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I recommend hearing "Sara" by We three and "No time to die" by Billie Eilish to understand how the character currently feels

She was my best friend.

How could she have done that to me? I thought our friendship was forever. She was the one person I thought I knew well that I could trust. The one person who would always be there for me... The one person who would always be on my side...

Why did she hide that from me? Why did she do that to me? What did I ever do to her?

I don’t want to feel or think about her betrayal anymore. Or have to worry about school... Not with everything they do to me...

I don’t want to live anymore.

No one will miss me.

I have no one and am all alone in this hell. She was the only one that was by my side, but even she betrayed me. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow so they can torture me some more with their lies.

I should just disappear... disappear into the darkness to escape the pain. That’s the answer to all my problems. It’s the only way to escape the pain of my life. I won’t have to endure another day in hell. All I need to do is end my life to make it permanent without mistake.......

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