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Cassie a girl who suffers from Child abuse at home. She is smart and dislikes the populars. Yet she dates the most popular boy in school. Becca a girl who strives to become popular. And who is in love with Cassie's boyfriend? Cassie and Becca are best friends. Nothing can tear them apart....or so Cassie believes. But their friendship gets tested when Becca joins the populars. Will their friendship survive or will it break? Read and you will find out more. Hurt, Betrayal, Pain, and much more.

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Author's Note

Hi, everyone. So little note before you read. This is a short story about Cassie, whose life could be triggering to some. This story will have two endings due to the nature of it because in real-life cases there are always more than two endings. But for her, I only see one end. Everyone else that reads and who may resonate with Cassie please be sure you read all the story.

In the chapter Love? you shall encounter a poem and a song please do not take it. They are of my sole creation created during a time of pain in my own life. So, please be respectful of that.

There will be two endings. Fallen Angel and Grace Wins. A happy and a sad one. In Cassie’s story, I wish the happy ending for her but in my head, she gets a sad ending. I visualize her having a sad ending but that does not apply to every case. I wish everyone in Cassie's shoes the happy ending always. Those in Cassie’s shoes know Grace Wins is the ending I hope you end up having and please seek help if you are in Cassie's shoes. Please don't be afraid. Silence can kill as you shall see in this story so, please I beg of you. Don't keep quiet and speak up.

This story will also be extremely triggering. It will speak about abuse, suicide, bullying, and at random a sex scene or two. It is referenced that Cassie’s life isn’t the best. Please do NOT read if you are sensitive to such topics.

And for those struggling know you are not alone, and if you struggle with suicidal thoughts or are suffering from abuse seek help. Your life is worth something and you matter. I did use to have the national suicide hotline number up but it was brought to my attention it might be fake so I will do more research to give you the correct one. Till then please be sure to seek help if you need it. It shall not make you weak but rather strong.

With that said, I hope you can empathize with Cassie and her story. So without further ado, I bring you her story. Proceed with caution especially if you've undergone any trauma or bullying as I don't wish to trigger you with the story but rather educate others on the harmful effects it can have on some. Alright enough with my warning, let Cassie's story begin.

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