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Chapter 11

From school to this? Forever in school one minute then the fries in there are people frying inside their car. One moment escaping on a weird trip the next in this mess.

"We are a couple we believe in suffering it is time you too suffer."

A couple of years ago would not have believed them. Now sat staring at the evidence. The whole thing was couple of cars were burning and a woman was screaming as she lay dying. The eighteen year old man died quietly. But the woman screamed for most of the night.

"Do not sleep sweet heart the mafia is coming and we are all burning."

" There is no such thing as sleep now so come and see them cars on the road. The police did not arrive until half an hour late and the ambulance did not come until two more hours due to a broken down lorry. Come on Mafia always breaks down when when traffic is intense.

"Two people dead because they were unsuited to each other." sighed the whole neighbourhood in a sinister manner. I had not seen dad staring there too. The thing it was not right.

Life cannot end in such a mess as this? I had known the woman she had the recipe for the biscuits which probable was the cause of her death.

She said she had got it from an old family recipe and the biscuits were the best that ever was made. There had been a dispute. What was the dispute was the contract who owned the recipe. As she had sold it when the guy and she had been lovers. And then she had hopped it to the younger guy.

"I was a fool did not think and gave that man in order that he would marry me love me. The best biscuits in town and I had to give it to him."

Most definitely he had a motive but the way he was not the type to kill most definitely this carnage could not be by that man. He had given us chocolates and flowers to plant in our garden he was not a bad man.

" The woman was an old girl and the youth was young at eighteen. Why should we allow such a anomaly?"

"Why did the man in grey kiss the youth on the lips?"

"Get inside now."

"The beautiful should be wedded to wealth or beautiful."

"That is the way of this world."

"If you wed the beautiful we will elevate you."

"Make you into one of us."

"Thank you so much."

I drag myself away from the sight from the screams of the woman. The cries are getting lower and lower as if her pain is nearing the realisation of her unhappy end. She is calling her man but he is already dead or dying.

"His heart?"

"Yes his heart did not stand his pain but hers will be another couple of days probably." They said in a expert manner.

"It is so .."

"Real is it not amazing I bought that shop just for this." she said as if the thought never entered her head that the people were not just reels.

"Where did you come from? Not local are you?" her partner said something and she stopped.


I picked myself away from all that the woman must be mad.

We leave the romantics behind when we know when we seek to feel the knowledge the power that we are. Come there is such a lot to be and such a lot to see. When you grow older than you must be you will see this is a favour I done to you. See she feels not much but the legs see he is dead. Can it be a nonsense poem or such folly? Why die for a cause why die for such a fool as that screaming because she has become dead on her feet.

"Does fear strike at your heart? Your wicked heart?"

"Yes papa."

"Well that is what I must hear."

"No it is such a good fire where is the extinguishers and when you die papa I will make sure that you burning too." I thought as I drifted uneasily between sleep and waking he had woken the child and said put childish nonsense aside and see the wickedness of such a thing as being in love.

"Give it up being in love."

"Feel nothing that is all you have to do."

"We will make sure you are taken in."

I nod in some pain then the ambulance man came and they went gasp and there was more gasoline than they thought. But the fires had stopped. Decent people in the neighbourhood and they had to be protected.

"Our homes could have burnt down."

"Ours was just opposite from the incident."

"We are decency personified and such a thing does not happen in England."

"But it did. It has."

"Well done why did you come to school to tell us such a thing?"

"I came to school because I do not know Miss."

"That is not scholarship material that is not why we come to school to be. No more victims involved. We dislike such a lack of conduct. The code is never speak about what you had done and got done for."

"Miss ?" Asked the delighted class.

"Yes ?"

Her look said it all this is my joy this is the reason I became a teacher. She then said her piece and it got lost in my head. She was looking at me as if she had seen someone else. Did I become some other person? What had happened what did they say?

"Emu use your head."

"Okay you may all go now."

"What had happened?"

"She had misunderstood or something?"

"What had I done wrong ?"

"Spoilt the course work that is all. We want to succeed it is such a busy time and you with all that you do make us lag behind."

My resolve had gotten stronger. I wanted to escape to the country of Cyprus.

Escape that is what I wanted escape I was going to escape my chains my prison and I would become no longer an outsider. I would become someone who would be what I wanted to be. What was it I wanted what did I need best in the world. The best things in the world the best of the best. I did not ask for much.

I would marry anybody and have a nice life being nobody. I just jeered and sad and dejected went in a state of many shattered states. I was mesmerised by the thoughts. Then I went to the library and sat down read a book did some knowledge reading and went all round them art books. I just did not know there was such a lot of them.

Nice to meet you all can't stay must be somewhere else to make it best for myself.

Then the girls came looking angry and determined. Left bowed gently and did not want for anything else. I was now a servant to the cause of the little people. I had become a serving woman. I would cast spells and tell fortunes like the necromancy. I was so well read. I tittered. The moon and all that table pariah and the jerkiness of this hand as I write this Emu thing. I wept that day but silenced beyond the drama. Somehow I knew something had got me something had conquered my soul. I left it I just had to.

"I had not cried so what had happened?"

"Sadness in my soul?"

"Was there a soul left to see me?"

"Did I have a soul?" There is a almost a giggle somewhere.

"Sit down and tell me what you feel what you fear?"

"Fucking bitches do not they see?"

"Maybe it is madness and no one sees what I see?"

I grew afraid.

Heated in something called the kindness of this world. I knew the librarian could see what I was going through but the world was not like the libraries.

Something had been done. Trapped like a fly in a spiders web. I am caught and will be like a fish netted. I am placed in something and do not like it.

"Best of British luck to you all."

Anger is such a disaster. My head just split into two and there was no getting over the facts. One it was plain as plain the burnt out woman the man dead.

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