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Chapter 9

What did it matter ? I am trying to get rid of me? Why is it that the woman behind this life? Is out? What it does to someone a failure someone who is misspelt. She had to carve her name again and again.

"Call the girl."

"I changed my name okay?"

The thing is when flame or fire is not the right name for a normal seeming child.

"Call me anything but flamingo."

"Your name is fire."

"The fire went out of me the moment I was mislaid."

When love dies because of differences in opinions. You see did not give right to life. You must take after me or else. When that child is a matter of wrong ideas..

Because to be humble is good. The option of the parent is to bend the child to his will. That is their right. What are the rights of the parents to behave as bullies to the child because they are paying for that child's food. The food on that table is the rightful property of the parents. Even the table is his.

"Even the bed that child sleeps in is the parents."

So dad had the fish and we had the pasta and you know we were both happy until dad noticed and then we had to have the sauce of the fish and the bread.

Dismayed? Parents have all the rights. People change sides and my siblings did just that. Your fault. That we are not much but the scum they both thought.

That it was my fault all of it because I was a monster. You see you must lick his bum if he asks you. He must lick yours if he is wanting to. You wanton heathen why not? They were both yelling you are taking our lives away with your stubbornness.

"Do as they say because they are mean and nasty."

"I did not behave well psychopaths." The wheels are now churning that is the ideal of being a better woman. I am now dirty they call me saying so. Sense the tables in the wheels of fortunes are outside of this story.

I am like a fish in a fish tank unable to see anything but the next turning.

In Switzerland dad has gold something in storage and he says he has trillions will not keep it anywhere else because does not trust the people his people in Turkey.

The meaning of gold?

We are no fools. As we have taught the gang how to believe that being crooked is the right thing to be.

We do what is right for the whole lot of us. Dad has the option to cook for several hours a day. To enjoy to make the kitchen right feel so dirty that the sauce pans need a clean the dustbins all anyhow. He is just a lousy cook. There is a general chaos only he can create. I am making something nice for you two. "Oh thank you shouldn't have." When other people cook they have half a hour to do the same job. He spends bloody hours doing the same thing.

The thing is the taste when dad cooks it is like someone making a statement. Who is in charge of the whole thing? The house is standing still holding its breath. We dislike the whole idea but somehow trapped inside this.

"He proposed."

"He did but he your dad?"

"Well he proposed because he thinks he the ideal husband for us all. "

" So he proposed?"

"I did not accept his nice offer sent him away out and he returned with the knife."

"Now come again?"

"Yes he has."

"Last time I did a love potion so he would never darken my door again."

My lover too got the potion and married poor Jane.

"He got married to other women?"

"So many."

"So why is he after you?"

"He is very difficult to live with."


"My father not my lover."

"So you did a cast off spell and the two men were afflicted?"

"I think so."


So your father got married to his wife number?"

"I think several."

"Where is she now?"

"In France."

"When your dad bored?"

"That is when he kills them."

"So why do such a spell with that amount of thought?"

"Because I was tired of the games he played."

"I was plied with drink and did nothing but think all the time."

"Lover was off against the wind trying his hand on happiness. His happy hour lasted almost the whole of his courtship with his wife. 19 years of glamour. When he got married to her. His happy hour turned to real soberness."

Marriage got him the shocks which unsettled his nerves. Heavens made him cancerous and ill. There was nothing anybody can do with shocks like that.

"We weep now."

He halved by the winds of time and melted with the thoughts which consumed his time. He had nothing but shame how unkind that his delights were also the shame. I could not see him for what he had done but the fiend he had been and lashed out.

"Poisonous grapes of wrath and why does he come back to me now?"

He did not kneel. I am kneeling instead to the timeless thoughts for the time we have and the loss the pity of the time we lost.

Feel the thoughts of time passing like blood dripping from our veins and that makes me seek help. Please help us someone not to die.

I wailed at him laughed against him. He now lost to the winds of change. Something deep went left the stage. Someone young spent furious and leapt to the conclusion life is nothing but a illusion.

He could not feel that me was furious and on fire. He had enough. He was stranger. . Odd is it not how oddities end up being sex partners?

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