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When we discuss things in order to dismiss them. We do not much desire to know what is right thing to say what does a woman speak to her former abuser and then make light discussion about the facts? Because they seemed to have forgotten my childhood my youth even that I had something called come to grief because to them. They just did not understand or want to know. In their own minds they were the best and deserved now to be looked after. A skivvy nothing of the sort when someone works for themselves they are doing themselves the honour.

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Chapter 1

"Kinky this is a kinky way round being such a Emu."

"How many Emu's are there?"

"How many is needed ?"

"I didn't start this.!" Said Emu round the room.

"Who did?"

"I have no idea."

"How much do you need?"

"What for I am a honest citizen on the shelf."

"Well how much?"

"Does it matter?"

Down we go now stop flying round and round as if heads in the clouds.

"Auditors are here?"

"What they doing now?"

"Sensing if we have enough water."

"Do they count the drops from the tap as well?"

"They have to Emu."

Mayhem and its midday.

"By the way Emu do not drink any water today?"

"I gathered that if they are counting the drops from the tap." Said Emu virtue in his mouth.

Not now we all know that a changeling is when something is changed for another. Like difficult is it not?

"We got you from a basket."

"I do not understand."

"You don't want to?"

"Sit down."

This was a new cause a way forward he had to be made to understand. He not to be made and cossetted he a worker and a out cast. He a slave material because he had nothing and no one.

"I have sat down enough must now get up and get going."

"You are loved Emu but we choose to love you."

"So what?"

"When we do not love you we throw you out."

"That is okay with me."

"So impetuous."


"Spell it out for him?"

"We tried doing that too."

"Stubborn now think?"

"I am not being stubborn thought and this is the total of it."

"That we live in such times ."

"Have some more supper."

"I don't mind if I do." Mother looked so ill it went through her the face started to swell.

"What is the flap doing eating our dinner?"

"Is there something the matter?" Emu asked.

"I am going to bed." She said and did not want to eat.

Dad said nothing.

Unintentionally I must have stumbled onto something. Their rows were so many. I was told off sod off . Dad had told them a pack of lies.

The world is running low on gas as women have become men and the men have become worn out. The world is that nobody cares because everybody dares.

"We are the daredevils."

No one is comfortable. Its not fashionable to stay at home and do simple stuff.

The poor rich kids who made themselves cry. Why you crying honey? We must all hang out together and must flag the rich in order that they can give us crumbs.

"Is there a madman running this show?"

"Do not worry with your talent no one will drown you."


"Ten to one there are too many cuts in this."

Well the superior person who owns the house is now sacked and is a disgrace. Our house is in a dereliction of duty because of a rich relative. Not forgiven but forgotten. Poor little lady broken down and broken into. That was our mother.

When one is tending a bar what do the bar tenders have to do? Health and safety. Well the health and safety standards have not been met. Mother was not up to it and dad did not realise he had a duty for us kids.

"Emu stop it."

"There stopped it."

"It will be the death of me but okay."

"She gives her keys to anybody and no maid or butler was in. " "They all went away all of them?"

"The man was 19 years old."

"That makes it nothing."

"Dad married again a woman who was half his age."

"We all know how to swim by that age."

"A home owner is supposed to be responsible and does not con a man out of his life."

"He never told me."

"Nor his psychologist."

"He killed his wife and then married he would never speak about it."

A Muslim male can marry up to four wives.


"The psychologist did not realise."

"He then went berserk and was sent on his own journey."

"Emu lying again?"

"Yes I am in wait."

We all know what happens when a man shoots another man for intruding but what does happen when a accidental death occur due to over supply of liquor? ?

"Do not speak to me ever again."

"I am not speaking to you."

It was not her fault.

Lads take a good picture of this. What no it is crazy. I am going mad because do not belong in this night world. This nightmare of clowns glossing over their inadequacies. Masking tape off- They have lived lives which many deem irresponsible, indecent and always in their own pants.

They have trawled they have done what they pleased they have been and made the world the nasty place that it is now. We have become dirty and cheap. They have taken without giving because they have status and celebrities do not feel the same about us indecent folk. Compensation the compassion has gone out of these monsters. We have become them without their talents.

This is vulgarity true monstrosity.


"We must speak no more about this distressing subject the neighbours are beginning to notice."

"Dad nearly forced me down on my knees." Emu said sadly.

"Poverty is akin to madness."

"Well." said Emu, " they might be right. If one is ambitious and poor that is a certain madness".

Well he did not think well on his wings.

"We become devouring madness when we try to be someone or something we will never be."

"Get it right Emu."

"We are nothing of the sort." Said Emu.

That we seen through it all that the birds come and go. And we leave it as if someone else to shag someday. We are the balanced out the bouncer without the right muscles. We worn out with the worthiness of spite and our spirit is low. Come and tell Emu that he is no longer required. He was the bird in hand which took the words out and was throttled.

He just haplessly found himself looking at the wrong angles all the time. What made him a peacock of disaster?

"Emu you sad dog. "

There is a tense moment then I am free to go. That he is new to this of course. He isn't he. The blow job would have made him the fancy man. He has recently taken to his own liking.

"We are better than that." Said all the family.

"Food shelter slave."

"Don't speak to us like that."

"How dare you say that thing about daddy. He never harmed us."

"We all believe you are rotten one."

"You silly not having a good life."

"One must profit from all that experience."

"Expert advances in sin has made us rich."

"Emu said wash your mouth."

"Reap the rewards of sin."

"No do not."

"One must bow down to authority he has the right of that."

"I feel like someone has crossed over ",

"We are not getting younger. We needy help in order to reap the rewards of bad behaviour."

"Money comes from the mouth of your dad let it in."

"Oh you shouldn't have you should have used your tits."

"These are hard times."

Trappings of marriage was not to ma's state of mind as if she had recently married dad. He had too had his second thoughts and doubts. They sat down and glowered at each other until dad made a fist and took a himself off to his car.

The thing was he did not go far. He was with the next door as this was where he went with the dancing girl who danced in the nude for the clients. Until the boy friend put the lights so low that the clients could not see.

"See what?" asked Emu.

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