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Chapter 15

"Changing line is descended from.... Not scum like you."

She sniffed her little nose into the air and sounded very knowing. I do not mean to be unkind I thought to someone who appeared so young. But I wished someone would strangle her.

Due to the internet.

Everyone can read my stuff and need no longer think about the publisher.

"You just don't make sense."

Everything here is true and realistic. Emu flew into the air in some dudgeon. He disliked being taken for a liar.

"If someone had swapped you your parents would know about it."

"Yes of course I was subdued." The frightening image of Jane in her strangled state in some morgue had sent shivers down my spine. I did not wish it on my enemy and I was quite gentle with her which she did appreciate.

I heard and read Jane Eyre and Mr where was the fires when they were burning? Jane set her husband on into flames. When they got divorced he still struck by lightening.

Thinking about them in some school girl like prank I am able to whittle it down to this. Sex. They got on well with their sexual intimate moments and that is what a true marriage is. They discussed plays in bed my dear. True. What mattered something about sex came out as reality sex which we all wanted to join in as this new celebrities gate crashed into the limelight. True blood that is when the little stars join in on the acts.

"Do not speak to us ever again."

"But it is the truth."

"Well it is making us little."


I heard rumours your parents were starving you.

"Emu now most upset."

"It was not true I wasn't allowed to use the kitchen as they put me on a well meaning diet."

"Your mother's stew tasted delightful?"

"Yes lovely bean stew with lovely rice every night about seven."

"What did you do during the day?"


If she heard about this she would take it as a person issue. He and she had at that time the best sex actions ever. So I lived in a small room sleeping all day. All the time. It was an ordeal and read most of the night.

"Mills and boons?"

"No novels from the library."

"Jane and he wanted to kiss me."

"At the same time?"

"No he did not realise his wife was also gay."

Some people we dislike because they do not go to parties and we can't kiss them. Tell that to him he disliked the thought he just has to be. Man come on are awful.

"The only one who spoils my day is her." Said Jane.

"I was not aware of that. " I make Jane itch just like a flea.

Memories creeping like shadows as the odd man looked at me and I not seeing. What had I done for a mere school girlish prank. This odd man was now mine forever? I must go again and face the consequences .

Crumbs I will be crumbling soon and I have no real career.

"I will carry your name forever."

"Fucking it is a mistake?"

What mattered to me to this me? Emu was a bore so was the girl. I did not know who bored Emu the more. Why did I stand now aloof alone as if the torments had stopped? Why did nothing matter anymore? The ruins stared at me everything was falling decaying and there was no one to build the things which mattered.

Possession set in.

As if one possessed I got rid of the self.

We had been a joke in England and here we were to be pitied and had become a spectacle. I was not going to hold my head high ever again.

"This is not the place for you." Said the odd man.

"I am sorry."

"The things which made me now misunderstood me."

"Emu get even girl get it? Did you get it right?"

"Thank you."

"Does it matter?"


"All this?"

"But there was nothing there."

"Anything else?"

"I did notice."

"What else?"

"I do not like it that much feels a bit foreign."


"It is all solid and concrete."


"I can't light the gas afraid I have never used a cylinder before."

"You will not blow the house down will you?"

"Well it is a possibility."

"No I am going now leaving." he said under his breath nothing here for me.

Emu looked round the room after the odd man left he had skipped took his stick and fled the scene of the incident. I was nothing to him but a empty moment.

Not now Emu he would say but the chase was over and I had turned round and faced that man who had been chasing me round and round as if in love.

But he had been driving me mad. I had always thought that daddy had started the chase but he too but not on his own.. That I was a lovely child.

A love child whom was destined to the stuff which stuffiness was against. That my life would be mere trivia. I did not deny that many men came cap in hand asking the same favour.

"Whores are made this way." Dad said in a smelly manner.

They would flee. They would have no coins. This odd man left his stick at least. He left it because he needed another person to help him walk. I did care honest about grandpa I did not like him. He knew that he was about to speak then he left the house. As silently as he came.

"Stay as long as you like here."

I was in his house?

That myself included there was all the powerful family asking that I would be dispensed with. Got rid of. The girl should be married or should be sent to work. Out in the middle doing nothing but dodging is the issue. She is without anyone to fill her hole. Dad was beside himself.

Now out in the streets now indoors as if a prisoner always being watched. The family are always watchful that I am on their vision.

She should be made to be something. Honest I did not dare,. Because now nothing but an embarrassment.

You see an innocent conscience? Honest persons have sex lives at very tender age. At ten years or so they have well developed lusts.

"We believe in you Emu."

Emu bows.

The lasting love she bears to her fellows have come as a surprise. The doctor will soon see to her needs and make her better again.

"You must see straight Emu."

"Tampering with the evidence."

Emu safely out of the temper zone went out and was given the good news she could leave the surgery in one piece.

"Someone tried to murder me and I do not have any enemies."

Nodded out and that makes her so unhappy that there is nothing she can do about such matters. Life is stranger than fiction she muses.

She then stays to hear laughter a lot of women giggling. What a idea they are so happy. That their humour is so good. Emu wants to join in but knows it would sound peculiar coming from her. Then she shuts the door in her own face.

There is no one else to do it for her. It is self service now we must give entry. And all that no one but me can shut me out.

Emu was trying to fly to flee but the good news was she had nowhere to go.

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