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Stranded on an island with no hope and not a single person in sight. Dominic and friends will try and escape the deserted island and find a way back to civilization. They will come across challenging weather, nature, natural disasters, and their own mentality. When the storm hits another person shows/magically appears. Will they be able to space the island without any repercussions? Only one way to find out when you get stranded.

Drama / Fantasy
Cody Foutz
Age Rating:

The Mysterious Voice

Waves crashing on the cold rough sand, wind blowing through the trees with a scent of saltwater in the air. I awaken with a face full of sand. My fingers as wrinkled as a dried up grape. I start to rise to my feet, I feel weak; I get enough energy to make my way to the shore and wash the sand off my face. I turned around to see situation I got myself into. I don’t remember how I got here but all I know is this is the greatest day of my life. I finally got away from everyone, my friends, my family, everyone. I didn’t know if there was anyone on this island like natives or just any people; so I made the decision to walk around the beach to see if there were buildings or any man made structures. I didn’t see anything and I knew I would have to explore the rest if the island eventually but I didn’t want to leave the beach just in case something were to happen. I still didn’t fully understand what happened and where I was. All I knew was I woke up on an island and that’s it. If I were to explain the island to you, it would be a jungle / forest with a mountain right in the middle of it; a cliff side in the back of the mountain and beaches covering the sides and front. I think it would be safe to say that I was scared. I didn’t have anything, I don’t have anyone here with me, I’m alone on an island. That seems to be lifeless. My name is Dominic, and I’m stranded.
Dominic began to wonder why he was in this situation in the first place and why he was even on this island with no one and nothing around him besides open water and a mountain surrounded by a dense forest. Dominic figured he was just having a bad dream and he needed to wake himself up. He came to the conclusion that he wanted to jump off the highest mountain just to see if he would wake up from one of those falling nightmares. He started making his way toward the mountain only to realize he could pinch himself instead so he pinched is arm and found out that he isn’t sleeping and he was actually on a island. “I always wanted to be on a private get away.” He said but we all know he didn’t want to be alone trying to survive on an island he had no clue about. Dominic found a ball on the islands beach with a circle around it. “I shall call this place Circle Ball Island!” He told himself out loud. Dominic wasn’t really the brightest when it came to names; but he was happy with Circle Ball. Dominic came to realization that island wouldn’t just have a natural circle drawn around a ball in the middle of the beach.
He started to look around and shouted “HELLO!” Not a single response came back. His voice echoed through the trees and the open beaches. “HELLO!” He shouted again, but nothing. Suddenly a voice echoed through the trees. A simple hello was shouted back at him. Goosebumps rose up and down Dominic’s body as he heard this voice. It was beyond recognition but he knew someone was on this island. He began to shout hello again and again. “Who are you! And where are you!” He asked. “I am on the island! I’m by the mountain!” Dominic looked towards the mountain and saw nothing. He can’t see through the forest and the wasn’t able to see the the top since the sun was in his eyes. There was a dark grey cloud in the distant but it wasn’t anywhere near him. It didn’t even look like it was moving. He could see lighting in the clouds and for safe measures he had to look for some sort of shelter. “The mountain!” He shouted. The voice responded back with “yes! I’m by the cave!” Dominic didn’t know there was a cave since he hasn’t even left the island beaches.
He started walking towards the forest, as soon as he got to the tree line he stopped. Something didn’t feel right. He had an uneasy feeling that he was being watched. He slowly stared stepping into the jungle and the bushes started to move. Dominic took a step towards the bush and shouted! “AHH!” A rabbit ran out from the bottom and took off deeper into the forest. Dominic had a smile on this face because he saw there were living creatures on this island. He knew the general direction to the mountain and started walking towards it. On his way to the mountain he could hear birds chirping and the wind whispering to him through the trees. He felt as is he could hear the voice calling to him but he assumed his mind and the wind was tampering with his mind. He felt peaceful walking through the forest and he felt safe; but he knew that the he couldn’t get comfortable.
“HEY! Are you there?!” Dominic shouted to the mysterious person. The man responded with “yes! I’m still here!” The voices got louder, they seem to be getting closer to each other. Dominic seems to be getting nervous the closer he gets to the mountain, the closer he gets to the mountain the more goosebumps run up and down his body. Dominic got to the mountain and saw there was already a natural trail going to the very top; he was stopped in his tracks to the voice calling right behind him. He froze, and slowly turned around to the sight of the man hiding in the shadows next to a tree. “Are you...him?” Dominic asked the stranger. “Well, I am the only guy the person who has communicated with you.” “So there is more people here?” Doming asked. “My name is Matthew, welcome to my island.” Matthew stepped out of the shadows and the two just stared at each other will happiness and recognition. “Matthew!” “Dominic!” They walked towards each other and did a regular old hand shake. It’s been so long since they have seen each other. “How long have you been on this island?” Dominic asked. Mathew simply responded with since the second storm.
“The second storm?” Dominic asked. Well yeah Matthew said. The storm hit the I woke up on this island not to long ago. The first thing I saw when I awoke was the storm leaving in the direction where you came from. Which would explain why the storm is not near us because it is moving “away”; but if you look at it. It hasn’t moved since you got here. Matthew points towards an opening in the trees to show that the storm is still in the same spot as it was when Dominic looked at it. “What will happen if the storm doesn’t move?” Dominic asked. “I don’t know, but all I know is that the tropical weather is messing with the storm making it more powerful the longer it stays there. I call this island Hell. Dominic looked at Matthew with anger and confusion. The name of this island is Circle Ball Island. I named it that because it was the first thing I found on this island. “What?!” Matthew said. “Yeah, I found a ball with a circle surrounding it. Like a ritual or something.” Dominic laughed as he said this. Matthew walks away a couple of feet and says “For the 2 weeks I have been here, there has not been a single object on this island that isn’t man made. How did you find this?” Dominic told him that all he did was walk down the beach and it was there. “Did you move it at all?” Matthew asked. Dominic told him that he left the ball where he found it because he was calling out for Matthew. In a panic Matthew ran towards the direction Dominic came from and Dominic ran after him.
The two ran away from the mountain and back towards the beach. It didn’t take long for them to reach the shores of the island because they were sprinting through the forest. “Hey this is where I saw the rabbit.” “Rabbit!” Matthew stopped dead in his tracks and Dominic ran directly into the back of him. “How? Did you see a rabbit? The only thing I have seen in this island are little birds and some fruit. There are no sign of mammals anywhere here. This island is basically dead.”
Dominic looks up to see that the ball and the circle are missing. “Where is it?” Matthew asked? “I don’t know. It was right here. Maybe the waves took it?” They looked around up and down the beach but the ball was nowhere to seen, not even the circle. “Strange” said Dominic. “How does something just disappear?”
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