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Chapter 2

As they sat there sideways in the road for only a moment out of nowhere a truck came it seemed like it was flying over that hill; the driver did not have time to stop and Meagan’s dad did not have time to react. Their car flipped three times, Meagan was terrified that this was the end. She knew she was going to die. The way everything looked as the car was spinning seemed like a merry-go-round that was going as fast as it possibly could. When the car stopped, it hurt the way it slammed into the ground it made Meagan bounce and she hit the window that was beside her. There was blood everywhere and Meagan began to panic and scream when she realized that she was okay. Then she saw her mother’s hand reach out to her, Meagan held it trying to find that comfort that had always been there before. She prayed that everyone was all right but how could her family be after that.

Everything began to move in slow motion in Meagan’s mind. Her father was gone; she did not want to believe it, he was always so full of life but as he sat there slumped over not moving she knew. Her mother was still alive but she was coughing up blood and trying to tell Meagan something. Meagan leaned in as close as she could get to her mother. Her mother reached over touched her face and whispered, “Live your life to the fullest, you are going to get through this, you are a survivor and a fighter, I love you, my sweet baby, bye.” At that moment, her mother’s head fell over and the wheezing sound stopped; Meagan knew her mother was also gone. She grabbed her hand and refused to let go. She began screaming, she did not know what else to do. She looked for the other driver but saw nothing then suddenly there was a face looking through the windshield. The man was yelling but Meagan just sat there crying.

Meagan sat in the car for hours with her parent's bodies before the fire department was able to get them all cut out. She will never forget the sound that the Jaws of Life made as it cut through the steel, it was loud and scared her; she cried in that backseat the whole time. The tears flowed and she could not make them stop no matter how hard she tried. She could not help but blame herself since she lived and no one else did. She was now all alone. What was she going to do? It was hard to think her life could ever be great again. With the way her parents had brought her up, she had to find a way to get through this so she could make her family proud. That is what they would have wanted for her. She knew her parents would have wanted her to be the best person she could be so as she was pulled away from the wreckage she was determined that her life would continue on and somehow be as wonderful as it was before.

She sat in the back of that ambulance trying to figure out what had just happened. So many thoughts were running through her head that she could not keep them all straight. She began to play repeatedly what the last words were that had come out of her mother’s mouth. Remembering stories from her childhood put Meagan at ease and made her feel happy. She knew why her mother had called her a survivor and a fighter it was a miracle she was even born. Her mother told her about how hard the pregnancy was and how there were dozens of times the doctors wanted to terminate but her parents refused. She was born dead. After 12 minutes of the doctors and nurses, trying to bring that tiny body to life, she began screaming and everyone was relieved at that moment. It was touch and go for months but she pulled through when no one thought she would. She had so many medical problems but her parents had loved her anyways. They were the best people that God had placed on the earth.

Walking away from the crumpled pile of steel was the worst feeling; she had a broken arm and nose but that was in no way comparable to the wounds that were in her heart. The community she had grown up in would not even look at her and her family refused to take her in. Everyone thought she must have been a devil worshiper because she was not hurt and her parents had died. That would explain it the devil would not let one of his servants die. No one would listen to Meagan as she told them she would never do that; God had let her live he had a purpose for her and it was not done yet. They all turned their backs on her. The funeral for her parents was a brief service, closed caskets, Meagan was not even able to tell them goodbye. As she sat graveside praying that God would help her heal a woman walked up to her, she was from the state and was there to take Meagan away.

She had to be drug away, forced into the foster care system, and warned from the beginning that with her age it was unlikely they would be able to find anyone willing to take her into their home. Everyone wanted young children, not teens so they did not want her to get her hopes up. Within a few days, they had found her a place to live temporarily; it was with a family that only fostered so they could get a check every month they did not care about her. She was gone within the week she could not stay there all they did was fight with and scream at the kids that were there. The second family wanted to try to make it work but they only wanted an older girl so they could have a babysitter and would be able to go out whenever they wanted. Again, she left as soon as she realized they did not care about her either. While their child was, so sweet and innocent Meagan had been through too much to have this type of burden placed on her.

Meagan constantly saw the image of her parents bleeding and dead. She began to revolve her life around death and the uncertainty of it. When people began to fear what she might do it made her life even harder. She would have never hurt anyone but no one would give her the time of day. Then months later a new family came to pick her up and they were the answer to every problem she had. She began to come back to reality because they did everything they could to reassure her that they would never leave her alone. They took her to doctors so she could learn to deal with what had happened. After two months of being with them, she finally began to smile again and knew she had found someone who actually cared. She had found a new place to call home. She knew she had to be strong and to make that happen she would have to rely on everything her parents taught her while growing up.

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