's pranks.


Remi crossed her legs and pressed her thighs together. She had to pee. When she couldn't hold it anymore she started to walk around trying to find the bathroom. She soon got lost and tried to go back. Aaron hated it when she didn't listen.

She knew she should have stayed there but she was afraid that her bladder would give in.

She heard voices and hid.

"He's such a fucking pussy. He passed out as soon as I hit him then I had to hit him again to wake him up" it was the same person that had opened the door, Remi thought when she saw his face.


Remi's eyes widen as she realized it was her that sneezed. The nerves in her stomach tightened as footsteps approached her hiding spot.

She held her breath as two sock covered feet came into her vision.

"This is why people use condoms" Xander muttered. His voice was deep but not as deep as the older man.

Remi looked up at the blue eyes she stared at ten minutes ago but quickly looked away to the other male. He had a scowl on his face. He didn't look very friendly.

"Fucking milo let you in" he sounded angry. Tears came to Remi's eyes as she realized she was in trouble.

Levi grabbed her wrist as he dragged her towards the front door.

The grip he had on her delicate skin was slowly starting to ache and would soon leave a bruise.

Aaron had given her bruises but this one hurt a lot more, he was a lot stronger than Aaron.

"I'm not lying, I swear she was there, she wouldn't have just got up and left. Just ask Levi" milo tried to explain that he wasn't lying about the little girl.

Levi and Xander came into view with a small child with them.

"Told you," milo said smugly. "What the fuck are you doing?!" he yelled as Levi opened the door.

"We don't know her"

"Look, we'll call social services after she warms up" Ethan tried to reason. Everyone had their opinion on what to do, but Remi wanted to go home. Her home was wherever her mom was but her mom was gone.

She started to silently cry as she thought about never seeing her mother again. She didn't even realize how tight the grip on her wrist was getting.

She tried her hardest to pull away but no one noticed until she started sobbing. Levi let go of her as she ran away from them. She slowly backed away from them until she ran into a wall.

What she thought was a wall...


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