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Cassie suffers from child abuse at home and has only one friend. She is smart and dislikes the popular due to past bullying. Even then she dates the most popular boy in school due to him showing interest in her. Becca is a girl who strives to become popular and be noticed. She's been in love with Cassie's boyfriend for the longest time and resents that he chose her best friend. Blinded by the materialistic she still manages to have a noble heart. Becca and Cassie happen to be best friends with nothing being able to tear them apart or so Cassie would like to believe. But their friendship gets tested when Becca joins the populars and discloses her secrets to Cassie's tormentors. Will their friendship manage to survive or will it break? Read to find out. Full of hurt, betrayal, pain, and much more.

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Author's Note

Hey everyone, so here's a little note before you read. The following is a short story about Cassie, whose life could result triggering to some, so I'm adding a warning to read with caution. If it triggers you, please prioritize your mental health.

It will have topics such as abuse, suicide, bullying, and a random sex scene or two, among others. Please bear that in mind if you choose to read. Cassie's life is NOT the best.

Also, this story will have two endings due to the nature of the subjects and how it correlates to real-life cases where there is more than one or two endings. However, I do want to note I see Cassie's ending to be Fallen Angel despite wanting it to be Grace Wins. Anyone that resonates with Cassie's story or is living it please read and know I wish you to have a happy ending in your own story.

If you are in her shoes, break the silence. Silence can kill as you will see in this story, especially in Fallen Angel. So, please, if you are in any situation similar to Cassie's, don't keep quiet and speak up. For any struggling know you are not alone. Seek help because your life is worth something and you matter. It's not a sign of weakness to seek help but rather strength.

I'm attaching the name of a website to help find hotlines that could help. If you find any troubles with it, let me know and I'll add a different one that actually has the correct information. This one has it for many different countries so I hope it helps you if you happen to need it.


With that said, I hope you can empathize with Cassie and without further ado I bring you her story. Proceed with caution especially if you’ve undergone any trauma or bullying as I don’t wish to trigger you with the story but rather educate others on the harmful effects it can have on some. Alright enough with my warning, let Cassie’s story begin.

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