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I recommend listening to “Through the dark” by One direction and “I know your secrets” by Tommee Profitt, Liv Ash for a better reading experience. It describes Becca and Cassie’s friendship perfectly.

Cassie and Becca were outside of their school, waiting for their parents to pick them up. For Cassie, who avoided going home because of the monster that lived in her house, she dreaded the moment they arrived. Becca, on the other hand, waited impatiently, but she knew Cassie hated being home. They had been best friends ever since they were three. They told each other everything and protected each other. They were inseparable. Well, they were until Cassie started dating Hugh two months ago.


I’m outside waiting for Becca. We’re going to go shopping after school because I want to make things go back to normal. Back to how they were. I miss my best friend. I never expected our friendship to become strained because of Hugh.

At times, I wish I hadn’t agreed to become his girlfriend, but he keeps me out of my house. And I like him. Everyone wants him and yet he wants only me. If it weren’t for that, I would leave him in a heartbeat for Becca. I just wish I knew why my dating him brought so many problems into our friendship.

There she is! What in the name of reality is she doing speaking to the populars!? We both hate the populars! They’re spoiled, rotten, and mean, not to mention they own the school. They do what they please. Pffft. And on top of that, they have bullied me and Becca in the past constantly. Now they mostly do it to me only, but I don’t mind; I’m used to it. So long as I can ignore them, which is quite hard, but oh well, life is what it is. Constant and overwhelming pain.

Becca laughs at something one of the populars said. She didn’t see me right away, however, Becca wasn’t the only one that caught sight of me when she did. The populars tell Becca something before leaving, but not before sending me a nasty look. I wish I knew why they hated me so much. Becca then walks over to me.

“So what did Jenine and her minions want?” I ask.

“Nothing, they just invited me to one of the amazing parties they throw,” I then proceed to look at her in disbelief. Is she actually thinking of going? By her face, it seems she is. She can’t.

“What!? You know they hate us!” I say or rather yell to prove my point even if I haven’t stated it yet, “they must be up to something.” I warn her. Those people are always up to no good. Especially when it involves me. Jenine will do about everything to make my life a living hell. Becca has to know that.

“I’m going to go,” she says as if the most natural thing in the world and as if nothing bothers her about it. So, she clearly doesn’t know about it. She can’t be this gullible. She knows way more than I do.

“You’re kidding me, right?” I ask with disbelief at the amount of hurt and betrayal I felt, but more of anger. How can she think of going with how they treat me? I’m her best friend. Don’t best friends stand by each other’s side?

“Nope! And I don’t see why I can’t. Just because they didn’t invite you doesn’t mean I can’t go,” she replies, very offended at me. Great, one conversation with the populars and here she is fighting with me over a party.

“You’re right. I have no right to stop you from going. After all, this might be your chance to become popular,” I said, knowing if I push too much I might lose my best friend, so I guess I have to suck it up. “Let’s go shopping, you have to look your best at that party.”

I change the subject. I know being popular is her dream, even if I hate all those vultures the entire school drools over. Damn populars aren’t going to steal my best friend from me. I have faith in her. I just have to show it and she will forget about them.

“But I don’t have money,” she says, both bewildered and ashamed.

“Don’t worry about it I’ll pay,” I chuckle to ease her worries for I love her and know if the roles were reversed she would do just that. I have both my father’s credit card and cash from my mother. So, if I can help her, then so be it. Money poses no trouble for me. If only it could solve my troubles or give me enough courage to leave. I only don’t because I have Becca by my side.

“Thank you, Cassie,” she smiles and embraces me in an affectionate hug as such received by a sister, to which to me she is. I don’t know what would be of me today if it weren’t for her. The only person I have broken my silence too.

“Ok, so, when and where is this party?” I ask with a smile. Hopefully, this helps our friendship smooth over the recent troubles we’ve had because of my relationship. Plus, it’s a great excuse to stay away from the house.

“Tonight and it is at Jenine’s place,” she answers excitedly and I offer a fake smile at that. I hate that girl with my heart. I already have enough troubles at home and she adds to them by bullying me at school, my escape from home.

“Ok, well let’s go then. We don’t want you to be late other than fashionably late,” we share a humorous genuine laugh that I will cherish forever before heading out once we saw our parents.

Our parents dropped us off at the mall. My dad gave me money so I could purchase whatever I wished for. We went shopping and found the perfect outfit for Becca in no time. We then went out to eat and finally headed home. I offered Becca to do her hair and make-up for the party, and she accepted gladly.

I still feel Jenine is up to something. But if I tell Becca that she will only think I want to sabotage her and that will end up breaking me. Because being honest, Becca is the only thing holding me together right now, and if I lost her... I would die without a doubt.

She was ready an one hour before she had to leave. So we stayed a few minutes in gossip. Twenty minutes after she was ready to leave so my mom picked me up.

I wished Becca luck at her party, even though I had a terrible feeling about it. I also told her she had to tell me all the details tomorrow, which she agreed to gladly. More for her benefit rather than mine. Plus, it was a great tradition we shared.

I still felt unsure about Becca going to Jenine’s party. But I can’t do that to my best friend. I must be overreacting. Yes, that must be. I’m making a big deal over nothing. A storm in a glass of water.

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