The Parting Of The Ways

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Catch Up

On the first day back from the Christmas Holidays, Charlie kept on eyeing Julie and Athene meaningfully.

She was trying to get a message across, that she wanted to talk to them, but as they were in class they couldn't talk.

Finally, after tea and prep, Charlie had finally had enough.

They were all gathered in the girl's office, as usual. Harry was whistling, and polishing his shoes, Anthony and Athene were working on a History essay, Mark was tuning his guitar, and Julie was writing a letter home.

'Right,' said Charlie with her hands on her hips, 'anyone who isn't a girl, get out, now.'

'What the Hell?' asked Mark dropping his guitar.

'Get out,' said Charlie in a menacing tone.

'Alright we're going, we're going,' muttered Mark.

'Come on Tons, we know when we're not wanted.'

Anthony shrugged and left for his own office still reading his textbook.

'See you later Charles,' chuckled Harry giving her a kiss on the way out the door.

'Athene put those books away, Julie, go run the bath.'

'May we please ask what is going on here?' asked Athene, putting the books away all the same.

'We need to talk, and whenever I want to talk the boys are there.'

'Alright,' said Julie, 'so you want to talk. But why do we need to run the bath?'

'Firstly, we always gossip in the bath, and we haven't done it in ages, we're always too busy. And secondly, if we chat in the bathroom, Mark won't try and eavesdrop.'

'You've got a point there,' smirked Julie.

'I'll join you two, but it's my turn first in the bath. I never get to go first.'

Julie went to go and run the bath, as the others got the pygamas.

Athene got in the bath and laid back luxuriously. She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened her eyes again.

'So what's up Charlie?' asked Julie.

'What's up?' yelled Charlie, 'whats up?'

'Who the hell is Roger!'

'Oh,' said Julie blushing slightly.

'Well Roger, is just Roger. He's a farmhand, and he works for Daddy. We met last Summer, and um well, we get on rather well.'

'So you broke up with Mark six months ago and you never told us?' asked Athene.

'That's not to mention the fact that you never told us you and Mark were together in the first place,' added Charlie.

'Mark and I didn't break up, we drifted apart,' said Julie.

'And as for Roger, well he's just Roger. He's special, when I was keeping it between just us, it felt more special. I didn't mean not to tell you, it just slipped my mind.'

'Are you ashamed of him or something?' frowned Athene.

'No of course not,' stammered Julie, 'it's just different. Roger doesn't go here, so if I've got a boyfriend its not really anyone business.'

'It's our business,' said Charlie, 'we're your best friends.'

'Leave her,' muttered Athene.

'So, what's he like this Roger of yours?'

'Well he's an orphan, and he's from Newcastle.'

'Why I man like?' said Charlie in an exaggerated Northern accent.

'You see,' said Julie splashing Charlie with soapy bathwater.

'You wonder why I didn't tell you in the first place! I knew you'd make fun of me.'

'No we're not,' said Athene, 'Charlie shut up!'

Charlie had been rolling on the floor laughing, but she stopped and bit her lip trying not to laugh again.

'I'm sorry Jules,' said Charlie, 'I didn't mean to make fun of you.'

'So,' sang Athene, 'what's he like?'

'You've met him,' laughed Julie.

'You've met Anthony and Harry but you don't fancy them,' said Athene.

'So what turns you on?' asked Charlie.

'He's big and strong,' said Julie after thinking for a moment.

'And he's got a really sexy accent.'

All three of them were laughing now.

'Oh go on, why Tony for you Athy?'

'I know he's a bit shy and quiet, but at heart he's a real romantic.'

'He reads me love poetry and Shakespeare.'

'I also have this weird dream...'

'There's a dream?' choked Charlie.

'Maybe,' muttered Athene finishing in the bath so Julie could get in.

'What kind of dream?' asked Julie ominously.

'Nothing weird, well you guys might think it's weird.'

'Anthony and I are in a library going through some books. Suddenly we realise there's no one else there.'

'Next thing I know, Anthony's pressed me up against the bookcase, and we're making out in the library.'

'Ok yeah that's weird,' said Charlie.

'You still haven't your turn,' said Julie.

'You know about Anthony and the library thing, and Roger and the sexy accent. Now it's your turn!'

'Fine,' said Charlie giving in, 'there is one thing. It's a weird dream, like Athene's but it's completely different.'

'So Harry and I are running through a wood, we're racing each other.

Then it starts raining, really chucking it down.

But then I trip, and I twist my ankle. Then Harry picks me up in his big strong arms and carries me all the way home, then we do it.'

'How can you mention having sex so casually?' laughed Julie.

'Harry's a very passionate and energetic guy,' smiled Charlie, 'we do it all the time.'

There was a beat of silence for a moment, and then they were all in hysterics of laughter.

'I'm going to miss all this,' said Athene, 'just talking.'

'When?' said Julie.

'In a few months, when we all go our different ways.'

'I promise you one thing now,' said Charlie, 'whatever happens when we leave school, we'll always make time for our girl time without the boys.'

'Even if we're not in the bath to do it.'

'Just imagine,' laughed Julie, 'us all with small children, but still making time for a good old catch up in the bath.'

'Mark could babysit for an hour,' giggled Athene.

'Not if we still want the children in one piece,' laughed Charlie

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