Raising Remi

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Chapter six

Remi watched as Xander made two bowls of cereal.

He slid over her bowl then sat down next to her at the breakfast bar.

"What's this?" Remi tiled her head to the right as she analyzed the fruity cereal.

"Cereal," xander said in a bored tone.


"Yeah, you haven't it had before?" He dropped his spoon and turns toward her.

"N-no. I'm s-sorry" she trembled.

She looked down in shame. Aaron had made Clare buy him cereal but it was his and Remi could only have it if she was a good girl. He never thought she was.

"It's okay" he put his finger under her chin and made her to up "I'm sure your mom was some kind of health freak and wouldn't let you eat sugar but you can have all the cereal in the world here" he smiled, a little.

"O-okay" she picked up the spoon, scooped up a few pieces, and brought it to her mouth. Her eyes twinkled as the flavors exploded in her mouth.

"Good?" Xander chuckled as he watched her vigorously eat. She took small spoon fulls but wouldn't even finish chewing before putting the next one on her mouth.

She hadn't eaten in twelve hours.

He continued eating his own cereal as silence washed through them.

"What's your name?" Remi as when she finished her bowl. Her feet moving back and forth and her hands in her lap.


"How old you are?"

"Eighteen" he leaned back in his chair, his unclothed arms across his chest.

"You're tired?"


"I'm not" she pouted.

"It's really late maybe you should do to bed" xander got up and put their dirty dishes in the sink.

Remi giggled, "not it's not. Mama lets me stay up late"

"She's not here," he said.

Remi frowned.

"I'm not tired" she grumbled.

"I am" he gritted out as he stood above her.

"I dont wanna go to sleep" she looked down.

The nightmares will come back.

"I dont care. Now let's go" he grabbed her hand and begin to pull her off the chair.

"What are doing?"

Remi and xander both looked at the source of the voice that stood in the doorway.


One hand behind his head another on his stomach Vincent played wide awake staring at the ceiling.

The little girl across the hall kept him awake.

She's my sister.

She's my little sister.

My responsibility.

He was ready to walk through hell for her and had just met her.

Tomorrow when the social worker comes over they'd discuss what needed to be done to finish the process.

His life was flipped around in less than 12 hours.

He would spend the next thirteen years raising her. A girl.

He'd only raised boys, he had no idea how to raise girls.

He should probably start with getting her some clothes, get her enrolled in school, actually confirming if she's his sister.

She clearly is, they all have the same blue eyes, high cheekbones, and face shape.

The list of things he needed to do just goes on and on. Now he had to add a five year, it didn't make his life easier. He'd figure out how to make it work, he always does.

He remembered her birth so clearly. The screaming, the doctors, the words of encouragement the staff was giving Clare.

He remembered the small newborn covered in blood and screaming but once she was in her mother's arm she was silent.

If he had known that was his sister he would have tried to build a relationship with her so they would have had to meet like they did.

Remi had been consuming his mind all night. At three in the morning, he couldn't sleep thinking of the possible ways she could get hurt under his custody.

Before his mind could even register what his body was doing he left his room and went to the room that was in front of his.

He opened the door and found the bed empty. Vincent turned on the light and opened the door wider.

He looked under the bed, the closet, the bathroom. He checked to see if all the windows were locked.

He looked for her in the room again before going towards the other side of the second level.

It was dark so he didn't think she would go over there but she could have.

When he passed the staircase he heard a giggle. It was faint but he could still make out what it was.

He took his gun from the holster on his hip and creep down the stairs.

As he approached the kitchen he could hear his two youngest siblings in the kitchen and put his gun away.

He stayed behind the wall that turned to the kitchen as he listened to their conversations.

"What are you doing" he stood at the entrance of the kitchen.

Remi mumbled something under her breathe that her two brothers couldn't hear.

"I'm not tired" Remi whispered.

Xander rolled his eyes. He let go of Remi's hand and walked out of the kitchen then headed to his room.

Remi fidgeted with her hands behind her back. She counted her toes for what felt like hours but was only two minutes.

"It's three o'clock in the morning Remington you need to be in bed," Vincent said startling her.

"I-I'm not tired"

"You may not be but your body is"

Remi tilted her head in confusion.

Wouldnt she know if her body was tired or not.

"B-but I'm not tired" she raised her voice a little.

"What will make you tired?" Vincent signed, annoyed.

"Ion know" she shrugged her shoulders.

"Come mere" he held out his hand towards her.

She starred at the large hand with hesitation in her eyes.

Vincent signed deeply and she grabbed three of his fingers.

He didn't question why she didn't just grab his hand but then he saw how small her's was compared to his and led her out the kitchen and back to her room.

He turned on the light and walked her over to her bed.

As he helped her climb on he saw something on her leg.

"Let me see your leg," he said sternly.

With wide eyes, Remi shook her head and got under the blankets bringing them up to her neck.

He starred at her face for a few minutes as she tried her best not to cry from fear.

"C-can I go t-to s-sleep now"

Vincent slightly nodded his head and turned to leave, he shut the door and turned off the light leaving Remi in the darkness with her own darkness.

She turned to her side and closed her eyes. A tear slipped out when she did.

She thought of a time where she and her mother were happy, there weren't many they still had some.

She drifted off to sleep thinking of her mother.

Vincent on the other hand couldn't get that yellow bruise on her soft skin off his mind.

What was she hiding? He thought before going to sleep himself.


The boys may find out Remi's secret soon.

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