The Wrong Train

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The life of the girl who tries to make herself happy.

Drama / Humor
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“I’m sorry.”
This is what he said.
“I don’t need it!”
I do need you, don’t leave me!

Everyone said that he is not worth it, but love is blind, and I was an amateur. All long, never realizing the best for me and thinking that I am on the right station and boarding the right train to love, but it was never meant to be.

Standing alone in the station and waiting for the right train. Alone, with no train to board. Then I saw hope, a train stopped for me; so, I boarded it without any second thought, making a promise to never regret it because I thought that if I lose this train then I may not have any in the future.

When it felt like I am loosing it, I stayed on it a bit longer. I waited and kept waiting for a long time for my destination to arrive.

Spending my whole youth on something so unimportant and never enjoying the small things beside me. The things which I should have cherished and treasured, I let them walk away.

I still thought that I will soon reach my destination, but I feel like this train was never meant to be mine.
Again, all alone on the platform but this time I decided to walk away and to never board a train again!
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