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What if Life was different.

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What would have happened if my dad was more responsible. Most photos not mine.

Drama / Other
Faith Boyett
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Unexpected time change?

I want to just start all over. click the restart button again. but that isn't it, you can't just start over, but can you?
. think to yourself how can I take this, and change it into a story. I think I can I just have to work hard right now.

"mama-mia" not again, why do I have to die for the fifth time. it must have been a glitch if it was then it would have been fast as the speed of light. or it could be the non-glossy screen with a lightning-like crack on it, that was the problem.
I started feeling like I was being pulled some ware far.

"time for dinner !!!, I need to go back to work!!, so hurry your butts down here!!!" shouted my father.

That was different i thought. I-am not with my dad.

" coming !" I yelled back.
I went to start getting ready. I put back on my stained chest binder and went down.
father was at the table kinda, emotionless, sitting straight like a neatly made 70's Barbie doll, until he put a bowl of noodles at me,
"cup noodles for y-, where is your brother?"
I just said nothing.
my brother is in his room again, he never listens to our father always sitting on his bottom, looking at pictures of the iconic red Ferraris and play GTA5

. " what is your job again dad?" I asked my semi-angry father. I tend to forget what job he was on at the time. "shuch!. corbin! diner!" screamed father. a few ticks passed and my little brother intentionally walked down the stairs like a sloth. "WHAT!?"
"dinner !" responded pops.
"ugh!" Groans brother.
" Get your butt at the table and eat your dinner!" I stated.
" shut up, your not mum!" Corbin announced, hurting my feelings. I hated being talked down by my little brother, but my father loved me, that's all I would ever desire, he admired his eldest son.

" don't talk to your older brother like that, you should have your device taken away, for that !" father roared. my father was too overprotective of me, never would tolerate anyone to hurt his son, not even his youngest.
"Go to your room." father politely suggested.

" fine" Corbin didn't care about dinner so it was not so worrisome.

" Felix I was wondering did you finish your language arts homework?" father asked, he knew that I was having trouble with some homework that my teacher was giving me, it always confused me, but I didn't care to tell Mrs.H about how I was struggling to keep up.

" I am not finished yet, "I replied back.

" isn't it due Monday ?" stated father.

"yes, but I will finish it soon as I can," I reassured him.

" you should get a good grade on it if you finish, I don't want you to be like me ."
responded, father. That's right, he works more than one job, trying to take care of us both, including my my dog, lupus.

" I should be going "I got from the table and gave him a goodbye smile, and hugged him as tightly as I could.

" bye," I said. "

bye Felix " he returned. He patted my head and gave me the biggest smile he could make. a few seconds later after putting on his working boots and putting his ID card with his lanyard around his neck. Then he left without saying anything else to Corbin. Now I need to Finnish this homework.Now where was my computer? Was it in my backpack? no. I realized that my brother liked torturing me until I snapped at him. there wasn't any benefit for it, he always got in trouble for what he did.
maybe it was in my room. So I walked up the stairs to my room. Inside were pictures of the adventures we did inside the house, like me winning the monopoly for the first time. when my dog decided to pull me in the tub and get me all soaking wet as I was trying to bathe him.
But the room was different the colored wall was when I was not out yet. Pink and the start of me transitioning my room.
Well.......… what the fauk?
What happened?
To be continued.
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