Raising Remi

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4 | thunder

Chapter four


The thunder woke up Remi from her good dream. She was still in the living room but with a pillow under her head. The room was dark and there wasn't very much light.

No matter how many times she'd been in the dark alone she still got scared.

Thunder boomed again and she got off the couch running to the front door away from the glass doors where she could see lightning.

The thunder didn't stop it kept going. The yelling from the kitchen wasn't helping her anxiety. She started crying loudly to try and drown out the noises.

Then suddenly the thunder and yelling stopped. The rain slowed down so the only noise that could be heard was the crying from their little sister.

Xander went up the stairs muttering "cry baby" Levi went to his room along with milo and Ethan.

Luca was calming Remi down but it didn't seem to be working. Vincent was calling one of their maids to come to bathe his sister.

Remi held up her arms wanting to be held. Luca lifted her and rested her on his hip, her head automatically went to his shoulder and she closed her eyes.

"I know your tired little one but you need a bath" he walked around to calm her down until the maid arrived. Luca told her which room to go to before disappearing with Vincent.


"So Remington I have three pairs of pajamas for you, can you pick your favorite" the maid was young and friendly, she has two younger sisters so she was good with kids.

"C-call me R-remi p-please"

"I can do that"

Remi looked closely at the pajamas options. There was a pink one with small ladybugs on the legs and a big lay bug on the front. The next one was long pants with donuts, pizza, popcorn, and soda on the legs than on the shirt there was a big popcorn bucket with sunglasses on it. The last one was a winter set, that had long pants with mermaid scales and a rainbow scales blue long sleeve shirt with a mermaid on it matching the colors on the shorts.

Remi ended up picking the rainbow one.

"Great choice. Let's go to the bathroom so we can get you cleaned up"

Picking out her pajamas put Remi in a good mood. She ran to the bathroom and patiently waited for the maid.

When she walked in she turned on the water getting the water at a good temperature then got some towels and a washcloth.

"I have a very important question for you Remi" Remi nodded excited to do something important. "I need to know your favorite color so I know what color the bubbles will be"

A huge smile made its way to Remi's face. She'd never had a bubble bath before. When she did there wasn't very much water and it was pretty cold, but she still enjoyed it.

Remi's face tilted to the right as she thought about what her favorite color. She never really thought about it, when she finished she concluded that she didn't have one, it seemed fair to all the colors.

"Ion have one" she whispered timidly.

"We can just use white then" the maid, Emma added white bubbles and some lavender-scented body wash to the bathtub.

When the bath finally filled Remi jumped up and down asking if she could in. "You need to go to the bathroom first"

After peeing, Remi took off the hoodie and her underwear.

Emma's breathing stopped as she saw the girl's stomach, ribs, and wrist.

She had bruises.

Emma got ahold of herself but she knew that Mr. Moretti needed to be told as soon as possible.

Emma got some bath toys for her to play with while she washed her hair. When it was time to wash her body, Emma nearly threw up the she saw the fresh bruises, along with healing ones in her legs.

She made sure to be gentle when she got to cleaning the buries but Remi still whimpered and shed a tear or two.

Emma rinsed her body then wrapped her in a towel and unplugged the tub. She dried the girl then put lotion all over her body and treated her bruises. After Remi's underwear was on she got her hair combed then her pajamas went on.

Emma let Remi brush her teeth than did it properly and tucked her in with her bear. The queen-sized bed made Remi look even smaller as she laid under the fluffy blanket.

"Goodnight Remi" when the lights when off Remi closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Emma was thinking of ways to tell Mr. Moretti about his little sister's bruises. When she got to his office door on the third floor her hands were sweating and her breath shallow.

"He's busy," the guard said with a straight face.

"I need to talk to him"

"A lot of people need to talk to him" he mocked her.

"It's an emergency" he ignored her. "Tell him it's about Remi" he looked ahead with a straight face. "Please just tell him" she begged.

The guard thought if he did what she wanted she would go away, so he whispered into the mic, "There's a maid here saying there's an emergency with Remi"

"Let her in" Vincent responded.

The guard opened the door and Emma walked in. She wasn't expecting the three oldest brothers to be in the room as well. This wasn't helping her nerves.

Emma was waiting for the go-ahead from her boss but didn't get it until three minutes later.

"What is it?" He said calmly but you could still hear the harshness from it. The rain and thunder had started up again making the situation even scarier.

"W-when I was um, giving Remi a-uh b-bath...I saw um. S-she had b-bruises-s on her bo-ody" she hated how he stuttered so much so she said it again but clearly. "Remi had bruises on her body when I was giving her a bath..."

Thunder boomed again.

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