Raising Remi

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3 | little sister

Chapter three

Remi started wide-eyed as she craned her head up. He was very tall.

All the boys were tall and very muscular from the amount of time they spent in the gym.

When she finally saw a face she was surprised to see a small smile and bright welcoming blue eyes. The same blue eyes as the other boys.

He didn't seem very scary so Remi didn't back away, especially when he came down to her height and seemed less intimidating.

"Hello, what's your name?"

He's nice. Remi thought.

"Remi," she said barely over a whisper.

"How'd you get outside Remi?"

"My m-mommy-y took me"

"What's your mom's name?" He kept his voice soft.

"Clare" Luca stopped. He'd heard that name before. A friend of their father had a daughter a couple of years ago and Vincent had told him.

"Did she tell you anything?"

"She told me I was going to live with some other people a-and..." Remi didn't know if she should tell him about the envelope she was to give to Vincent.

"And what sweetheart?" He could notice her hesitation. But the only way they could help her is if they knew why she was here.

"And to give something to Vincent" all the brothers stopped as they heard their eldest brother's name.

"What do you need to give to Vincent?"

"I don't know mommy said to give it to Vincent and only Vincent" she quoted her mother's words.

"I'll get Vincent" Luca stood to his full height and walked over to his brothers. "Get her something warm to drink and a blanket," he said towards Ethan and milo. "Find out who she is and find her mother," he said to the other two. He walked up to the third level where his brother was.

After hearing the familiar 'come in' Luca opened the office door. "You remember Clare"

Vincent's head came up. He had similar features to his brother, the blue eyes, light tan skin, the stubble. But Luca had kindness and refuge in his eyes, vincents eyes would scare anyone but Luca was so used to them it didn't even phase him.

"What about her?"

"She had a daughter on March 19th in 2015, correct?"


"Did you stay long enough at the birth to find out her name" Vincent hadn't told anyone about the birth of Remington and what happened there but he did inform his closest brother where he was going and who he was seeing?

"Her name was Remington Davis" the possibility that the little girl downstairs could be his father's friend daughter stayed in his mind.

"A little girl named Remi is downstairs her mother, Clare dropped her off and she has an envelope for you"


Remi was given a hoodie from one of the boys due to her clothes being wet. Lucky the orange envelope didn't get wet. She kept the envelope next to her in case it decided to grow legs and walk away.

She had a blanket around her and a warm cup of hot chocolate in her hands warming her up.

Although her body was warming up she still felt cold.

"So Remi do you know your mother's last name," milo asked as he plopped onto the couch next to her.

"Umm, Davis" Remi rubbed her eyes. Her bedtime was at 8 but it was around 10. It had been a long exhausting day.

As Remi put the half-empty cup on the coffee table the two men that caught her hiding walked in. Not too soon after did the nice man and another man walk in.

His aura screamed scary and his eyes dared people to mess with him. When they landed on her she wanted to run away and into the nice man's arms.

As he got closer Remi hugged her small bear that gave her comfort. She didn't feel comfortable having six pairs of intimating eyes.

"What'd you find out about her mother?" Vincent asked while analyzing the small girl. He noticed how she looked down and was squeezing her stuffed bear.

She doesn't look five. He thought. You could see her bones and she was far too short.

"Clare Davis was last seen with her husband Aaron Davis and her daughter at their wedding. No one's seen her since"

It was true. On the night of the wedding, Aaron moved them to New York and didn't tell anyone where they were, but one person always knew where they were.

"Did Clare tell you why you're here?" Vincent stayed calm.

Remi remembered when her mother said that Aaron wasn't nice she knew what she meant by that and Aaron made sure no one knew about what he did. Aaron would know if she said something and what happened last time could happen again. Tears came to her eyes at the horrific memory.

"N-no" Remi lied. Vincent knew she lied but didn't push it.

"Did she tell you anything else?"

"I don't know" Remi was tired and want to close her eyes and escape from the world. "D-do you know v-vincent?" She got brave and slowly looked up. Despite his light blue eyes, they looked dark. terrifying.

"Yes. I'm Vincent" at that Remi handed him the envelope. He started at it before opening it and taking out a letter.

Dear Vincent,

I'm so sorry to do this to you but I need you to take care of my baby. Please don't try and find me or ask questions I won't be able to answer them. At Remi's birth, you said if I ever need anything I could call you. I need you to raise her. I've seen how your brothers are with you and I know you'll be amazing.

You may not know this but, Remi is your half-sister. After your mother died your father got a therapist, me. we soon became friends than one night we saw each other at a bar. We slept together once but that's all it took for me to get pregnant. We acted like it didn't happen until I told him I was pregnant.

He saw me occasionally during the pregnancy, but when I went into labor a called him and he didn't pick up, so I called you, and you were there. I didn't tell you she was your sister because I didn't plan on ever seeing you again.

Months later your father showed up at my house and explained why he didn't come to see me. He did something he regretted and that it was safe if Remi was away from him. To this day I still don't what he did.

Please think about this. My family disowned me and all she has left is you guys.

This is a very big responsibility but I don't trust anyone else to do as well as you and your brothers will.

Remington has been through a lot in her short life so far so please be fragile with her. Remind her every day that I love her and want the best for her. Make sure she follows a dream and doesn't stop smiling.

She has very bad asthma so make sure she always an inhaler.

And never wash her bear!!!

Sincerely Clare,

He was shocked and furious. She just left her on his doorstep and expects she was going to take care of her. Of course, he would, it was his baby sister, she was the Moretti brother's baby sister.

He took out the other paper in there it turned out to be a packet. As he read over it Remi started to lay down.

The paper was saying that he was going to be her legal guardian. He just had to sign his name send it to the social worker, get the house checked and she'd be under his care. His responsibility. Of course, his brothers would help but at the end of the day, he was in charge of her.

He put the papers down as Remi closed her eyes drifting to dreamland.

"She's our sister"


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