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Chapter 6

"Emu dear Emu you have to grow."
"What into a toad?"
"My years have gone lost in some hated slumber."
"Wake up Emu."
"We have planning permission. It is your dad he said go on with it."
The plan said they was to make him into a bait of some sorry morsel . In the stew which is called the party gang, She was never going to be edible enough to fool the fish in there.
"I hate you all for that reason."
"We are not here to idle."
"We believe in sex and money." Grossly said her sad relatives as they shared their children with their sisters and cousins. "Our husbands are not away for a change they have arrived."
"Was that jobs lot number?"
The wives go after her.
Back at home they have the different story have to behave in some real soap opera. But Emu? What was in it for Emu? What about Emu the laughing stock ? A person who loved for no reason like an old granny with her granny flat mates. Not much thought they.
"Our lives not perfect but at least we have ...."
"Starry eyed about the stars."
"Here is a good looking man bonkers about you?"
"He is my nephew."
"Why worry we won't tell."
"I forbid you to have a email."
Freedom curtailed.
"Do not use the internet. But you can do pornography."
"No use using the phone."
"They always hang up on you."
"Just do as you are told."
"I am a bit stick in the mud mummy."
Trade off is when a member is a disaster the family clean the mess.
They constantly telling her that.
"Have a jar?"
The child was huge thought his mum. He weighed a ton and he did not measure like his siblings.
"I can't get into this outfit."
"Good come naked."
"There take a fiver and get some clothes." sighed her sister.
"You see we know how to give."
"My this is a special fiver?"
"That is right. Given by love." she winked back tears.
The money that Emu spent on them was nothing that fiver stood out to tell the tale of generosity.
"Love money stretches further?"
"Of course it has stretch marks."
"What does want mean?"
"To ask the right questions."
"Too young." Shuts the door in his face.
"Why mummy why have you rejected me."
"I know that."
"Just know it otherwise will kill you."
"I sense hostility here."
"But coming from not the right source."
"Not the right dad?"
Emu was cheesed off. He flapped around then flew.
No one understood her anymore.
No one answered him when he asked questions. At school he was a dim wit. Like when he asked if the moon was made of cheese. The whole class wept with laughter. Some became geologist thinking it was fun.
They were even given substance abuse and became users. Some went on the game then became psychopaths known as psychologists.
Creeps on me thought Emu. The fluctuations in life.
The thing was eleven plus was so inside them they did nothing but think along those lines. Class was not dismissed.
"Not a bad word Emu."
They are the out casts the do it nothings when they should be alone with their failures. Where do we belong? Which group so we can belong somewhere clever and nice. The blonde girl said she Cindy group and they all went grovelling because being fat was nothing.
The importance of the eleven plus could not be over estimated.
"Emu are you listening to this class?"
"Yes Miss."
"Good now what did it say?"
Emu began to mumble. There was something uniquely astute about Emu. He thought so too.
So in the silly house he lived in. Emu was most unhappy. Everyone in his class got on in the world. So what had happened to Emu?
"I am afraid of going out."
You see knowing too much about life he has a good imagination he can hardly take off.
"Sir may I?"
"No one said sit down."
Emu glared.
Gravely disturbed the teacher went on almost yelling.
"Gravity child there was no gravity. Now may we continue"?
"Yes of course."
"What was gravity?" Emu thought. He had tried the teacher to such an extent that the teacher would not allow her to speak in class in case she said silly things. Stupid glanced the teacher. Emu thought that gravity meant when someone was gravely ill. Until the apple fell on Newton.
She turned into a pillar of stone. Emu seemed to be confusing her metaphors. She had been reading the Bible. This amused Emu so much.
"Emu shut up." Said someone in the next room they were awfully quiet. The kids had shared their parents room. Emu has a room to himself but filled with the cobwebs and dust.
"You are not a girl. I have good dreams about you on the rope and all that."
"I do not fancy being that."
"Well if you became a man then I can make you so happy." said her mother to her.
Emu blushed for shame dear mother.
"Nor to be hushed."
"Emu's are never dull."
"Whose house do I live in now?"
"Mend your manners Emu."
"I love you to bits ?"
Dress to kill and all that Emu flew into activity. His apron a apron which he bought from the pound land. It was expensive at that. His head gear something from the middle ages. What about his shoes? They came since he was a born. This is maddening.
Having got himself into order. He went where when they saw him all began to laugh at him. The dresser up is she?
" We are not ready yet."
" Sorry."
"How unkind that bird is."
"I love them like that. Shush she is coming."
"Anything else sir?"
"Well not just at the moment."
"We came here to enjoy ourselves"
"That the bird is not married yet."
"We can't have a virtuous bird."
"Oh I see,"
Fortune did not favour them. They got lost and the police were called in to cull the mayhem that ensued. Bird feathers everywhere.
Not in this world this is a bird who is difficult different and does not matter. He has flown outside the group and made matters worse by being a critic.
"Do not drag me into it." Someone in a rage said and took a walk.
"You can cook and clean and we need that."
"Why I'm I then doing the waitressing?"
"Your dad had a off day." He got so many off.
"Auntie auntie please mate with me."
"Go and get lost."
"Who is this bird? ."
They all wanted to kill her.
Emu thought he no fun and then went to do some dishes where he did the dishes well. Some idiot had to say he did the best bacon in the world.
"He found out, found. Caught- wham."
Like a crime a criminal doing something liked?
"Dad said," he not there to be liked."
Open wide and then spat it out.
"Spit on the damn food."
"No." Sighed Emu, "Against food hygiene."
"You are fine just do as much as you can.." Said his dad.
Emu ennobled and proud thought said the end what it meant was that.
"You lost us a lot of money Emu. We have to recover somehow."
"Whoring at number 17."
Stung Emu said, "It is all about money that is what you all are?"
"What else is there?"
"I'll be your first visitor." Said her foster dad.
Emu went hollow and sat staring at the wall. Sometimes life was no fun. It made him blink and then determined he got up and spat at them all. He had read the bible and all the good theologies and that was wrong.
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