The Dancing Waters

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He knew Kannan would definitely be hiding in the attic but he hated going there as it was dusty and made him sneeze for hours thereafter. He decided instead to hide behind the door in his aunt’s room, peeping through the gap and spring upon Kannan when he had come down to touch the den.

He could hear sounds from the veranda; someone was fumbling with the lock trying to get the door open. Chinnan froze in fear and remained still, not sure to stay in the room or go into the hall. The door was open and he could clearly make out his aunt and a black hooded man struggling with each other. He could not make out who the hooded man was for the lights suddenly went out due to a sudden gust of strong wind. They had not noticed the small boy hiding behind the door. The man had now pushed Saru onto the floor and was above her while she was trying her best to fight him off. Chinnan realized that he had to get help and he stole away quietly as he always did, from behind the door into the hall. The lightning flashed and Chinnan saw Kannan pointing the gun in his direction, his eyes were closed, Chinnan opened his mouth to say no but it was too late, as he felt the bullet tear through his chest followed by an unbearable pain and he let out a small cry, he saw Kannan crying as he sank to the floor.

Kannan’s words were echoing in his head for one last time “Someday your sneaking habit will get you in trouble”, and then there was darkness, eternal darkness.

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