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Chapter 3

We are all vain people. I am not vain it is hell out here in teenage years. I am not vain because I am only asking for love."


Sat at home feeling and being unaware how ill kept Emu looked. Did not see her. kept his own company. Ill will and he witless with the worry. He had to leave or be someone less. A burden on the very skirting boards. His monsters were there the cat glowed in the dark. Somehow it went wild and scampered. That ill feeling as if they would not leave. We are about to leave do you have anywhere to go to?

"No mum, dadM parents."


"Test and play love all."

"Cramped conditions isn't it?" Said the hard of hearing step daughter.

"Yes that is why we don't need any furniture."

"Where is the money going to?"

"Somewhere decent."

" Inside her own pocket that is what it will got to." said her husband.

"It isn't." Said the step mother in some disarray. She just came in and sat down and said "you must protect me from him."


"He has gone wild."

She nodded her head her eyes rolling, " he wants it all the time."

"His nuts must be fixed. I can't control him."


"What?" Her father started to shout out loud.

"That is a good idea tell the boss that."

The step daughter just sat down and smiled that is the manner of things. When someone marries someone that is what happens they find love.

"That is what it is?"

"No it isn't."

"Well what is wrong with him?"

"It is too indecent what he is. He likes violence."

"I did not hear anything." Said Emu flying away, out of the window.

"The thing is mother matrimony is like that."

She could not live her own life because she was being a listener. Gooseberry was her middle name. Emu resented it so much she. Life had been taken and placed in the hands of them. Who wanted sex.

"A pimp nearly got her."

"No Emu save yourself now."

"A pimp ? Mother hates you. Now this gang she lost out on some row and the deal was off.."

"The husband wants to send me back if I am raped then he will never mate with me or stay married. Please Emu I will be lost. I a whores daughter will be made to go in line of that road. The whore line. She giggled.

Emu was stung to the very roots. Her blood was up and she went with the assumption she would deal with the gang. Which she did. All the feathers were nearly ruffled but she took care of her mum. Which sent her mother nearly mad.

"She wants to be a whore?" No thought Emu and stayed solidly fighting a bunch of disasters.

"Get off my ma."

"No Emu that is not right go right to the police station." Said her ma.

"Where is the take out?"

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

"A teenager going through it all."

"But you weren't a teenager?" said her mother in a unkind manner. Emu did not understand.

"I had you lady now it is not the place to pretend."

Her mother turned bright red.

Emu wanted to fly away to leave but she did nothing.

"The bacon sandwich has been waiting an long time."

"Mother come now."

"Now what you do?" Thought Emu.

"I am trying to live."

My head is like shrunk.

Well as all the pricks know we must never be so sad as to think we behave well towards people who are lower cast than they who do their lessons well and get on better with money.

"Look what do you do all the time is be annoying?"

"It is the Emu in me which stands alone. We must not despair nor must we speak nothing but gibberish."

"Myself said there is sin in the air." Said dad.

He did not care.

Many wives wanted to be their husband. Many of them he was having a field day, He even said he disliked them.

"You see dad arrangement never work."

Then he said he startled her and asked for the hand in proposal. When Emu whacked him one.

He never asked again.

That we must preserve decent behaviour.

"You must be mistaken." Said mother most often and did not even know she was not being truthful. A woman such as mother told lies as if she barren without them.


"I spoke to someone in the room but the connection was not there. They did not even want me near them. The husband had to die because they both married in some ceremony and the deal was off between them. But too much sex had happened.

"Little tart who would listen to that?"!

"Well thank you tarts get a lot of money."

"We must change our whores frequently customers get bored."

"Still a student dad."

"Good study all you like."

"Yes I will do that."

"No dad is himself."

I finished my studies when in my forties and much to my concern daddy did not forget the ideas he held than.

When I am feeding them pigeons for them foxes who would do such stuff. Pigeon pie.

Pigeons are so tough.

"The feeder of the poor."

"The lawyer of the poor."

"That damns you too dad."

"The stupid."

"Protector of whores." added the family even in Aussie land and they murdered some female who sat down to protect a whore. That is how they feel.

His drunken rage so obvious. Another bottom pinching. Because he lost two women whores or so and he so annoyed.

Never accept debts of someone like my adopted family they have swindled me out made me a laughing stock. Ta for that.

"I am going to kill you."

"I am not going to let you."

"Look daddy is going to kick the world in order to kill you."

"Dad grow up."

Emu took to flight and then flew into a fleeing rage there stalking her and him were the friends of childhood. We will protect him our sire.

"What is it fair?"

"It is."

"Darlings what a good idea just be nice and eventually if you wait long enough you will have the corpse."


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