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Chapter 18

"Hi chit what a bird you are?"

Emu began to run so fast his feathers nearly caught fire. He did not know what to do about them guys following him. His back now well in something called heat the thing was he could not go home as he still not spent the money from the till. He just went to the shops and spent something but still he did not think about the consequences. He bought a statue to bring home with him. He always wanted a statue.

It was of a bird working and he did not think it odd that he bought a statue when he running away from home.

Love is about the stuff one has and what is it about anyway and why is life and love the same and not the same as Emu philosophised he reasoned he now very hungry.

When will he be able to sleep in a safe environment without them old ladies trying to bang him when will he be able to smell nice smells. He tried to think about the stuff he had before but before they used to call him smelly old toes or something. He absolutely negated that. He did not have any such thing. It was his shoes. He did not have the proper plimsolls. They were old and worn out and did nothing for his hygiene and now stuck in a world of smelly old women telling their stories in dormitories of despair their lives disasters.

He then yelled he was a girl and he was not a boy so he could go home and get married. That did it he packed his few things and left the hostel and did not return ever. He just did not he disliked the atmosphere of suggestions and things. Like being in a open prison and he was not in labour or child support so the warden could not give her money. He was entirely useless for the whole system.

When life is about the dramas of the abused the little stuff is very important the money angle too. What is a benefit when it is not the useful kind for the sharp people who feed on the likes of Emu?

Mrs B bent on being nice and agreeable just sat down and sharpened her mind where did the money come in? What possibilities were in it for her? She did not set Emu on the vegetable do and Emu worked in the kitchen peeling the spuds and doing the dishes and making the kitchen run like clock work. Labour of love and food less gritty began to attract more respectable people.

Mrs B absolutely delighted said it was a good deal having Emu with her. Would never run her out of the hostel did not would not occur to her. She was all smiles and delight.

Emu packed his things again in his mind then he phoned home he had enough of Mrs B could he have something of Mrs Z instead? The end of it was Mrs Z did not begrudge her stay at the hostel she hated her for it showed her in a bad light not the kindly wife and mother but brought attention to her as she was a benign personality.

Emu began to miss Mrs B.

The money was never spoken about again that had not even been mentioned the statue said it all at least it was there remaining them all what a bad spell Emu had gone through. She must have been unwell indeed mad.

"Well did she want to marry or not?"

"I am unable to do anything with them and she is the worse of the lot."

"No harm in Emu."

"Only men become chefs."

"Most women in their kitchens have to deal with the wanton behaviour of the cooker."

"No they do not?"

"In the hostel the cooker oven exploded. I put a tin in it and the heat must have been too much."

"Is that when you wanted to become a cook?"

"Yes thought I might explode into one."

"No mother made up my mind my heart is in the kitchen I am going to become a chef."

"Well it is something you coming up with a profession."

"What a profession."

"Do you know you can cook?"

"Of course I can. I cooked potatoes all my life for you and Mrs B. A culinary genius whom the women said her bacon could grease any shoe and make it stick."

"What did they mean by it?" Asked Mrs Z.

"They must have loved her cooking." Said Emu totally lacking in curiosity why everybody was sat stony and mild.

Then Emu shut down and made off to become a someone else. Doing all she could to earn the title of chef.

Emu felt as if she had been bandaged up and made somewhat better she did not notice the mean little room. She only knew she was somehow home. The siblings were now the ladies in their home and Emu had to work. Their places now assured their lives made pure by her running off. She had belittled herself and they had risen and shone through.

A life long hatred even rivalry began.

"We are better than you are." Siblings always assumed.

But Emu knew she was much better than they were. She had a better foliage she kept the house better and she had the must be seen sauce pans in the world. She disliked to cook however do not ask her to cook she would be most upset.

"Emu where the hell are you? Why didn't you answer?"

"I am here what ails you?"

"I am here to make your life the life which is the desired one." Said Mrs Z.

She so wanted and wished that Mrs B were here at least then she would be able to leave somewhere else.

"What you thinking?"

"I am not thinking mother."

"You are impossible."

Emu just went higher and higher on her perch and disliked the bottom so much she thought she would not climb down. But she was at the bottom? Hush do not tell her that she would be most upset.

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