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Chapter 5

What has happened to us all called Emu from his bench. Was he a judge wondered his sisters. His beak went to some sloppy hide. The world is ghastly and with nothing called common sense. Soak the sun up and down. It is hot now it is cold. Calm down. It is over rated being calm it is so good just being Emu. Who is not calm at all. Run up and down and then rush towards obscurity and obscenities.

Changelings were a folklore which happened in the unhappy Europe. Not to you. Emu but that means what does it mean? He wondered if he was the right Emu? You see it was always right to get the facts right.

When the whole world sat down and wondered if he was proper with the respectable credentials. Improper and impossible that was Emu he said it out loud. He was a changeling.

He came out an egg and then became a bird. There one thing led to another.

"We got you wrong?"

"That is correct. ?"

Arrive the wrong Emu. The family and the world got it up their nose with him. An upstart making no sense and being so toffee nosed about everything. How could Emu not know it was a burden.


"Not my name."

Emu this and Emu missed . Her mother wanted to mate with her. Said it was the wretchedness of having married an older man. Due to facts beyond her control. She had been bankrupt.

Since than they have been at each others necks trying to score points so the old man would disinherit one or the other. Emu having found out that she disliked having to do the jobs round the house gives her the entire workload.

The older woman the wife gets so annoyed she wants to throw her out. So Emu this and Emu that way round. Now where is your peak? She vowed that Emu would be broken and dull.

"Emu have you ever been fired?"

"I 've been fried."

"Well now you can become ignited."

Emu was filled with indignation.

"Why? " He said in a simple matter of meanness. He was not well liked for being a bit simple and selfish.

"So selfish." Said her siblings.

Sudden like he was in the world of fantasy. He wanted to be someone else.

Emu thought he the only sane male in this world he not male he said it was female. Sorry. Yes just like in the Variety show and the pantomimes we love being different. Well done Emu for observation.

"Emu what do people call you?"

"They call me pop goes the wheeze."

"That is interesting."

"His dad died you know."

"No I haven't." Said Emu's dad.

"Why is it that people prefer scum ?"

Emu gave it a thought. . Then he came up with examples in his head so that people could see what he could see. Then Emu went off the rails in his cage. He leapt. Here are some of his better examples.

He began slow. He perked his shoulders. His feathers grew into some sorry state because he had not washed. He had not gone and ducked himself in the pond. . He done thinking.

What does being a man or a woman mean is money. Means hide bad deeds.. Well humans no more have the right of this world. We must have Emu's as well.

"Pernicious humans."

"We have began to be kicked off the planet."

We believe in this?

Life is so precious when we die we must not give the soul . We might not have a soul we might not be anything at all.

"I was a human once."

"We know Emu,"

"I divorced from reality."

"We know that as well."

" I am sorry."

"Well what else?"

"What else "

"Can't hear."

Emu was a property something to buy and sell. Someone to use and to be useful to them. Hot tub holidays when there was no such thing. Did it mean he would live in a shed?

" I will get you for this. I will." he yelled.

"We love you Emu." they held knives.

"Worst words a woman can say to another." Said Emu finding out his own sex.

Life is about finding out who one is.

Her mother leered.

Why because she had harmed poor Emu. She had shamed her own Emu. She had to die but she did not she pretended to die, . Made sham of her own children gave them somethings but they had to hide her secret. She made sham of her nieces. That is how good she was or is.

"I am a good mother." She said it out loud. She was stung to such an extent she had to prove how a good mother she was.

Hated Emu.

We believe that sort of fucking is wrong too. Of course but the damages? The harm then they go onto become professional people.

"Marry me." She said calling Emu.

"That is wrong too because I am a niece."

"Not true."

"Well it isn't." said poor Emu weeping. "Right.".

The marriage ban was announced on the holiday and the mum was almost aglow with pride. She would be married to Emu. That she had got her way. Many gay marriages were done. Emu was told not to spoil it.

She tried to be not obtrusive and did nothing to speak about. She just sat down and listened to the older people speaking. They made some sort of sense. But she did not ask them why they were speaking so intimately. How they knew each other so to speak to them like friends even worse like family.

They were speaking about trade off. Emu was a payment in kind. I am a fee? And everything not being too late and all that. Emu was told to fetch something and then told to not to be tardy. You see biddable. Then when she came back the talk would become even more animated.

Then the management smiled at her and said in a wink see you next year. He winked at me. He seemed the devil himself thought Emu. Did he just have something to eat?

"Toe the line Emu." Sighed her mother and "Make sense."

They were travelling back to England. They went inside sat on seats they seemed a century away. They had the coach and everyone greeted the mother but not Emu. Resentment made Emu sightless.

Emu was a better person yet she had made no friends. Her mother had many friends and Emu was just confused. Resentment caused her such a lot of pain. She wanted not much from life she had to make friends and know she had the sense to make the right decisions. She made all the wrong ones.

"Emu when you go back you will find yourself without a home."

"Ouch that sounds sinister."

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