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New Island. New girl. New Brother? ----------------------------- My life was a lie. My parents aren't my parents? I had a twin brother? I couldn't help but wonder why our parents kept him and not me. I didn't even want to go live with them but once they found out I had a family.. It was out of the system an hello bio-family. I wonder what his life was like? Was he loved? I had so many questions but my mind kept circling back to the same one: Why him and not me? I eventually fell asleep and didn't wake up until I heard the captain over the intercom. "We are going to begin our final decent into North Carolina." After about thirty minutes I stepped off the platform and saw a boy holding a sign with my name on it. I assumed it was John. That's the name DCS had given me, but I gotta say for a guy who was supposed to be my twin we looked nothing alike. Walking toward him all I could think was 'Oh boy. Here we go.' *TRIGGER WARNING* Cutting, depression, anxiety, talk of all three. Abuse and rape

Drama / Romance
Athena </3
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Sabrina Carpenter as Vanessa Routledge

Dylan O’Brien as Mason Montgomery

The rest of the OBX cast as Their Characters

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