The Dancing Waters

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A week had precisely passed after the major showdown by Saraswathi that night. Things went back to their normal self in a day or two. O.G and Shankaran Nair were busy with the arrangements of the upcoming village festival. O.G though from a different town was no new face to the people of Nellur through his years of association with Shankaran Nair and the welfare activities in Nellur.

The boys too were busy practicing and arranging outfits for their skit. Kannan was playing the role of the lead detective while Chinnan was part of the villainous gang. They even decided to use their plastic water guns as revolvers in the skit. The water guns had become quite popular with the gang members and many a few even envied the cousins for possessing them.

“Where did you get them?” asked Raju, who had not for once taken his eyes off the toys.

“A friend of our grandfather gifted it to us, and it was bought from a foreign country.” replied Kannan proudly.

“Oh! You are so lucky to have them” said another.

“Well, my father has promised to get me a gun that shoots rubber pellets when he comes from London. And I bet it would look more like a real revolver than your flashy orange water guns” said Jayu with an air of mockery in his voice. Jayu despised the cousins and even envied their friendship and importance in the group, especially since Kannan was chosen as the president over him.

Kannan whose pride was hurt by the statement was not one to take anything laying back. “Well in that case, I should let you know that my grandfather has a big gun room where he has all sorts of guns, even a revolver, all real, not merely toys.” he said in arrogance.

“Oh! You are just bluffing to show off” said Jayu.

“No, I am not,” insisted Kannan, “ask Chinnan if you don’t believe me.”

Chinnan nodded to show that his cousin was telling the truth.

“He will say anything to prove you are right after all he is your tail. We will believe you when you show it to us. If not, you will have to get each of us a 5-star as a penalty for bluffing” challenged Jayu.

“Agreed, but if I do show you the revolver, you will have to give me your priced collection of marbles” said Kannan without taking another second to think about the matter.

Chinnan made a wry face to indicate that it was not such a good idea as it could get both of them into deep trouble.

But the challenge had been accepted and there was no turning back now.

That night Kannan thought for a long time of how he would be able to get the revolver out of the gun room. It then occurred to him that he could always use the extra key to access the room. And if he remembered right, he had slipped it into his drawer in a hurry a few weeks ago. All he now needed was a perfect time when his grandfather was not around to get into the room and get the revolver, show it to the gang and replace it before Shankaran Nair could find out. He looked beside at Chinnan who was sleeping soundly into the night. I’ll tell him tomorrow about the plan, thought Kannan and closed his eyes to go to sleep.

He was determined to get the revolver out of the room and fate was with him.

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