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Chapter 12

"Kids," said dad " kids are the worst of it." He mumbled." Kiddo why do such a thing. " Kids!" he said again as if he had a nasty shock. Then he smiled. His short dark head went a bit blank then he smiled again.


"Yes dad."

"You will work for me."


"Because you are a good worker."

"How much money?"

"Nothing. A parent does not pay for work."

"Bring her up properly to respect authority and the sense of it coming to all this."

"What in hell are you doing not in front of them kids." said his wife.

I was still waiting for judgement day. I did not know what to do I had no job or any training what to do with my life. Did not want to work in a shop.

Fried gently.

"Do your homework and be quiet as they are discussing stuff."

"What are they discussing?"

"They are discussing love." I said in some confusion.

"Can we see?" asked the B who was as usual always more inquisitive.

"No it is not right they have the right to have their own privacy it is a privilege when one grows people leave one alone to discuss love."

"You are so much a fool.!" They laughed and left the corridor and went downstairs to do homework.

I was a bit uneasy their alacrity meant that they were up to something. I crept downstairs and they were not there.

I waited for them.

They came back a couple of hours later and they were both laughing.

"We went to the library. We got this?"

"Well you could have told me." I said annoyed.

"We gave them leave." said mother. There was a grim expression on her features. She did not look loved at all.

Public humiliation like father fucking her all the time.

"I can't take it anymore."

"What mum?"

"I just can't."

"He is a disaster to have. He is a animal he is not even an animal he is something so low as to be not even a worm. He gives me the creeps. I just can't handle it anymore."

It was enough to put me off marriage for life.

"This is sin when the stronger kills the weaker mate."

B to this day believes this she thought me through it then said you are the weaker you are next. I will be the next victim until all the weakness goes.

"Kiddo did the bee sting ?"

"Stop everyone stop."

"We love it so evil is the most vicious and good feel thing in the world."

"Who I'm I?"

"You are dad."

"Weak kneed and stupid."

Life is unkind the harmless lady birds dropping in on me sends shivers.

Schools out.

"I did not love school because of them teachers. I do not want to be tough but the teachers were hardly there. It is wrong to feel that they must have been there to mark the register? Of course they marked the bloody register. I was always late so some student marked me in.

And sometimes they even shared some facts and history lessons which the other girl remarked on. You see they did not want us having lessons because of the remarkable thoughtlessness of the treason. Jane called it that because she believed that Emu having an education was that. Because Emu was not like them.

"Emu was insolent and tried to read when he should have been studying and there was nothing he had, He did not own anything so giving him an education was treacherous. He would have thrown it away."

"It was snobbery and it was something else."

I feel wronged that my special circumstances the teachers did not even know. They thought I was reacting to them when in fact I was reacting to everything.

Sorry if there are enough drug addictions in this world and their families all out what about us? The dysfunctional family.

"There was no such thing there was nothing but bad in you." "Someone like you is not right in the head." said Jane in some flurry. As a student of psychology she wanted to now to know how my mind worked just like them frogs they had dissected in class. She just did not like to think of anything or anybody but herself.

"You stupid girl."

"You idiot."

"You Dumbo."

"That is who I am stupid."

So I left England in some heat went to Cyprus ran away to that hot climate. Thought people were not nasty there. My Utopia and there was this glee. My fire burnt down the whole of me. This sweet nothing. It is a bit stupid coming here? Mother did we do the right thing? I am home and kiss the ground the floor to be re united with the stuff like family and my childish self. Kiss the ground we are home.

"Your dad will be here soon."

"How do you know we are trying to get rid of him?"

"He will come."

"No he will not we dropped him with two nasty men and they must be fighting over the mirror."

"He will come."

I shuddered. What was the point if he did come the madman should be left where he belongs.

At 15 made the biggest mistake.

"Kiddo you now without any legal rights no real passport are you not in trouble."

"Hi dad."

"No why?" Mother and I exchanged a look. She looked as if she did not care anymore as if the shock had shaken her up. Three days we had over him and he had caught up with us all.

"Get dressed we are leaving."

"We were kind of expecting you." said mum.

"There I brought in the troops too." Said dad.

There was two men with dad.

"No we have come to take you home." Said a elderly man.

"My husband?"

"What have I done?"

I had nothing so we went gingerly to the white car and drove off.

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