They Call Me Damia

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Mom and dad aren't happy about me. But I didn't want to get married with that old man. It was hard to be a princess, and more if your family is not supportive. "Look at this little baby!" What?! Why is my hand so small?! And I can't even move! "Let's name you Damia!" Wait. Was I reborn?! Damia, a girl from another universe was reborn in a place where magic is just fantasy and lives her life as an orphan. Trying things that never had tried. Unfortunately, for her it was different. What is gonna happen to her while living in a different world?

Drama / Fantasy
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Author's Note!

Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone is safe from the virus 😷
This is my first story ever in this app and hopefully everyone can greet me right.


I've thinking about writing this story but never got the chance but now I'm gonna try and write it. I don't promise you guys this is gonna be the best one because this is my first ever story so I'm practicing with this one.

This was a little too hard to create and think of it. Specially creating character and the story but at the end it was wasn't worthless :D

I'm still thinking of the schedule. I don't know when I'm gonna post the first chapter but is not gonna take long.
I hope this story ends up being a good idea :)

Have a great day! And see you all soon!

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