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Chapter 8

When Enoch Powell said about the rivers of blood. In the long ago past.

What made him speak?

Powell sparked us all.

"Because there was nothing

Then we were burning with the zeal when the fires were put out.

There was even talk about giving everyone a thousand pounds to leave England . Money in our pockets? Emu let us try. Mother where would we get to?

"I was thinking about you." She said in a more kind manner.

Look it is a pile of foreigners taking the food from us. We want to be proper English and that means them having to do their own thing. No more taking what is ours. We went in the war we won the war so where they did come from?

"We want the equality ".


"They also eat different foods."


"Nothing doing that is English."

"Mother turn the television off it is affecting my sight." I said.

"You see what they think about us?"

"Yes but not everyone surely?"

Kindly keep it in your pants .

"You have to do something about your appearance."


"Nothing. Nothing at all." Said mother.

To make sacrifices .

I loved squirrels in the park.

"Know your place."

"Be wise."

"Know who you are."

"Some shout out loud, " medicine bottles."

"What we give to this country?"

"Labour we give them that."

"Cheap at that."

"Open all hours."

"Nothing." They would yell. There were windows being broken and breakages all round.

White girls sat down on the man and did nothing to us at all. Black girls were envious because when they looked not right. Now they have come to terms with themselves have the same boobs as the whites. We can mate with the whites but not do their jobs. It does not make sense. Racist.

When we were seeming to be stuck in a rot. We do not destroy the whites we make them feel special. We want equality because we work for less money. We were this unsuited to being cast into the role of fat migrants without a care in the world. We were supposed to be doing nothing. But live off the state. We were supported in this when the siblings. Left to them we would have been dropped by society because their luck was in and mine was out.

"Because we fought the Germans we won the war."

"Most of that is true they did do the war effort but what has happened since?"

"We had the flower power the gay rights and all that is a blur."

"Well did they forget what happened in between?"

"I think so."

We were fighting arguing because and the social services said we were animals. Like we lived in a daze and all the effort was done by them who said they had done it. That was the true reason behind our bad tempers. They did not see us as humans, We were just yelling beasts.

Zeks disappointed disappeared only to be replaced like someone nothing worth. That she was not a woman who would leave but she did she went gladly. No one noticed. One foreigner looks very like another.

We as the under represented must now share our stories in this strange country which find us in?

Rivers of bad temper flowed . Enoch Powell proved to us and himself half truths. We were never that unwanted? There is always this hope inside me. I hoped.

"You are wrong all the time."

Then they shut us all indoors.

"Now said sad dad make the jar a cream whip it until you slip and slop. We behaved well towards you at all time. There was nothing the meaning of that. I loved cream and would do as I was bid."

Drudgery produced a drudge.

"No one will look at you now." They said pleasantly.

No one can become that immune that filled with inertia. No one is drugged with so much drugs. They are half asleep all day long during and after breakfast. The drug took effect. It is with awkwardness I say with the drugs and the sweet talk and the lack of support. There was nothing I could do.

"Drugs have produced in them immorality. They went on the rampage."

I believed in this country as something we were inside and mattered in. I thought what for?

No use offering you a typing job as all them typos. Be a carer.

But the thing was made no one happy even myself got to be sore and bitter when 13 people while dancing were burnt to death. There was astonishment.

"Don't go near the window might be shot dead." I said over and over to self.

Rioters did not think it happened they wanted asked reasoned wanted to know what had happened. While they were dancing someone suggested someone spilled their candle. Like candle in the rain? It blew it like candle in the wind.


"I am not your dad to hell with your dad. Do you want me hanged?"

They had been happy when death struck. What made me astonished was the beastly man's smile. He said he was not there when the house was two or three down the road. He who was always there watching did not see anything then he died.

"Did not happen to us all by the grace of God." said a neighbour while she set her apartment on fire to change her furniture.

The blankness what did happen and who saw what?

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