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Chapter 13

"How could you do such a thing all of you?"

How does one become Emu?

"Life is about money."

"I am with no money."

"Then you child are without life."


"Because everything is money. I am a man who is money do you think anyone would speak to me without having this in my pocket?"

"I thought you would give me money."

"I would give it on one condition."

"No dad."

How does one become a Emu. It is not naughty dad asked me to lick his penis. He said it would make him feel better and I would get money for it.

"I thought about it dad and there is nothing that makes sense in this house."

"She is leaving home?"

"I am moving house."

"I will come and fetch you Emu. I will make you homeless and jobless and give you bad reference. I own many shops and many deeds and much friends."

Emu is now hunted like a skirt like a skirt.

Emu appeals to no one because he has grown in power she cannot get on the job ladder. She has a air of desperation puts employers off. That she is always late because of traffic jams when she does not know how to time keep when she is very early when she is almost late when she is what it appears to be always in some jam.

"Foolish child did you think being in London would have healed or helped the wounds of being a brat?"

My sisters giggled. They knew how to handle him. It is obvious I seen B in her dressing gown at some tender age making down the stairs. When asked laughing. When I said I would hit the cupboard with a broom. We all have to she said no.

"How are you Emu?"

"How are things in the house how are things in there?"


"Family means everything it is family business."

"So you marry someone for land and money?"

"You do as we say."

"You do as we seek."

"Marry and we will take care of you."

"Yes then they give me someone else and we spend more money on real stuff. Not on mere trifles."

"I will cover you in gold. "

"Hope to die and not see that."

"What to these people were trifles?"

"We need to be more not less." Said dad.

"How are we today?"

"I am going to make you starve and then throw you to the dogs."

"If only it would stop."

"How much more you have over twenty children and many grand children."

"How can you dad?"

"No one gives money for nothing."

Really he believed that. He grew pugnacious about being denied his fruits of labour.

"What is in there so precious?"

And one wonders how we are?

"And lands." added grand man of married state.

"I have been under sold." I said in some spat.

"We now in this Cypriot state after the war there was nothing for me here but this nasty thing about to happen."

"Does it matter if it was me?" He asked. Dad had a most advantageous marriage. He had married his own aunt and took half his share when he not her son. Idiots do not need money.

Auntie Pink her real daughter was thrown to the mercy of the family. It was really her land and not daddy's. Swine. But he had a brain. He was highly himself and delightful. When he dies then you are free to do what you will. He said in a obvious manner. Dad stop it. I hissed that thing he had that he was the bastard of all time..

"How does one become a Emu?" Which had been bubbling over then took over and there is somehow not much for me left.

"We believe and behave as Emu should allowance made."

I would have smelt more of a rat if the school would have been better. There was things going wrong what was I supposed to do what did happen in these types of marriages? It is obviously not legal when he married me at four. It is legal he said in a such a nasty manner.

"You will not get away tonight."

"Well that is a nice thought I thought of throwing myself at his mercy but he looked as if his former self had left him. So I stayed silent.

"You are old enough to be my grand dad."

"Rude girl go to your room."


I locked the door. Found there was not a lock but from outside so would have placed a chair to make it stick. Sometimes the house rattled. But made no sound he could not get in because of the door. He hates doors. Because does not know what is on the other side and is unable to see what the culprit is doing.

Emu was not scared.

There was no compassion in what they had done what was I supposed to do.

I shivered in delight the room had no real window. It had bars on the windows so the thing delighted me.

I slept like a log.

No one came they tried by the signs on the door but the thing was they could not get in. The door was somewhat very heavy and the bed was near enough there. I had a thought the next night I would put some other stuff.

That people come and go in one's life. I did not intend to be sad or sorrowful but Emu leapt and cried and there was nothing she could do.

And Emu grew as that girl faded.

Stranded without money on this deserted part after the war of 1973 that made me madder than ever.

"I want to finish my schooling."

"No way we had that in England."

"We will have it here as well."

"Well what will you write with?"

"My typewriter."

"We do not have any ribbons for that type." said his son.

"Well I will write by hand." I said determined.


"Are you sure?"

"Of course."

Then he bought me some high heels.

"I can't wear this they are high heels."

"You'll get used to it."

He also bought me a pair of jeans. For the first time we were so into being friends. My figure was back than slim. I went to speak and thank him but he said nothing. I just made a mistake I thought.

He glowed as he looked at me. Dad was highly delighted. Saved him from buying me stuff. Then I found a disused house where I took some clothes and washed them and wore them.

So I flew out and away my heart racing. Meanness in me said this is not my life. I do not belong here.

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