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Chapter 2

"If only there was some place to put dishonest people." Said the television.

"Once our minds are made up we never change it." They said it together the guardians and the television were in some sporting activity. Why did no one stop them?

"Jails are full." Compassion ran out. . Fearing that their loving would be interrupted. Because of us kids he left us behind. Heavy metal was on them."

"We believe in you."

"Not behaving Emu?"

"I am a very well behaved bird."

"That is not right?" They all laughed.

"That is what you think family can work like horses."

"Me thought."

"That you were one of us?"

"You will not be such a person we are far more artful."


"Because they happiest working."


"Who are fools?"

"Do you know what we do for a living?"


"Because we are artful."

"You Emu."

"Uppers do not end in jails ."

"You are still jail birds. We put you here Emu."

"Can I get out?"


There is a pause there has to be otherwise the whole thing falls apart. We dislike you Emu echoed round the room.

"In jail daddy got his degree he told me so."

"It is sad."

"May we have the happiest of Christmas."

"Still May."

"Daddy isn't going anywhere."

"Do you know what jobs we do?" asked the siblings in something called superiority.

"We behaved well towards you."

"When will daddy leave us all alone?" Changing the subject the sisters were evil and they made him nervous.

"When he ceases to be a father."

"Dad takes his responsibilities very seriously." Emu was not going to be anything but Emu.

"I like to think about it for some more time."

"After all that I done for you washing and cooking." said dad very put out.

"The wives brigand have been and done it. No one now likes to work at home."

"Get lost dad we work hard." Said the sisters.

"Don't be daft."

"Do you know who we are married to?"

"Well I do. I was at the wedding I paid partially for the do." Said dad.

The sisters tittered.

They had exchanged contracts with the someone who did not want to give his name. Top secret he just signed his name as someone else- still legal?

"That is wrong." Sighed the television.

"What is that woman or man called?"


"I bought them clothes and trousers now I am broke."

"Why do you say that Emu?"

"Because when the children scream they do not hear us."

"No longer a child Emu grow up."

"We did indeed. Now we are rich."

"Did you hear?"

"A man with money? I can't it would not be right." said Emu feeling a bit unwell.

"Who said so?" Said Callous.

"Life is a smoking gun. "

"No time Emu?"

"Rushed off your feet ?"

"Money to do." Sighed the siblings watchful if Emu cottoned on.

"We did the trousers."

Life is a mess. Thought Emu.



"There is such a lot of sadness."

"I am now going to jail."

"Why what did you do?"

"I forgot what time it was."

"To what extent?"

"To the brim."

"Well over crowding is being taken care of ."

"Some live forever."

"Others die pronto."

"Why Emu?"

"They forgot me." Said Emu craving attention."

"There is a phone call for you Emu?"

"Who is it?"

"The psychologist."

"Rather nice of her to seek me out."

"Yes she has a special day treat for you."

Emu went without a blink he had a lot on his mind.

"Everything in this book is serious."

"Emu come down and eat."

"Not hungry."

"We are concerned about you."

"We are all of us worried."

"I am going to be taken advantage of but do not know how or with what. I have nothing to steal."

"But we know you Emu better than you know yourself."

When the kings ransom cannot make me right again because my hands and my haggish self has left me bleeding.

So this is a Emu story about someone selfish who destroyed the world. It is not Emu who is being selfish. That we behaved not nicely towards you. Of course there are so many people who think leap frogging in the air when one is pretending to be is good for business.

I loved Jane's power when young she could make things happen like have singers around and give money to have guitars and drums. Life Pantomime and the starring role hers. Now Emu is nothing like that.

"Emu's destroyed."

"Emu is robbed."

"Everyone robs her."


How can someone without money be robbed?

"Do not know." Said Emu flying into the ground and hitting her head with a bang.

The psychologist would now have to make sense of the week as she did not understand what Emu was saying or did not see Emu as anyone. The sessions dragged forever and they got nowhere.

"Emu we now know what is the matter with you?"

"What is the ?"

"You are in denial."

"About what?"

"About being bisexual."

"Well that is good I had no idea."

"Well it is what we think now you can see don't you you are that."

"Well I do not see but at least I know what to think now."

"Well ?" The psychologist swelled up in pride.

"Good riddance I am off ."

"Why Emu stop there is more in the session we must see that we make you right in there and give you a partner."

"The sessions are ended."

"Stupid bloody blundering idiot."

"The thoughts of the century are?"

"We are all bisexual and must adhere to that."

"Well what do you think Emu?"

"We are all mad?"

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