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Trying to find a way to live when you have lost everything is the hardest thing imaginable. Being a teenage girl as everything falls apart when you should be soaring towards the sky takes its toll. Meagan was everything a teenage girl hoped to be but then as one tragedy unfolded it seemed that no matter what she did it was never going to stop. Finding the strength to move forward needed to be done but can she accomplish it with all the hardships that seem to follow.

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Chapter 1

Her nightmare had ended so many years ago how she could be suddenly remembering the hell she went through it was unfathomable. Meagan shot straight up out of the bed, her heart was pounding, and she could not catch her breath; she had not felt this type of fear in so long. As she replayed that nightmare in her mind, she began to wonder why now. She knew she had to be strong or the vicious cycle would begin all over again. She climbed out of the bed, grabbed her computer, and she began to type. As she wrote down everything, she could remember from her life and that nightmare the words flowed out of her as if it had all happened yesterday. She was scared of what people would say if they found out the truth about her, she had been living a lie for so long she wondered if she could even believe herself anymore. She knew the truth now it was time for the world to know.

The weather on that day was typical for May in Southeast Texas. It was hot, humid, and almost unbearable. Sitting there under a weeping willow wondering what her life was going to be like was a shy but outgoing girl. Meagan loved the old tree she had grown up playing in. It was amazing how the branches and leaves would hang down almost touching the ground. When she would sit at the base of it, she was in her own little world that no one could ever find her in. She told that tree so many secrets and knew that it would never tell another soul. This was her little hideaway; she loved the way it felt when the wind blew and made the leaves come in and tickle her face. She would sit for hours under there and write about things she wanted to do or things that she had done. There was no dream out of reach under that old tree. She often wondered how a tree so beautiful could have such a sad name.

Her mother told her a story about how the weeping willow got its name. A princess was soon going to rule a kingdom just as generations of her family had done before her. There was a boy in the palace that the princess truly loved and he loved her. Their love was strong but forbidden because he was not of royal blood. They wanted to be together so badly that they would sneak around just to have the opportunity. Being caught by her father would be the worst possible outcome for the two lovers. The king saw them he took the boy and sent him away. The princess saddened by this she spent the next five years locked away from everyone crying. She could not bear to live without her true love so she jumped from her bedroom window killing herself. In that very spot a tree sprouted, everyone in the kingdom said it was her spirit. She had cried so many tears and then sacrificed herself for the love she longed for. So the tree was named after the crying princess, her name was Willow and she spent the end of her life weeping for her love. Therefore, weeping willow seemed to be the best name for that beautiful, magnificent tree.

Meagan loved listening to the stories her mother made up about things. She knew there was no way that a tree had been born because someone cried so much and then they had died. She did not care that the stories were only fairytales she just loved listening to them and knew that her mother was only trying to show her that true love could make anything possible. Every story her mother ever told her based itself around love. Meagan thought that was wonderful and she would long for the next story to fill her ears with joy. Her life was amazing and she could not imagine it any other way. There was truth behind the stories her mother told to her; love could make anything happen if it was meant to be. Meagan wanted to find that type of love the love that made all things possible. She knew she would one day. She would find someone that loved her just the way she was and that never wanted her to change anything about herself.

Meagan had brown hair, hazel eyes, a big smile, and more love to give the world than anyone could have ever imagined. Her whole life had revolved around the fact that she could not change who she really was. She was a tomboy she hated wearing makeup, always had her hair in a ponytail, wearing blue jeans, a t-shirt, and boots. Even though she knew that she needed to be more like a girl, she was not having any part of that she loved her carefree way of life. She wanted to be herself and if someone could not accept that, then that person was not worth being a part of her life. If it had to do with the outdoors she was all about it mudding, hunting, fishing, and camping were some of her favorite things. Life to her had always been easy nothing could bring her down, or at least that is what she thought. She wanted everything to stay exactly how they had been, knowing that was not possible made it difficult for her at times, but she always found a way to cope with the disappointment.

She would spend hours daydreaming about what she was going to be when she grew up. The possibilities were endless, she could be a doctor, a nurse, and she could even flip burgers if that is what she wanted to do. Granted she wanted to make more of her life than being a burger flipper but that was an option if she chose that route to take. All that mattered was that she was happy with what she was doing. Her parents told her she could be anything she set her mind to; but no matter what it was, it would always take hard work to get there.

She often wondered what her future husband would be like, she wanted someone who was sweet, gentle, and loved her for her; if he was overly handsome that would make it even better. Of course, he had to like the outdoors just as much as Meagan did. She wanted someone who would be there through thick and thin, good and bad times. This was not too much to ask for she thought. She wanted at least two children a boy and a girl, if she had more than that was fine also. She dreamed of having a fantastic life and she did not want anything to get in her way. She did not know how she was going to accomplish this life since she did not know anyone, she was homeschooled, but this would be a task easy to overcome she knew she would find a way.

Having your story begin in such a wonderful way made Meagan glad to be alive; her years so far were the best. Each year her family would go to the beach for a few weeks she looked forward to this time because it was amazing. She was able to meet new people and make temporary friends sometimes they would exchange numbers so they could catch up later on. She was so excited to be going this year because some of the friends she had made previously were going to be there at the same time. She got a new swimsuit for the occasion and she was ecstatic this was her first grown-up two-piece. She was growing up and turning into a beautiful young woman. She constantly modeled her new suit in the mirror just to make sure everything was perfect. It was times like this one she did not mind being a girl, it felt somewhat nice to be able to let your hair down and feel sexy.

Her parents had baby blue 1969 hardtop mustang that she had helped her dad restore it was soon going to be hers she could not hold in her excitement. She had put so much of herself into that car; blood, sweat, and tears. She could not wait for the day she turned sweet 16. They were just cruising along singing to the music, loving life and the freedom they had while on the open road. Galveston bound. Nothing could stop how amazing her life was, she was living carefree and without any regrets. While they were driving the back roads which is what they always did because there was too much hassle dealing with everyone; idiots is what her dad called them on the main roads. A tire blew out her dad managed to get the car to a stop and made sure everyone was okay. He had unbuckled his seatbelt and was about to get out of the car to assess the damage before moving out of the roadway and changing the flat. Meagan wanted to help with the flat; she was a tomboy who knew how to change a tire. “Everyone should know how to do that,” her father would always say. She wanted to put her skills to the test. Her dad looked at her and said, “Let me check it out first I do not want you out of the car until it is out of the roadway.” Meagan reluctantly agreed.

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