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Chapter 14

The woman I had known as auntie boiled my jeans and tried to shrink them.

I did not know it but I was in trouble because the moment the odd man bought me another pair of jeans. It turned out he thought I was his wife.

I said I would carry his name until the day I died just to make him amiable. I am still under his name. He has been dead a good forty years.

"Emu are you insane?"


That auntie boiled another pair of jeans and then another one as if the pairs did not match. But it was not my jeans she was boiling it was her own daughter's.

Auntie went mad because she a lesbian and wanted girls as if that was not enough she had got bored being a house wife and had wandered as if the loneliness was kicking in. She took off in some heat and had her sister in law killed and the husband and she got the girls. They had three daughters between them and she got the ones she liked. Pretty girls who were in some sorry orphan state, She tried to kick the whole thing in but she did manage right. She then got into our house she did indeed. She got her schizophrenic son inside my sister's. They got married and lived happily ever after.

My sister is mad too.

She too was diagnosed as schizophrenic but did not try the health service. She ran she said for a bus when she did not catch it she stopped taking the pills. So what had happened was my sister got a husband and my auntie got into the girls house. But the thing went a bit awry. The girls got married to some men and she did not care for them as much as she had done because they wanted their money and lands.

When I phoned last time they were all shouting and crying I did not know what had happened. They said they had kids from man who were greedy as hell. Auntie was swearing and she swore she would get even and eventually would. I am so sorry but Emu did not mean to harm the grand plan of fornications.

The thoughts come and go what else does a man a dying man ask of Emu he gets. He said take care of my little girls. Take care of the little one and I did not, I am sorry I could not do anything right did not see. The little girl said she asked to be anonymous.

When one is getting into prostitution and all that what does it matter when no one notices? We are family after all we are all in there inside each other having a happy time.

"We are not prostitutes."

"Okay." And Emu flew into some other subject trying to make sense for the whole family what it means to be inside the whole structure of them.

"So many murders are there not?"

"Yes in order to get laid or married most of them have to because they have bad senses and bad tastes."

"We believe it we believe it."

"Sensible?" Flew Emu.

Emu now dominated the whole thing, The girl went away most of the time. She had disappointed left the space because there is not much to ask about here. In this space in this sense of time what has happened?

The girl who was married to this odd old man came through again. She was in danger of being raped. He had tried five times or was it somebody else. She got tired of being laid traps for. He was a old hunter and he loved making and masking the lay. His former wife he had killed off.

He did not get laid. His lay had been forfeited and he was left a subdued man. Because he had married a five year old child. He had to send her packing to London because she had caused an uproar.

"Brought the newsman round after telling the next village that she got married."

"Now she a fresh filly of fifteen."

"Tender and ripe."

She got into the habit of behaving like Emu to avoid him.

An old man having his guts out for a little girl. He did not even like me but he married me. . He found out I was a bad cook. He had a fine palate. He loved his food.

"Bad cook spoilt the liver." He said, "and a nice piece of liver it was too."

I was a bit sore. Invited him over to London to our house. He just said he a bad traveller did not want to starve. I did not know what else to say. He said," I will take the liver back and let someone else cook it?"

"My mum would have cooked it better?"

"Yes but that is not the point you did not even offer." He took offence easily. I took the chair or tried to take the liver and he glared at me.

I was most hurt by this and sat down to think.

"Do you need some more food?"

"Well that is nice of you. I must take a job."

"Well there are no job vacancies people are all unemployed doing nothing since the war. This house is it comfortable?"

"Yes it is."


"Grand pa do not be so anxious about us we are all going to be okay." I had called him grandpa since we wedded and he hated it.

He had tears in his eyes.

He thought I was mad because of that. You see a wife calling her husband grandpa and she calls him grandpa.

When I started to think these thoughts my face must have expressed the deeds inside my head. When he went away so fast he just slipped out of the room as if in some heat.

The odd man was a man who hated heated discussion and such like. He did not like violence. . But he had killed his wife through neglect by telling his sons not to phone the doctor. She had bleed to death.

Maybe he just now courting?

I did them dishes tidied the kitchen and went to do my homework.

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