Sinner Angel

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“She is a storm, not the kind you run from, but the kind you chase for!” Eugenia it’s a big girl now. She has to fight for her life and make her dreams come true, but will her past let her do that?

Drama / Other
Ergena Kaci
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Newborn, new problems

Hey baby girls, those were the first words for the little newborn Eugenia. She was so skinny and little. Her hands were so small she couldn’t even take a normal finger in it. But she was so cute. Her little eyes were something else and her expression was so calm. She was like an angel.
Put her in the incubatory ,the doctor said to the nurse. She was born after 10 months almost and her health was unstable. But her mother had other plans for her. Even she was dying because of that long operas she couldn’t stay anymore in hospital, it felt like suffocating there. After 10 hours of sleeping she woke up, took the baby and left without telling anyone.
Her mother was a young girl she didn’t know how to take care of the baby. Even that she wanted to be with her all the time she didn’t care for her. Eugenia was weak and small. But this didn’t stop her mother by taking her in that small cabin that she called home.
Days went pass and the Eugenia’s health was getting worse. Her mother let a nanny to babysit, because she was working two jobs so that she could make money and rise the baby.
Some of them would also ask for the father. Well he was out all the time. He left the country and he was dealing with drugs and tutoring prostitutes. He was living his life without thinking for his baby girl . And why so, he was only 20 years old a young man thinking only for him self and not dealing with the consequences of his own actions.
In the same time Eugenia’s mother was suffering. She was working so hard and still she couldn’t make it. And she couldn’t even get to play with her daughter. The works was so devastating and every time she got home tired and wasn’t able even to undress. All this was making her life miserable.

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