The Dancing Waters

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The theyyam was running after him, shaking the large sickle shaped weapon, chanting something in the most ominous of tones. Kannan began to run with all his might, there was only one way to go, towards the river. In the distance he caught the shadow of a familiar figure, as he neared it he realized it was Pisharadi, he was ringing the bell incessantly and then there was the fierce guttural laughter. With the river on one side and the horrifying characters on the other, Kannan felt surrounded, he had no way to escape. As if an answer to his prayers he saw a boat in the distance, but it was moving further and further away.

Kannan had no other resort but to jump into the water and swim towards the boat that seemed to be getting more distant by the second. As the water splashed against his face, Kannan began to scream, “Stop come back Ayappan chetta, help me, please come back…..come back…come back…”

Kannan sprung up from his bed as O.G splashed his face with water. He did not know if it was the water or his own sweat that had drenched him for his shirt seemed to be soaking wet.

He was relieved to see the happy figure of O.G next to him.

“What is it boy, did you have a night mare?” Kannan nodded his head in reply.

“Now, now go back to sleep, I’ll sit here and recite the Hanuman Chaleesa so that you have a pleasant sleep.”

And so, O.G sat by the boy as he slowly chanted the prayer in praise of the fearless and strong Hanuman, his soft tone calming the boy down and putting him back to deep slumber. He could feel being watched by someone, so he looked towards the door to catch Saru tearfully glancing at her son. O.G slowly got up making sure not to awaken Kannan and walked towards the room’s exit where he turned to Saraswathi and said,

“The boy had a bad dream. Now he is fast asleep. Be by his side my dear.”

Saru got in and snuggled near her son, running her hand through his soft hair, she began to hum a lullaby, a favourite of her son, and one she had been singing to him from the day he was born.

“Oh my sweet child I’ll be by your side

Sleep well sleep well

I’ll protect you from all fears

Sleep well Sleep well

Like the feather of a dove, as soft as the moon’s glow

I will cajole you my child

Sleep well Sleep well

Sleep well Sleep well…….”

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