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Miya Atsumu and Osamu were your older cousins, your best of friends and the boys you grew up with along with their group of friends and people they met through car meets your guy's father went to together along with sports events. you all had been inseparable and had grown a bond, especially you and Kita Shinsuke, the oldest of the group, always being there for one another until you were sixteen and had to move due to your father's work. Now, eight years later. you were finally moving back home to finish med school and be with your family and friends again. However, you didn't expect what came next. Notes: this is a Sly fox fanfic based off the idea of deciphered and Akki00s Fanart on Tumblr for the haikyuu streetracerAU, I was greatly inspired by these two and their works of art that I wanted to make my own version. However, please do not compare my work with others they are not connected in the slightest besides both being based off the streetracerAU. I am in no way a good writer and I haven't written in quite a while, however, I am having fun with this as everyone else is, and if you do not like this work of art you can suck my dick and find another one to read that suits your preference. Much love and I hope you enjoy my work, I plan to keep up with it but I am a med student so I will have times where I can't update as much as I would like.

Drama / Romance
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“Mom...Mom I’m going to be fine. Please stop crying.”

“Yes, I know Hyogo is far away, but we have family there and I’ll be fine”.

You sighed hearing your mothers’ quiet sobs on the other side of the phone. You were moving to Japan to go to university. That and to see your old family. Your father was in the military at one point, so you moved around a lot and ended up settling in Malibu, California leaving behind your closest friends and family in the little Hyogo prefect you got so accustomed to. “I love you, okay? I’ll call you whe-” your voice was interrupted by the sound of the boarding announcement cutting through the airport.

“Good afternoon passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 89B to Kobe, Japan. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you.”

“Be safe, please” your mom said, also hearing the announcements, her sniffling having died down a bit.

A small smile crossed your lips hearing her no longer crying, you hated when your mom cried.

“I will. I love you”. “I love you too”.

Hanging up your phone you walked with your backpack and carry-on duffle in hand waiting in the small line that had formed to board. Excitement and nervousness riddled through you as you thought about seeing your old home and friends, wondering how much they changed since you last saw them at sixteen.

8 years was a long enough time for people to change.

You surely had.


It was around 4PM when the plane had landed and your cousins were already sitting outside waiting for you to come out, they had been super excited to see you again though they didn’t have a set plan for how they would explain to you about their lifestyle or if they would, they didn’t have anything to fear whether you found out or not.

“Guhah this is so BORING” Atsumu groaned spreading himself across the front of his brothers 2020- GTR.

“Shut up, it’s a thirty-minute wait” Osamu responded looking back at his brother from where he stood at the side of the car, eyes piercing before his hand flew out to swat the back of his brother’s head “OI Get off my car like that you fat ass you’ll chip the paint!” he growled rolling his eyes as his brother grumbled getting off the car.

“It’s not like it’s a good car anyway...”

“What did you say?!”

“I Said-”

“You guys never change huh?”


When you got off the plane and got your suitcases, you tried lazily to make yourself look a little more decent.

Not that you cared so much after being on a 24-hour flight, but you didn’t want to greet your favorite cousins while looking like death.

You fixed your sweats and sweatshirt and threw your hair up into a messy bun, wiping your face before making your way out to the pick-up terminal not having to wait to find the two idiots waiting for you, they were loud enough to hear as soon as you walked out.

They looked different, much more different from what you had expected.

Tattoos covered one full section of Atsumus’ upper arm and neck, both him and Osamu sharing matching black stud earrings, Osamu also sharing a few tattoos that scattered his left arm and neck. Both boys were in jeans, Atsumus’ tattered at the knees, and black shirts that were in your opinion a little too tight. When you walked up to them, they were arguing in their own little bubble like always.

“You guys never change, huh?” You asked, smiling as you held your bags and waited for them to notice you.

They did instantly and both of them smiled boyishly, Atsumu was the first to take three broad steps and pick you up into a tight bear hug.

Osamu smacked the back of his head “let her breath, dumbass” he laughed and messed up your bun by patting your head.

“Look at you! You’re so tall now, all grown up!” The light-heartedness in his voice making you laugh.

“says the one who’s covered in tattoos” you smiled big and hugged them both back.

It was nice to finally be around them again. Once they set you down Osamu grabbed your bags and started putting them into the trunk of the car while you and Atsumu got in, you got to ride in the passenger seat since you just arrived.

“You know, I’ve really missed you Y/N” Osamu said climbing back into the car looking over at you as he started it, revving the engine.

You grew up with these boys and your dad always working on cars, talking about cars, and going to car shows so it didn’t phase you when you walked out to see a slick black 2020 Nissan GTR with maroon and grey trimming. Of course, you too loved the idea of having fast, sexy cars to race. I mean you used to join the boys in watching fast and the furious and need for speed at a young age, so it made sense for you to also have that love for cars.

“I’ve missed you all too, how are the other boys? You all still talk and hang out? or did everyone go their separate ways after school?” you asked while buckling your seatbelt. Noticing no response, you look back at Osamu and noticed how his hands clenched around the steering wheel, his eyes set on something through the rearview mirror. Curiously, you turned to look but were only met with your back slamming into the seat as he sped out of the airport. His car hit 60 in less than 3 seconds and his speed only continued climbing. “Samu slow it down a bit” you could hear Atsumu and feel his hands holding your shoulders back to your seat. You’d wondered why Osamu suddenly became like this.

Samu didn’t seem to listen, only focusing on the road and drifting the sharp left corner ahead. His precision and accuracy were terrifyingly beautiful.

how he knew exactly what to do without second guessing was great, but you could notice that fear he held, he looked like he was a little above his usual limit and noticing his nervousness didn’t help you calm down any more than Atsumu’s not so calm voice.

“Samu stop.” Tsumu said a little louder grabbing the other’s attention and getting him to slow down.

Osamu looked at you, seeing how Atsumus’s hands were on your shoulders and how your hands rested in your lap.

His face softened “I’m sorry Y/N, I can get a little carried away when trying to show off”

he smiled sheepishly looking back at the road, his car now at a slower pace but still above the speed limit, the countryside passing by still as beautiful as you could remember. Osamu’s eyes glancing back into the rearview occasionally.

“That’s alright, I only got nervous because you seemed like you were a little in over your head back there.” You laughed surprising both boys.

You weren’t scared of anything really; you had met your fair share of not-so-fun experiences and when it came to death it wasn’t really the first thing that entered your mind.

You were kind of numb to it.

Maybe that’s why you were becoming a doctor.

“So Bunbun,” Tsumu said taking you out of your thoughts with the only nickname you grew up with.

“Why do you have surgery books in your backpack?” You could hear shuffling in the back and when you turned you could see Tsumu holding three of your heavily annotated textbooks in hand.

“I’m a surgical first assistant, that’s what my job is while I go to school” You laughed “I also know how to clean and sterilize the instruments too”.

“so, you can sew people up and do surgeries, you’re a surgeon?” the genuine curiosity Tsumu shared made your heart constrict. He looked like a little kid holding your three books with big curious eyes that also showed a bit of excitement.

“Well, I’m not a doctor, that’s what I am going to school for, but I assist in surgeries and sew people up, yes.”

“Oh-” Tsumu went to speak but his phone began ringing, the song for the ringtone made you turn your head.

Who on earth would put “Mr. Clean Mr. Clean” as their ringtone?

Atsumu shuffled for his phone and answered it quickly “Heeeeey Kita-san, what’s up boss man?” he said lazily opening one of your textbooks and flipping from page to page.

“Ah the race. Yes, we I don’t know about now...” he replied eyeing you.

You could hear Kita’s calm yet angry collected voice over the phone faintly and some color drain from Tsumu’s face.

“On our way! Immediately!” Tsumu yelled making Osamu sigh and swivel your head with his free hand so you were sitting normally in the seat.

“Samu...?” you looked up to your older cousin curiously.

Osamu only smiled big “We’re going to have to make a detour before we go home. You can see what Tsumu and I get to do with our.... You still like racing, right?”

He looked forward starting to speed up as he got onto the expressway heading into a more desolate part of Japan.

“Racing? Like street racing? That’s so cool!” you said happily and bounced in your seat a bit, your thoughts racing as you wondered who all would be there and if you’d know anyone besides Tsumu, Samu, and kita.

Kita...You hadn’t seen him since you left. You remember him and the twins saying goodbye to you at the airport with a crying Suna who didn’t get out of the car.

Your boys were all here.

It took a moment for realization to hit but when it did, you felt a lot more conscious about your apperance.


Your wild eyes turned to Osamu then to Tsumu

“Street racing?! Group?! Do I look like I want a reunion with our old friends and hot street racers with their hot girlfriends looking like this?” How were you supposed to show off?

Tsumu pursed his lips in thought, his left hand rubbing his chin allowing you to notice the words ‘Inzaraki’ running down his forearm along with a gun.

“Y/N I thought you didn’t care about your appearance, you never did before. Then again you were chubbier and more boy like and you were still tall too, so I guess we never really looked at what you were wearing but-”

as tsumu rambled on without a thought, you grabbed your notebook smacking his head with it.

“OW Y/N THAT HURT” He whined rubbing his head while he looked up at you.

“As it should dick head, do you think before you speak?!” Samu rolled his eyes, you sure did have a lot more Miya qualities than he remembered.

“Hey both of you knock it off. Y/N you don’t look bad you look like those models that go out in casual lazy wear.” Samu smiled big and messed with your hair more.

“Come on, everyone will be more excited to see you than care about what you’re wearing considering you just got here.”

He always was easy with getting people to calm down. Not you but...People.

Sighing, you slump back into the seat and mumble out incomprehensible words to yourself.

This is bullshit.

you wanted to look hot when you saw everyone and show off what you didn’t have as the only girl in the group of boys who only ever treated you as one of them. You wanted to come back and have one day where you dressed up, met everyone, blew their minds about how much you changed, and then went back to being lazy and not caring about much but work and school.


When you arrived at the car meet you expected it to be smaller and in a more open area other than the big warehouse you arrived at, the area was desolate and open, very industrial but also perfect for a meet.

The cars you saw were all decked out, each and everyone had something unique to itself whether it was tires or suspension or even the paint job these cars had your full engrossed attention. You had forgotten how much you loved them.

Your eyes landed on one specific car; A beautiful matte black zenvo TS1 GT, it was without a single scratch and one of the most expensive cars here, its tires were not road-legal stickiness and the whole car made you clench your legs together tighter than you’d expected.

You wanted to get a closer look at that engine.

you needed to get a closer look at that engine.

“We’ll park here, Y/N, stay close to us, okay?” Atsumu said smiling as he popped his head up front then got out, followed by Osamu and lastly, you.

You froze when you got out. Looking at everyone around you and the stares you were getting, you were definitely the most poorly dressed person here.

Gah, it’s Japan, Y/N what did you expect? ….Not to go to a drag race as soon as you landed from a 24-hour flight? right.

You closed your eyes silently cursing yourself and the twins and everyone looking a little too hard. This is not how you expected being center or attention. This was the wrong type of attention.

Getting up your courage you take a deep breath in and soften your face back to your relaxed state, centering yourself, if people were going to look then you might as well give them your second-sided attitude, right?

When you opened your eyes, you looked at everyone, staring back at the ones looking at you and smirking to yourself, you can put on a façade, you can lie. No one here besides the twins knows you. That’s right. No one else but the twins.Turning around with the smirk still playing on your lips you start to walk forward to where the boys are, confident in how you’re carrying yourself, nothing could break this, Nothing could-

“Y/N?” “Bunbun?”

You could hear the faint sound of your confidence breaking, shattering like a mirror. Turning to the voices, you froze in shock when you saw the group of boys walking up behind you, orange and black jackets on them, the familiar orange hair and piercing blue eyes, not far off there was another cocky voice “Y/n?”

“Tobio...Shouyo....what” what the fuck. You looked towards the cocky voice to see another familiar face from your youthful days.

“Tooru...Hajime..” Everyone, you knew growing up, everyone from all those stupid sports and car festivals... everyone was here.

Calm down Y/N, it’s not that bad. There are only four besides the twins here, they all loved cars so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to see so many familiar faces.

Taking a deep breath in you smile at all the boys who had grown so much more than you could’ve imagined. They were all still involved? They were all still around eachother even if they weren’t together.

Tobio was wearing a black tight wife beater under his jacket showing off the muscles he had along with the tattoos that spewed from his chest to both arms, most likely covering them completely. You could see the word “King” etched under his right collar bone followed by a flag with the symbol of a devil with half of a human face.

Hinata’s skin was mostly covered, he had hoop earrings and the head of a dragon tattooed onto his neck, he looked much stronger than the young boy who took you drifting in a golf cart years ago, but his smile was still the same.

Tooru was still as high about himself as always though you could see a difference in how he stood. He had an elegance to him, something that showed you he’d risen above many obstacles that you probably couldn’t fathom. He also had several tattoos the most visible being the dragon that seemed to travel his right arm to his neck.

Hajime didn’t have any visible tattoos as he was fully covered but knowing him, he was sure to have a few. He was taller, stronger, his eyes shifted around watching everyone but when they landed on you, he stared and smiled, taking you fully in. You two had a crush, once, but nothing more came out of it.

“Gah! Y/N- I said to stay close didn’t ya hear?” Atsumu grabbed your hoodie pulling you around, shaking you out of your thoughts and gripped your shoulders as he marched you over to the car you’d seen earlier.

on the back sat a man with familiar grey and black hair, fair skin two hoop earring on his right helix spaced away, a joint held between his teeth while two girls dressed in tight dresses stood on either side of him while he spoke in a low calm tone to Osamu and Suna who looked hotter than you last remember.

Suna saw you first, the cigarette in his mouth nearly falling out when he realized who he was looking at. He rushed over with a straight face going for a hug when Atsumu maneuvered you out and around him and over to Osamu’s side with a smug smirk on his face. He really hadn’t changed.

Suna glared lazily over his shoulder at atsumu but let out a low chuckle “Remember that video I have of you making out with a-” “I DIDN’T MAKE OUT WITH IT! HERE, Y/N go give him a hug he’s been waiting for you.” Atsumu grumbled nudging you toward Suna who was already walking back. You looked curiously at the slightly embarrassed Tsumu and then to Suna who wrapped you up in a tight warm embrace that smelt of marijuana and expensive cologne. “How have you been bun? Still as beautiful as I remember” He whispered into your ear sending shivers down your spine.

Was this really the same Suna who cried when you left them at the airport?

“You’re as handsome as always, Suna, wouldn’t have expected any less from the prettiest boy in the group,” You said hugging him tightly.

“Bring her here.” The calm man from before said, still sitting on the back of his car with the girls on either side of him, pressing against him.

Suna did as told and walked with you over by the twins who were standing there quietly for once, watching this interaction.

When you finally stood in front of him, your heart felt like it sped up as fast as most of these cars would. You’re savior, you’re best friend.

In front of you stood the one boy who always stood behind you through everything.

No longer a boy. Not the ordinary man you’d assumed he’d be.

Looking nothing like the man you’d imagined.

Kita Shinsuke stood in front of you with a relaxed smirk on his face.

“Hello, Bunny”

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