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Chapter 16

"Look I have changed into someone else someone less. Somebody no one likes. "

Emu's of this world get lost. I am a discontinued line and their lives are dislocated. I made nothing of myself. The stores of know how is forgotten. Spent their lives are a spread sheet of disdains from everybody.

"If you asked us for help we would have given it to you." Said mother. No one leaves this world without any knowledge Emu grinned.

"How could I?" Emu shaken to the core left the apple he had been sitting on and just flew. Emu did not want to fly away. He just wanted to sit and eat. . It was nasty to give him nothing but that.

"Emu you being silly?"

Emu tried to behave he was almost being done being young and unable to lift himself from his bed. He just had to belong in the world as if that world did not bring him hope or happiness. He said just another day. Just another one of the days to cherish before the gritty world of reality sets in.

When he said sadly he was just a bird no one believed him. Not now he is a she. But no one believed that she was a she and shamed him made him ridiculous. You can fly. Do not be filthy said Emu's dirty looks.

She had been married at some tender age well most birds are. What of it? He had behaved badly most birds do. What of it? What is life but behaving not nicely? Rejection after rejection left him feeling drained and spoiling for the biggest fight ever. He felt like he was a boxer and would go into the ring and fight. When the time came he slept.

"We are all behaving not nicely?"

"What not speaking to you Jane go and molest someone else."

"She had his child and now she a proper adult and me insane."

Hatred can't boil into this rage of sleep. I could not keep my eyes open. I was dying.

No water to drink all day?

As a diabetic it was a cruel start to the day.

"As a what?"

"Yes I was a diabetic."

"Perfection of the murder was annoying."

People More unfortunate than myself. Kept on recurring as if nightmares had settled in.

"When a tart like that thinks she is better than me." Said Jane softly.

Not allowed to go into her kitchen to make toast.

Emu took umbrage and said it out loudly that the fishwives got it badly for her. It made no sense at all having to banter through life and have Jane as well to tug along.

She is troubled about something thought Emu unkindly. Is he not doing his job properly with her? Is that why he and she are tugging along? Or have they lost human contact and want to come with the loafers and see what it is about?

And it is not so nice what I am thinking. It must be seen to whatever is ailing her. Before her ailments get contagious. In her bikini behind or something.

"My former husband had that broom through his bum when he could no longer be controlled. His niece did that thought it a hoot. They placed him in a small room to wash him. Say it a cupboard.

What desperate housewives can do?

"Go and do something else."

"I am unable to get to places anymore. I am stuck here."

"How desperate he must have been?"

Grandpa went mad because no one understood he loved me.

"He loved two boys too."

"Yes he did. So what?" Calls Emu despair in her eyes.


"I have to believe in something."

"Believe in the status system." Called dad.

"No way round it."


"No just a rebel."


That life is becoming more and more unpleasant to those who are sick.

"Emu shut the hell up we are trying to think here."

"Well yes I will sweep the sewer now and make sure the place is locked up sir."

"Good that is a good bird."

"Yes sir that is right sir."

"He is a kindly master."

"He is indeed."

"Two bird seeds more sir?"

"Go and crap."

"Yes master sir."

"Nobody wins in the end we will all end up where there is no self respect or dignity. This is my end this is my doomed self this is where nobody survives but to be lost in the wind."

"No more Emu do you hear me?"

"Sir no more it is."


"Now do the flying start startle them who see you."

"Yes sure."

"Now do the drainage."


"Now do them foodies,"

"Ten to one I can't."

"Yes you can we trust you to."

"Sure if you trust me to,"

"Good now here we go round the bend again."

"More pills Emu?"

"Yes sure can do free on the NHHS."

"Well behaved Emu's are the best of the beasts."

"This bird is giving me a hard time but as long as it is controlled and contained and well healthy we will not look back."

"Well there has been another one who likes to take her place?"

"Any good?"

"Well yes."

"Well we will see what the filly has to offer."

"She has three children of her own."


Life is such a confusion we can't read confusing novelists. Well it is okay dear read something tr

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