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Chapter 4

How could Emu have caused such trouble for the good people of mafia? What did they seek in Emu was a nice character? A creditable countenance and the facts of the matter a easy going purse. Someone they could use in some useful employment like 8 till 6pm.

"We are most hurt and distressed that you shopped us."

"I hate to be pinned down." sighed Emu tormented by something called a conscience he knew he had to behave.

"What he hates to work?"

"Look Emu you do not make us lose money you make us money."

"I have made you all much money."


"Many times." he said with a disagreeable smile on his face.

"We do not believe you."

"My mother took all the credit."

"She was such a good woman for making money needed a adding machine to beat that."

"Emu where the hell are you now?"

"No I just dislike being on time."

"We are all on it."

"I am not on it. Never was never will be."

"In society if not on time then out."

"Can there be adjustments made?"


l like it.

Her dismissal came.

He flew to some other country in his mind and then spent it out. There it was spat out. Time was not much use if nothing worked. He a jinxed Emu would put everyone out to play.

He got creative and damaged the big Ben.

That sorted he got on and on there he had done the right thing.

He flew out had a picnic with the lads and then spent the better part of the day explaining to his bad parents he was working.

At St Pauls they settled the score by saying to Emu.

"This place is really haunted. The whisperings are really the ghosts from the heavens having the communication barrier instead."

"Why should they?"

"To make their point."

Emu terrified went towards the rest of the street. In some alarm the passers by thought he had gone mad. They averted their eyes when he got near by. Common thought Emu.

They were all sat in some orderly manner eating their curries. What a do in London too. When they liked English breakfast before.

Emu could never make the right curry sauce.

"The tank is here never fear."

"So let him sink."

"In the Titanic?"

"Lord may they all rest in peace."

"What is the matter with you are you well my friend?"

"Yes I suppose so." Dejectedly Emu tried to be brave every time he crossed into St Pauls there was this mayhem in his soul. He searched for the answer but the right answer did not come to him.

Lord have mercy on the poor for they do not have the right intelligence.

"Maybe we are better than you all are."

"All you speak about is the rich."

"In relation to the poor my honey."

"Fuck this Emu you are not making any sense."

"Let us in first."

"What ?"

"It is dripping down with rain."

"I can't ."

She could see many drivers angry at her as they swerved to avoid her trespassing on their precious lands in St Pauls.

It was so unusual to be so certain about anything the man hang up the phone.

He sat down trying to do some other perch.

"Damned bird."

"The rich." Sighed mother.

"The bitch." Emu added.

"The best money can buy." added they in togetherness. All them women after the money.

Mother smacked her lips, "You must be next on the list on knowing that as a mother she was."

Emu is logical you cannot die before your mum or dad as dad was dead she must be on the list.

"No I am still young you see I can draw and paint as well."

"We can't help you mum."

"We can." Sat down the nursing staff. Then they realised she took so much time from their schedule that the nursing staff needed a carer and that cost money. That cost money and time and effort they just had to let her go poor woman young and like them. A real person a treasure.

The cost to human dignity behaving in such a manner? Well it was frightening to have to watch St Pauls lights go under.

"The electric bill was too heavy."

"Heavy duties in taxes and all the ghostly cravings."

"The pity went on and on. Self harm and all that does happen. The things we do for the rich when we are the better of the classes. We did nothing wrong a white lie that is all. Then the beast set itself to haunt the place no one wants to pray in the dark.

"Well candles?"

"Candles do not come cheap."

"But in the old medieval days?"

"Behave or else there will be serious trouble."

"My it is a nice day."

"Raining cats and dogs."

"I did not see any drop by."

He had become not a maker or a server but a madam.

He made no money for anybody. His father had come to kill him.

So when does Emu get killed?

He has made us lose so much money.

"Good people no longer." said Emu from the ceiling.

"Remember this place is haunted."

He went higher on his perch in case the candle got him again. Aghast they stared at him come down .

"This is too much to take."

"We are now ruined."

"We are the family.."

"My family."

"As they say blood is thicker than thicko. Everyone come on and be dumb."

"You started it."

"Look your father is feeding the nation."

"Where does the money come from?" Emu wanted to know.


"Well in one pocket and then out the next. That's how it works."

"We work to make a better world."

"Emu do we?" He had to ask himself that question as his dad was eating at the St Paul he sat it out the man did not even allow him to use the cafe for eating in.

"My dad doesn't feed me so he does not do his duty right."

"He feeds layabouts."

"I am no such thing."

"Emu no."

"Well it is not." The clan have been so distressed by the facts of this coming out that they are literally tethering on the point of making themselves seen.

"I got a terrible toothache." Said Emu's father.

He did seem to be in pain. Emu asked nicely if there was a dentist about. But the clan looked just gloom.

"You were always like that." Someone inferred he was just like when he had been a baby. Well he was into all about his past. He was dead boring to himself but the doctors thought him interesting and now this person said he was into his past too.

"Like what?" asked Emu.

What bugged him was the auntie just lost interest and left in a car which was bright black. Shiny yes but not new. It alm

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